80 – V-Door

9 April 2015

Alert 15-01 Unintentional Unlatching of an Air Operated Elevator

23 February 2015

Slip, Trip or Fall

Slip, Trip or Fall Slip, trip or fall hazards on some jobs, such as working in the derrick, on the rig floor, or on raised decks
20 February 2015

Use and Care of Spinning Chain

Use and Care of Spinning Chain The spinning chain is basically a strong, efficient working tool. However, overloading, faulty rigging, or general mishandling can render it
20 February 2015

Safety while Making Hole

Safety while Making Hole Be sure rig floor is covered with slip-resistant material and is as clean as possible at all times. Clear the floor of all
20 February 2015

Safety while Tripping Pipe

Safety while Tripping Pipe The highest incidence of accidents occurs around the rotary table when workers are making a trip. The reason for this is worker
20 February 2015

Rig Floor Safety Tips

Rig Floor Safety Tips Around Rotary Tables There are many more safety tips that could be added, but if these are followed by the crew and enforced
20 February 2015

Rig Floor Crew Activities

Rig Floor Crew Activities Elevators:  Keep elevators oiled and greased.  Check latch springs and latch action and ensure that they latch completely.  Check pin nuts to
20 February 2015

Perforating Safety

Perforating Safety Operator, Contractor, and perforating Service Company employees are all involved in this type of operation.  The coordination of all activities in connection with a
20 February 2015

The Floorman

The Floorman There are a number of titles for Floorman (or Rotary Helper as some call him). One is the Lead-tong man, another is the Make-up