Virtual IADC Advanced Rig Technology 2021 Conference & Exhibition


The IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference & Exhibition goes Virtual!

The IADC Advanced Rig Technology 2021 Conference & Exhibition, organized by the IADC Advanced Rig Technology Committee, is a leading forum exploring the state of the art in rig technology, downhole operations, and seamlessly integrating the two with minimal human intervention. IADC 2021 ART will focus on advances and challenges in both land and offshore rig technology. The event will also review activities of the IADC ART Committee, which has steadily advanced drilling technology by exploring future technology, drilling control systems, automation, questions of reliability, cybersecurity and more. The committee has developed operational guidelines, assessed pros and cons of advanced drilling technology and developed new definitions.

StartOctober 19, 2021EndOctober 20, 2021

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Virtual Program
All presentations will be broadcasted live and will be made available after the event for conference participants exclusively.

Tuesday, 19 October, Virtual

14.00 pm CEST / 7.00 am CST
Welcome & Introduction


Linda Hsieh, Editor & Publisher, Drilling Contractor Magazine, & IADC ART & Drilling Engineers Committees, IADC

14.05 pm CEST /  7.05 am CST
Keynote Presentation:

14.25 pm CEST / 7.25 am CST
IADC Advanced Rig Technology (ART) Committee Update & Interactive Audience Response
Session Chair: Session Chair: Assaad Mohanna, Senior Director Low Carbon Solutions, NOV, ART Committee Chair

ART Subcommittees have been busy all year focusing on industry issues of high priority to IADC members. This session will provide a brief update on project progress and a synopsis of future plans.

As a bonus, attendees will be asked a series of questions about drilling technology. IADC’s Automated Response system will display results in real time for all to consider and review.

  • ART General Update: Assaad Mohanna, Senior Director Low Carbon Solutions, NOV, ART Committee Chair
  • ART Data, Controls & Sensor Update: Nathan Moralez, Senior Rig Automation Engineer, BP
  • Fuel Efficient Rigs: Karma Slusarchuk, Wellbore Construction Champion, Parker Drilling
  • Bit Dull Grading: Paul Pastusek, Drilling Mechanics Advisor, ExxonMobil
  • DSATS: Robin Macmillan, Chief Corporate Development Officer, Data Gumbo
  • Drillbotics: Shashi Talya, Global Product Manager – Drilling Automation, Halliburton
  • OGDQ: Dung Nguyen, Planning Engineer, ConocoPhillips

15.15 pm CEST / 8.15 am CST
Data & Automation

Session Chairs: Mark W. Anderson, Vice President Drilling Solutions, Ensign Energy Services Inc., & Keith Ross, Global PSL Ops Coordinator, Halliburton

Rig Automation Takes Drilling Productivity to the Next Level: Ashley Fernandes, Vice President Drilling Optimization, Precision Drilling
The important steps involved in the successful automation of over 1,850 North American wells to date will be outlined as well as the advantages of the digital well plan, its maneuvering measures and controlled quantities that optimize well construction times while reducing risk. An in-depth look at automated processes and sub processes will allow the viewer to appreciate the intricacies of a rig automation system. Process optimization will be featured along with the various software applications to further machine performance. The conclusion will lead us to where the rig industry sees automation enhancements in the near and longer term.

Development of Drill Pipes Failure Prediction Models and Operational Management System Using Real-Time Data Analytics and Machine Learning: Rodrigo Chamusca Machado, Technology and Innovation Manager, Ademir Junior, Bruno Kato, Cristiano Xavier, Paloma Ferreira, Juan Rizzi, OCYAN, Lineu Holanda, Guilherme Rodrigues De Paula, Nicolas Cortez, Ramiro Ramos, RIO Analytics
The development of a web-based software for Drillpipe management, simulations and failure prediction based on Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning (AI) and CBM Solutions

The Design Process Behind a Fully Rig-Integrated Managed Pressure Drilling System: Glenn-Ole Kaasa, CEO, Christian Berg, Kelda Dynamics, Sean Minnie, Chris Leleo, Mark Hartle, Shiv Kambi, Nabors
The details behind the design process of a fully rig-integrated managed pressure drilling (MPD) system, from the development to commissioning of the first system in the field will be outlined. Some important aspects relating to integrating an advanced MPD control system fully into the drilling control system with a dedicated user interface to the driller, and how such systems should be tested to ensure adequate performance and reliability over the full range of expected operating conditions and possible failures will be highlighted.

16.15 pm CEST /  9.15 am CST   –   10-MINUTE BREAK

16.25 pm CEST / 9.25 am CST
Panel: How Can We Transform the Rigs of Today into the Rigs of Tomorrow?

Moderators: Sarah Kern, Senior Marketing Analyst, Helmerich & Payne, & Robin Macmillan, Chief Corporate Development Officer, Data Gumbo

The current energy transition is not driven by a superior new energy source but from a social/environmental perspective. As part of the transition, the drilling industry faces a double challenge. Firstly, today’s rigs do not match the requirements currently being demanded. Secondly, funding for major capital projects is becoming more difficult. A new generation of drilling rigs will no doubt be built in the future, however, to bridge the gap between now and then, existing units have to be transformed. What technologies are required? Should their development be driven by competition or collaboration? How will this be funded? The panel will address these challenges in an energy landscape transformation unlike any that has gone before.


Bjarne Sandrib, Senior Vice President, MHWirth


Jim Belaskie, Drilling Advisor, Schlumberger


Chris Ponzi, Project Sales Manager, NOV

  • Trey Adams, Senor Vice President Marketing, Sales & Digital Operations, Helmerich & Payne

17.25 pm CEST / 10.25 am CST
Transforming the Process

Session Chairs: Austin Johnson, R&D Engineer, AFGlobal, & Marco Aburto Perez, Global Drilling Engineering Manager, Weatherford

From Sensor to Payment. A Step Change in Automated Invoicing & Payment for Performance Related Services: Colin Dawson, Digitalisation & Business Transformation Manager, Stena Drilling Ltd., William Kibbler, John Hanson, SmartChain Services Ltd.
Day-rate drilling agreements have been standard practice for offshore drilling contracts. Today, performance criteria are often added to contracts whereby, if KPIs are hit, bonus/penalties transactions occur. These contracts are limited in scope due to the amount of human effort required to calculate and agree on the data behind the KPI. A data-driven blockchain ecosystem could allow for advanced drilling agreements with dynamic pricing. An Industry first.

How to Secure Customer Value when Scaling up Rig Automation: Kai Kostøl, Senior Performance Engineer, MHWirth & Francesco Ferri, Performance Efficiency Manager, Transocean
When implementing new technology and digitalizing work processes, we require people to change the way they work and a one team approach among the parties involved is required for success. MHWirth’s Automatic Drilling Control (ADC) system’s value has been justified based on successful metrics and performance before and after ADC implementation. Utilizing our “User-Centered Design” (UCD) and “Drillperform” processes thru the design and engineering phase with proactive follow up in operation ensures successful usage and reveals the benefit of the technology. A case study based on the experience of our direct application on Transocean’s fleet in Norway will be shared including highlights and ROI.

Drilling Economics with Smart Contracts: Andrew Bruce, CEO, Data Gumbo
All counterparties benefit from the improved visibility into spending and cash flow management, improved trust to inform business relationships, and additional time and resources freed up for drilling personnel to focus on safety and hole quality rather than invoice engineering. Smart contracts use blockchain technology to create one record of truth based on operating data that is captured and shared between contract drillers and operators. Currently, both parties keep separate data making it difficult to determine the accuracy of an event; especially when engaged in a performance contract. Data Gumbo presents an update on smart contract field trials performed for integrated drilling and well services, showing benefits to the Rig Owner and the central position the rig and IADC DDR play in automation, as a clearinghouse of real-time, trusted data to execute contracts.


Wednesday, 20 October, Virtual

14.00 pm  CEST / 7.00 am CST
Welcome & Introduction


Linda Hsieh, Editor & Publisher, Drilling Contractor Magazine, & IADC ART & Drilling Engineers Committees, IADC

14.05 pm CEST / 7.05 am CST
Keynote Presentation: t.b.n.

14.25 pm CEST / 7.25 am CST
Carbon Footprint Reduction

Session Chair: Sean Roach, Digital Drilling Automation Solutions, Schlumberger

The Greenest Harsh Environment Semi-Sub Delivering a Well with 86% Less Emissions: Dieter Wijning, Product Manager Drilling, Huisman
The challenge for the drilling industry is to produce the required oil and gas with the smallest amount of emissions per delivered well. Beside an energy storage system for peak shaving and spinning reserve, a drilling system with an active-passive heave compensation and a heave compensated drill floor is installed. The systems consume very low power, expand the weather window, and enable Managed Pressure Drilling operations. Wells are delivered in less days and emissions per day are reduced with 30-60%. To reduce the emissions even further the rig is outfitted with capabilities to receive external power from a (shore hydro powered) production platform or from floating wind turbines. The floating wind turbines utilize the semi’s mooring spread, reducing cost and mobilization time.
The combination of less energy consumption and less days per well provides a total reduction of 86% emissions per well, making this the greenest HE semi.

Combining Energy and Control Optimization Solutions Lower Drilling Rig Emissions by Taking Generator Sets Offline: Richard Verhoef, Product Line Manager – Pipe Handling and Power Regenerations systems, NOV
Several operators and drilling contractors have made reducing their carbon footprint a priority. Drillers, operators, and an original equipment manufacturer are working together on a holistic approach to obtain an optimum system design that results in less emissions to meet these new goals. To obtain a proper system design, it is important to look at three things: (1) power generation and storage, (2) using and reducing power needs, and (3) the optimum system integration to lower power consumption as well as better use and redistribution of available power. The ultimate goal is to run the rig with less generator sets online but with the same, or better, efficiency, safety, and tripping speed. The most important issue is defining what system integration possibilities there are to better utilize the available power. This allows for the development of more integrated systems working together on the power generation and usage cycle, along with using smart control and software solutions.

15.05 pm CEST / 8.05 am CST
Comparison of this Year’s Interactive Audience Response with Previous Years:
Session Chair: Assaad Mohanna, Senior Director Low Carbon Solutions, NOV, ART Committee Chair

15.25 pm CEST / 8.25 am CST
Human Factors

Session Chair: Rodrigo Rendon, Head Business Development, KCA Deutag.

Coupling Psychological Factors with Machine Learning to Improve Rig Technical Training: Elia Abdo, R&D Engineer and Technical Training, Francesco Curina, Amirreza Rouhi, Drillmec SpA
Drillmec has developed a system that couples psychological stress indicators and machine learning to design personalized rig operational training solutions. The system measures stress through light biometric devices and produces a detailed structure of the required focus points for each operator. This new training methodology allows training instructors to focus on the highlighted points to ensure optimal training efficiency. The system may be used on drilling simulators or in field operational studies.

Advanced Slip System Reduces Rig Time and Red Zone Entries During Well Construction: Jeremy Angelle, Vice President, Products and Services, Robbie Thibodeaux, York McCauley, Logan Smith, Frank’s International
To decrease rig time and reduce red zone entries, an innovative slip system has been developed that installs straight or tapered casing strings and drill pipe casing landing strings without the need to change out the slips. Background on the solution and an actual case study covering the installation of a 9 5/8” x 10 ¾” x 6 5/8” production tie back string will be presented that resulted in a reduction of personnel working in the redzone of over four hours, over one hour of rig time savings, and a reduced footprint with fewer tools required for the installation.

16.05 pm CEST /  9.05 am CST   –   10-MINUTE BREAK

16.15 pm CEST / 9.15 am CST
Panel Session
:Turning a Challenge into an Opportunity
Moderators: Karma Slusarchuk, Wellbore Construction Champion, Parker Drilling, & Robert van Kuilenburg, Mechanical Engineering Supervisor, Noble Drilling

Our industry is facing unprecedented pressure to change the way we think about and execute our business. However our industry operates a unique set of assets, with an unprecedented presence globally. What are ways to utilize our assets in ways that are not only decreasing our ESG footprint but contributing to solutions. This will require expanding our ecosystem of solution providers into areas not traditionally looked at.  This panel will discuss ways to leverage our assets, knowledge and processes in ways that go beyond doing less but will focus on doing more – but differently, with a firm aim at a sustainable future for our industry.

  • Bogdan Cazacu, Senior Project Manager Digital Factory, OMV Exploration & Production


Gaurav Sant, Associate Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering, UCLA

  • Omar Moussa, Vice President Services, KCA Deutag

17.15 pm CEST / 10.15 am CST
Session Chair: Joop Roodenburg, President, Huisman

Modular and Scalable Approach for Drilling Rig Robotics: Andy McKenzie, Engineering Director, Robotics & New Product Development, NOV
Many industries have benefited from the widespread adoption of robotics for automating the 3D (dull, dirty, and dangerous) tasks. This presentation covers the development, testing, and availability of a modular and scalable approach for the introduction and deployment of robotics to drilling rigs.

Horizontal Tubular Handling: Victor Campos, Product Champion, Aaron Bryant, Schlumberger
This paper will present how an integrated horizontal tubular handling system with a modular design will decrease well construction time in land drilling operations in the Middle East by utilizing horizontal offline stand building for drillpipe and casing, and horizontal make-up break-out of select bottomhole assembly components. This paper is also beneficial to anyone interested in reducing costs and increasing the efficiency and safety of the well construction processes using new technologies.

17.55 pm CEST / 10.55 am CST Recap, Takeaways & Adjournment

  • Assaad Mohanna, Senior Director Low Carbon Solutions, NOV, ART Committee Chair

Poster Session & Unassigned Papers of Note:
These posters will be made available to you in an on-demand presentation format. 

Transforming MPD Service Deployment Through App Based Automation Platform: Svein Hovland, Chief Software Development Engineer, Ian Knight, Frontier International, Gregory Matherne, Precision Drilling
A presentation about the drilling contractor’s App based automation platform allowed for integration and automation of MPD services. An MPD App was developed and optimized for the automation platform, and MPD equipment was integrated with the rig to optimize rig moves and rig-up time. The App was deployed to automate repetitive steps in the MPD process and leveraging the rig’s instrumentation and automated capabilities. This integration allows for the MPD operation to be monitored and controlled by the driller from his chair.

Development of a Remotely Monitored, Non-Invasive Confirmation Technique for Mandrel Casing Hanger and Tubing Hanger Position/landed Identification: Michael Affleck, Senior Researcher Drilling Technology, Aramco Overseas
This paper describes a project for the development and testing of a non-invasive casing and tubing hanger position identification system. The technology is intended to improve operational safety and reduce the non-productive time and cost associated with incorrect landing.

Reliability Methodology and Validation in a Drilling Multiplex Pod: John Holmes, Chief Consulting Engineer, David Kindt, Baker Hughes
The reliability development of the mux pod followed the seven-step reliability process. This process includes activities such as requirements definition, baselining, and modeling. The culmination of the process is the validation activities that include sample selection, testing, and test data analysis. This presentation will describe the current process in pod testing (using a mini-pod), and how the test planning and data analysis support the reliability claims.

Automated Well Control and the Integration of Future Modules: Eric Wesselingh, Engineering Manager, Safe Influx
The Automated Well Control technology has been developed to fully automate influx detection and the shut-in sequence, minimizing risks. This presentation will describe the future development of the technology based on the versatility of the automation and therefore how the technology will be able to deliver Automated Well Control in nearly every phase of a well’s life cycle.

Conference Program Committee

  • Mark Anderson, Ensign Energy Services Inc.
  • Scott Boone, Nabors Drilling
  • Gilberto Gallo, Drillmec
  • Dan Gudall, MHWirth
  • Sean Halloran, Ensign Energy
  • Austin Johnson, AFGlobal
  • Bob Judge, Baker Hughes
  • Sarah Kern, Helmerich & Payne
  • Michael Lynch, BP
  • Robin MacMillan, Data Gumbo
  • Assaad Mohanna, NOV
  • Marco Perez, Weatherford
  • Rodrigo Rendon, KCA Deutag
  • Sean Roach, Schlumberger
  • Joop Roodenburg, Huisman
  • Keith Ross, Halliburton
  • Karma Slusarchuk, Parker Drilling
  • Guido van den Bos, NOV
  • Robert van Kuilenburg, Noble Drilling
  • Dieter Wijning, Huisman
  • Linda Hsieh, IADC
  • Lars Nydahl Jorgensen, IADC

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