82 – Mast

20 February 2015

Crown Block Warning Devices

Crown Block Warning Devices Running into the crown block with the traveling block is not an everyday occurrence.  But when it happens the results may be
19 February 2015

Emergency Evacuation of Rig Floors on Land Rigs

Emergency Evacuation of Rig Floors on Land Rigs When a drilling crew needs to evacuate the rig floor due to an emergency, the evacuation will usually
19 February 2015

General Safety – Do You?

General Safety – Do You? Ladder and Step Safety Make sure that ladders are bolted to the derrick and all bolts and rungs in the ladder
17 February 2015

Safe Use of Ladders

Safe Use of Ladders Ladder safety should not just specify types of ladders for certain jobs but also establish rules for the safe use and maintenance
17 February 2015

Use and Misuse of Tail-Lines

Use and Misuse of Tail-Lines Remember!  A tail-line is actually a lifeline, and your life or someone else’s life may depend on the safety afforded by
17 February 2015

Fall Protection Guidelines

Fall Protection Guidelines The purpose of these guidelines is to keep workers from falling six feet or more from an elevation, and to prevent tools and
17 February 2015

Fire: Easier to Prevent Than to Put Out

Fire: Easier to Prevent Than to Put Out Vulcan was the Roman god of fire, and each year on August 23rd Roman families threw fish into
17 February 2015

Fire Safety Know How

Fire Safety Know How In the winter there is a great chance of fire because stoves are lighted for warmth and to keep lines from freezing. 
17 February 2015

Dropped Objects

Dropped Objects No complicated procedure is necessary to eliminate the causes of falling object incidents.  One need is the establishment of an inspection and maintenance program,