Energy efficiency is a crucial component towards CO2 neutrality and an important part of the overall energy transition agenda in the oil and gas industry. Numerous operators, as well as an increasing number of drilling contractors, have declared sustainability goals to reduce greenhouse emissions. In these efforts, it has become evident that an alignment among the operators, drilling contractors, vendors and regulators is required. Such alignments may include 1) conversion factors between various fuel types and greenhouse gases emission, 2) a common understanding of the carbon neutrality of various alternative fuels, e.g., green methanol, ammonia, biofuel, etc., and 3) the baselines for measuring and reporting emission reduction.

Simultaneously, it is important to capture, review and share the best practices from the drilling operations with regards to fuel efficiency and as a consequence of emissions reduction.

As such, the IADC Advanced Rig Technology (ART) Committee will be establishing a new Energy Efficiency (EE) Subcommittee. We are now issuing a call for interested individuals to join this new subcommittee. If you would like to participate and be notified of future meetings, please fill out the form below.