15 – Nipple Up BOP

17 February 2015

Safe Use of Ladders

Safe Use of Ladders Ladder safety should not just specify types of ladders for certain jobs but also establish rules for the safe use and maintenance
17 February 2015

Use and Misuse of Tail-Lines

Use and Misuse of Tail-Lines Remember!  A tail-line is actually a lifeline, and your life or someone else’s life may depend on the safety afforded by
17 February 2015

Fall Protection Guidelines

Fall Protection Guidelines The purpose of these guidelines is to keep workers from falling six feet or more from an elevation, and to prevent tools and
17 February 2015

Safety Around BOPs

Safety Around BOPs Crew members need to remember that blowout prevention equipment is heavy any very unforgiving.  Working around BOPs (nippling up or down, ram replacement,
17 February 2015

Blowout Prevention

Blowout Prevention Blowouts are the most feared occurrence on a drilling rig because they can result in injury or death to personnel, loss of equipment (including
15 February 2013

Alert 13 – 04 Lower Marine Riser Package (LMRP) Connector Failure

20 April 2011

Alert 11 – 09 Improperly Mounted Rig Floor Winch Results in Hi-Potential Near Hit

Alert 11 – 09 Improperly Mounted Rig Floor Winch Results in Hi-Potential Near Hit WHAT HAPPENED: During operations on the drill floor the crew was in the
26 September 2009

Alert 09 – 26 Lifting Operation Results in Arm Injury (LTI)

Alert 09 – 26 Lifting Operation Results in Arm Injury (LTI) WHAT HAPPENED: After nippling up the BOP stack the crew was installing the flow line from
25 July 2009

Alert 09 – 22 Air Winch Mounting Bolts Failure

Alert 09 – 22 Air Winch Mounting Bolts Failure WHAT HAPPENED: While running the BOP stack the air winch was pulled from its foundation. The air winch