58 – Digestive

18 February 2015

First Aid for Insect Bites

First Aid for Insect Bites Symptoms of a Scorpion Sting Immediate pain or burning sensation. Often no sting site is seen and very little if any
17 February 2015

Checklist: Hazardous Materials

Checklist: Hazardous Materials For all but two of these questions, a “no” answer indicates corrective action needs to be taken. The two exceptions are indicated below.
17 February 2015

Accidents Don’t Just Happen

Accidents Don’t Just Happen Whenever there’s an accident—whether someone is killed, or a child breaks a teacup—somebody is sure to ask, “How did it happen?” The
17 February 2015

Incident Prevention

Incident Prevention Q. What is the most frequent cause of incidents? A. Nine out of ten incidents can be traced to an employee’s unsafe actions, which may
17 February 2015

Incident Investigation

Incident Investigation Industrial incidents occur everyday.  Some are major, with injuries to workers as well as damage to property, but most are minor and do not
27 June 2007

Alert 07 – 20 Labeling Chemicals

Alert 07 – 20 Labeling Chemicals WHAT HAPPENED: A crew on a rig used a solvent to prepare the doghouse floor for painting. They applied the solvent
2 September 2005

Alert 05 – 33 Labeling of Containers – Hazardous Material Incident

Alert 05 – 33 Labeling of Containers – Hazardous Material Incident WHAT HAPPENED: An employee transferred methanol from a storage drum to a plastic drinking water container
8 October 2002

Alert 02 – 44 Improper Storage of Hazardous Liquid

Alert 02 – 44 Improper Storage of Hazardous Liquid WHAT HAPPENED: An incident occurred on a rig in which a local employee drank methanol that was being