60 – Caught Between

19 February 2015

Safety Consciousness

Safety Consciousness We all know that safety consciousness is the most potent factor in the prevention of accidents. Safety consciousness may be defined as awareness of
19 February 2015

Production + Safety = Security

Production + Safety = Security Safety poses no different problem from any other business or economic activity.  First, we should get our facts about the problem
19 February 2015

Know Your Accident Problems

Know Your Accident Problems Let’s define what we mean by the word accident. An accident is an unplanned event that interrupts the completion of an activity
19 February 2015

Instructing for Safety

Instructing for Safety People do unsafe things for several reasons: They are not aware that what they are doing is wrong. They misunderstand instructions. They do
19 February 2015

How’s Your Own Safety?

How’s Your Own Safety? Here’s a chance to rate yourself, each of you, on your own personal safety habits: Do you arrive at work each day
19 February 2015

Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping “Good Housekeeping” is one of the best safety measures that can be undertaken.  However, it is something that must be practiced day-by-day and not
19 February 2015

General Safety – Do You?

General Safety – Do You? Ladder and Step Safety Make sure that ladders are bolted to the derrick and all bolts and rungs in the ladder
19 February 2015

Dangerous Thinking and Thoughts

Dangerous Thinking and Thoughts Who is responsible for your safety on the job?  Is it the government, the company, your boss or the other members of
17 February 2015

Injured Person: Transportation and Wounds

Injured Person: Transportation and Wounds The importance of proper transportation for a seriously injured person cannot be overestimated. It is sometimes necessary to transport a patient