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Although the Middle East market has remained resilient through the downturn, this region continues to face challenges around workforce development, drilling efficiency, safety and security, and equipment maintenance. The 2020 IADC Drilling Middle East Conference & Exhibition will bring together industry leaders and drilling professionals to discuss such challenges and share best practices. Cutting-edge technology advances, including drilling automation, will be featured, as will case studies of relevant technical achievements. The premier event also will highlight evolving approaches to safety and training, providing practical information on new tools and processes that can be used to improve HSE performance.

StartDecember 14, 2020EndDecember 15, 2020

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Virtual Program

Monday, 14 December

11.00 hours (GMT+4)
Welcome & Introduction: Hisham Zebian, Vice President Eastern Hemisphere, IADC

11.10 hours (GMT+4)
Keynote Presentation: Mr. Majed Al Awadhi, Vice President, Drilling, Drilling Division, Adnoc

11.30 hours (GMT+4)
Panel discussion: COVID-19: How Are We Managing?

Derek Massie, Vice President of Human Resources, Vantage Drilling
Scott Dennon, HSE Advisor, POSCO

12.30 – 15.00 Break

15.00 hours (GMT+4)
Session: Quality, Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Safety Culture and Performance Management: Claus Andersen, Global Product Line Lead – Emergency Response and People Skills, Maersk Training
The development of a safety culture among an offshore crew is a challenging mission for O&G Operators, as well as Drilling Contractors. A mixture of different backgrounds, nationalities, and safety performance systems make it complex to increase safety awareness levels and promote an Interdependent Safety Culture. We will investigate what lies behind having a safer environment to reduce operational risks.

Using Technology to address Human Factors: Kenny Adams, Head of Land Drilling QHSSET, KCA Deutag Drilling
Using Technology to address Human Factors presentation will cover how as an organization we are using various tablet applications to ensure our teams are complying with our safety management systems on the rig sites and not relying on memory alone, reducing the risk of human error and improving our performance and supporting situational awareness.

Safety Transformation and Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention: Jorge Cortes, HSE Manager for International Operations, Helmerich & Payne
Traditional safety metrics, rewards for OSHA-free achievements and declining injury rates will not get us to goal: zero. The journey to zero requires intense focus on the control and removal of exposures. This presentation will flip traditional safety thinking and will propose a new strategy needed to transition from a culture of compliance, to a culture of caring at all levels of the organization. Addressing the precursors and preconditions to SIF will transform the way the industry eliminates life-altering or life-ending harm.

16.00 hours (GMT+4)
Session: Technology & Innovation
Session Chair: Mohammad Eljaber, Project Manager, NOV Wellbore Technologies

Hybrid Drilling using Battery Energy Storage Systems – The Solution for lower Rig Operating Costs and a smaller Environmental Footprint: Andreas Künnemann, Product Manager, Thomas Kipker, Bentec GmbH Drilling & Oilfield Systems
Each drilling rig has multiple numbers of diesel generators, consuming fuel and therefore generating a carbon footprint. The fuel consumption can be significantly reduced by using a new, leading-edge battery energy storage technology. This leads to a lower carbon footprint and will have a direct and positive impact to the rig operating costs. This presentation outlines an example case how to decrease fuel consumption and CO2 production by using a containerized battery energy storage system on a land rig in the Middle East.

Real-time Downhole Hazards Prediction with Automated Amplitude Frequency Analysis of Drilling Parameters: Fei Zhao, Engineer, Haige Wang, Jiawei Zhang, Meng Cui, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Limited, Huiwen Pang, China University of Petroleum-Beijing
The filed pilots are illustrated to show the characteristics of pressure amplitude and frequency analysis to identify the potential risks such as drilling with leakage versus non-leakage, gas invasion versus non-gas invasion etc. The difference characteristics are used as alerting thresholds while the normal operations have been exceeded. The system is able to achieve fast analysis of the offset well data for pre-drilling subsequent wells as to identify the potential risks.

Smart Wellbore Trajectory Evaluation: Dr. Mahmoud Abughaban, Drilling Automation R&D Unit Head, Ammar Alali, Saudi Aramco
A cross-disciplinary approach of utilizing historical, geophysical, and drilling engineering in designing the wellbore trajectory will be presented. The new method incorporates geophysical seismic volumes to tie drilling incidents and optimize the new will trajectory. Current well trajectory planning and practices and their disadvantages will be covered. An onshore example of smart wellbore trajectory planning will be exhibited and compared against the conventional method, along with risk analysis for each.

Tuesday, 15 December

11.00 hours (GMT+4)
Welcome & Introduction: Hisham Zebian, Vice President Eastern Hemisphere, IADC

11.10 hours (GMT+4)
Keynote Presentation: t.b.n.

11.30 hours (GMT+4)
Panel discussion: t.b.n

12.30 – 15.00 Break

15.00 hours (GMT+4)
Market Outlook:

15.30 hours (GMT+4)
Session: Near Term Market Challenges

Geophysical Methods for Stuck Pipe Prediction: Ammar Alali, Expec Arc Researcher, Arturo Magnum, Saudi Aramco
A hybrid data-driven approach that encompasses geophysical and ML tools to predict drilling stuck pipe incidents ahead of time will be presented. The new approach builds stuck pipe profiles for each field and geological formation separately and produce a probability of encountering a specific drilling event given the current parameters. An onshore field deployment will be shown, where it resulted in a 65% reduction in NPT time with efficiency improvement and 15% cost saving.

15.50 hours (GMT+4)
Session: ICV
In-Country Value; a Vital Link to Sustainable Capacity Building in Oman: Peter Hone, VP Technical Business Development, ModuResources AP Pte Ltd
This presentation will provide an insight into the major role Oil and Gas companies can play in delivering long-term sustainable capacity building in Oman. Some of the areas to be discussed in this presentation will be how to achieve and assist true ICV sustainability, based on knowledge transfer and long-term training plans for sustainable solutions; rather than simply providing regular small salaries, generally associated with low-skilled areas of the oil and gas industry. Programs of the future must translate into real life scenarios with action not paper-work exercises to beat the bureaucracy. The idea, conceptual framework and expected results are shown.

16.10 hours (GMT+4)
Recovery Reality: The Path to Navigating our “New Normal”: David Hazell, Vice President, Check-6
As we prepare for the upturn, we’re working with less: less people, less experience, less resources. It is critical that our people have an awareness and understanding of human factors to ensure compliance, safety, and efficiency. Understanding Human Factors allows individuals to identify, address, mitigate and implement strategies to reduce human error. This thought-provoking, interactive presentation will discuss the identification and elimination of systemic issues that contribute to major incidents. Examples of real-world experiences from other industries and from the oil industry will provide the backdrop to incorporating lessons learned to ensure crews are ready to navigate these challenging times.

16.30 hours (GMT+4)
Adjournment: Hisham Zebian, Vice President Eastern Hemisphere, IADC


Unassigned Papers of Note:
This presentation might be included in the plenary conference if a scheduled paper becomes unavailable. In addition, these presentations will be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire.

Integrated Management System as a competitive differential for drilling rig: Olivia Julianelli, Quality Engineer Offshore, Ocyan, Jussara Teles, Northern Offshore
The introduction will describe the oil and gas scenario in Brazil and the company’s key challenges in 2016. In sequence, the core of the presentation will discuss the importance of the “Quality in Focus” program. After, the presentation then looks at the methods and processes used to improve efficiency and reduce costs, and how is the interaction between offshore and onshore teams was orchestrated to achieve the scope considering internal and external feedback on six fronts. The conclusion then presents the results of the implementation of the new Integrated Management System, which resulted in international ISO certifications, financial impact relative to audit fines, and increase of client satisfaction.

Drill Bit Evolution in Middle East Project Delivers 70% ROP Improvement: Syed Muhamad Siddik, Bits Product Engineer, Syed Zahoor Ullah, Mohammed Sami Almomen, Schlumberger
This presentation will explain on using an in-house petrophysical log analysis program, each of the formations drilled in this field was analyzed, drilling challenges, and ROP values were compared against previous performance. This information paired with finite element analysis (FEA) for dynamic drilling simulation was used for the optimized drill bit selection.

A Comprehensive Review and Analysis of Maturity Model for Well Integrity in Brown Field: Mostafa Yakout, Well Integrity Engineer, Ahmed Elgibaly, Adel Salem, Omar Saad, Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company
Well integrity is a rising challenge in the oil business as oil and gas fields are maturing and creating new threats. Conceptually, maturity models reflect the development level spread of any management system in relation to a particular business. Applying to well integrity management systems (WIMS), the poorer the degree of system maturity, the stronger the intensity and severity of integrity issues developed.
The main objectives of this study are to; 1) review the start-up and implementation of WIMS in an Egyptian brown oil field, 2) explain the details and efforts of pursuing this management system, and 3) deploy maturity model for enhancing WIMS performance and provide framework to the company for future developments. The deployed model has been used to establish a robust system that ensures the well integrity is sustained all the time in the field.

Conference Program Committee

  • Ahmed Abdelhady, Shelf Drilling
  • Walid Abed, Baker Hughes
  • Said Abdullah Al Mahrooqi, Petroleum Development Oman
  • Abdullah S. Al Marri, Saudi Aramco
  • Ghassan Al Muhanna, Bahrain Petroleum Company
  • Salman Ansari, Sakson Drilling & Oil Services DMCC
  • Wayne Bauer, Vantage Drilling
  • Gary Castell, Cansco
  • Peter Cunnion, Northern Offshore Drilling
  • Raymond Dunn, Noble Corporation
  • Mike Edmonson, National Services and Drilling Company
  • Mohammad Eljaber, National Oilwell Varco
  • Salaheddin Elkatatny, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
  • Marty Fitzgerald, Aro Drilling
  • Joey Husband, Nabors Drilling
  • Derek Kent Valaris plc
  • Nick McBride, ARO Drilling
  • Rob Munger, BP
  • Manoj Raghavan, KCA Deutag
  • Mike Simpson, Cansco
  • Jeff Smith, BP
  • Mike Strauss, Ensign Energy Services
  • Salaheddin Turki, ADNOC Drilling
  • Atilla Vasvary, H&P IDC
  • Kees van de Vrede, Dubai Petroleum
  • Mike DuBose, IADC
  • Hisham Zebian, IADC

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