Drillmec’s story began over one hundred years ago. Ballerini and Massarenti, two pioneering companies in the manufacturing of drilling rigs, were founded in the early twenties of the last century, and within a few decades they became important realities in the oil & gas sector. At the beginning of the nineties Drillmec was founded with the acquisition of both brands and related patents.

In the following decade the company grew and the acquisition of Branham, Inc. marked a key moment for the brand. It is the beginning of the rise that led Drillmec in less than twenty years to establish itself as one of the major players among the drilling rig manufacturers. The results achieved in over a hundred years of international experience have been recognized by customers worldwide and stem from our commitment to continuous improvement through the pursuit of high quality, with a strong focus on human resources and highly standardized and efficient processes.

For more than thirty years Drillmec has been part of the Trevi Group; since 2020 MEIL Global Holdings B.V. is the major shareholder of Drillmec.

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Our land rigs portfolio covers every single requirement of the onshore industry: from fast moving pulling units to stationary land rigs; from hydraulic super single units to extended reach arctic rigs.

The main land rig series also includes high-specification rigs based on electric and hydraulic hoist technologies fitted with lat­est robotic pipe handling and digitalization in or­der to boost drilling efficiency for both conventional and unconventional applications.

We work with the majority of the international oil compa­nies and drilling contractors tak­ing part in their drilling, workover and P&A programs throughout the world covering a very wide range of instal­lations from shallow water light drilling to deep water extended reach wells.

Our drilling equipment and components are designed to mechanize and automate drilling rig processes.

Our extremely broad portfolio includes several capital drill­ing equipment and accessories, including top drives, mud pumps, draw­works, pipe handling systems, iron rough­neck, able to integrate full drilling rig packages.

Our experienced and skillful team of field technicians worldwide, together with our 24/7 diagnostic center and our spare parts warehouses strategically locat­ed around the globe guarantee an all-around superior quality assistance.

On top of this, our world-class IWCF/ IADC certified training center is avail­able for in person or remote training for your drilling crew through cutting-edge simulators, with safety and performance in mind

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