108 – Pipe Spinner

20 February 2015

Dangers while Working Drill Collars

Dangers while Working Drill Collars Working around tubulars is where most injuries occur on drilling rigs.  Drill collars are extremely heavy and extra care needs to
20 February 2015

Catheads and Catlines

Catheads and Catlines To improve safety on drilling rigs, manual catheads with catlines are being replaced with hydraulic and air type winches, but manual catheads with
20 February 2015

Casing Running Precautions

Casing Running Precautions Running casing can be a hazardous operation for a number of reasons. First, there most likely will be workers present who are not
21 April 2014

Alert 14 – 11 Lack of Communication Results in Fatality

30 December 2013

Alert 13 – 30 Failure to Torque Lift Sub Results in Dropped Monel Drill Collar

16 October 2013

Alert 13 – 23 Failure to Torque Drill Pipe Results in Serious Near Miss Event

16 September 2013

Alert 13 – 21 Iron Roughneck “Struck By” Incident Results in Fatality

5 April 2013

Alert 13 – 12 Employee Standing in Line of Travel Results in Injury

20 December 2012

Alert 12 – 32 Inattentiveness Results in Injured Employees