IADC Drilling Middle East 2019 Conference & Exhibition

Start: 10 December 2019
End: 11 December 2019

Venue: Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche
Location: Abu Dhabi 

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Join us for the journey towards agility, where challenges will be discussed, and best practices will be shared at the IADC Drilling Middle East 2019 Conference & Exhibition which will take place on 10-11 December at the Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche Hotel in Abu Dhabi. This conference is designed to be the premier event in the Middle East for drilling professionals including; engineering, management, operational personnel and young professionals.

Conference Program

IADC Drilling Middle East 2019 Conference & Exhibition
“Join the Journey towards Agility”

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

07.30 Conference Registration, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Baker Hughes

07.45 Speaker Briefing (Speakers, Moderators & Session Chairs only)

09.00 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing

  • Mike DuBose, Vice President International Development, IADC

09.05 Keynote Presentation: Abdalla Saeed Al-Suwaidi, CEO, ADNOC Drilling

09.30 IADC Chapter Updates:

  • IADC Northern Arabian Gulf Chapter
    Ingo Giesel, IADC Chapter Vice Chairman; Director Operations, Shelf Drilling
  • IADC Southern Arabian Peninsula Chapter
    Peter Cunnion, IADC Chapter Chairman; Senior Vice President and Regional Manager Middle East & Asia Pacific, Northern Offshore Drilling

10.00 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Baker Hughes

10.30 OEM V’s Non-OEM Certification
Moderator: Rishi Srivastava, Vice President Technical Supply Chain, Shelf Drilling

Contractors bear an incessant and essential focus on maximizing service up-time, alongside the cost-of-ownership burden of their equipment. When it comes to risk and value-based decision making on repair & re-certification of equipment perhaps they should have the freedom to decide qualified OEM or qualified Non-OEM. Operators on the other hand may argue they bear most of the risk during well operations and are therefore entitled to a say in the OEM/Non-OEM debate for equipment repair and re-certification. Cost, quality, innovation, and lead times all benefit from an unrestricted market place. 

This panel session debates the pros and cons of equipment repair & re-certification utilizing OEM’s and API accredited repair and re-manufacturing facilities, and features key stakeholders from Operators, Contractors, Service Companies and OEM’s.

  • Dave McLean, Rig Technology Aftermarket Vice President, Middle East and North Africa, National Oilwell Varco
  • Deepak Bisht, Asset Manager – Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific, Valaris
  • Kees van de Vrede, Drilling Advisor, Dubai Petroleum
  • Mike Simpson, CEO, Cansco Well Control
  • David Millwee, Vice President of Operational Support Services, Helmerich & Payne
  • Craig Fraser, Director, RigQuip

12.0Network Luncheon & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by International Maritime Industries

13.30 Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Session
Session Chair: Mohammad Eljaber, Project Manager, NOV Wellbore Technologies

Achieving Business Value Through AI and Digital Transformation: Serge Brun, Vice President Sales, Ricardo Clemente, Intelie – a RigNet Company
Oil and Gas companies are rushing to achieve automation and digitization through successful implementation of artificial intelligence in order to enable intelligence and achieve measurable results. Learn how Intelie has helped operators achieve this goal through successful implementation of machine learning based analytics. 

Cyber-Enabled Assets & Systems – Cybersecurity Framework and Risk Assessment: Sohail Mohammed, Managing Principal Engineer, Paul Walters, American Bureau of Shipping
Cybersecurity frameworks and guidance documents are not easy to read or understand and the cybersecurity risks are inherited from sub-supplier to OEMs to the owner. This leads to challenges when determining how to implement cybersecurity improvements. Too often, cybersecurity guidance documents don’t clearly describe how to confidently undertake the implementation of a cybersecurity program or system. With increased levels of automation and smart functionalities in the offshore industry, Conventional risk assessment methods need to be strengthened and improved to perform systematical reviews of the operational and safety impacts of these complex cyber-enabled assets and their associated systems. This paper will describe a cybersecurity approach to mitigating cybersecurity risks created by potential vulnerabilities, threats, and interruption consequences observed within a company and for assets.

Automation for Improved Rig Performance: David Millwee, Vice President Operational Support Services, William Chmela, Helmerich & Payne Technologies
Automated directional drilling reduces drilling and lifting costs and improves the hydrocarbon production potential of the field.   We show case studies where we automate the following to improve performance: gathering and QC of all relevant data; determination of BHA tendencies, motor yields, and bit position in real-time; determination of the slide/rotate sequence to best follow the defined path; and automated execution of the decisions by direct link to the rig control system while dynamically adapting to the changing environment.

15.00 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Baker Hughes

15.30 Human Factors, Training and Developing
Session Chair: Wayne Bauer, Director QHSE, Vantage Drilling

Unpacking the Benefits of Human Factors Considerations with and within New and Existing Systems and Processes: Adebayo Aremu, Operations Superintendent, Kenny Adams, Head of Land Drilling QHSSET, Ansgar Schwietering, KCA Deutag
The journey to harness the benefits of human factors considerations continues to take us to interesting places at KCADeutag. This presentation will provide high level insight into ways human factors have been addressed, in the last 4 years, with or within some of our individual systems and processes with a main focus on situational awareness. The human factor considerations have given good results including; reduced well control events, reduced safety incident, continually improving operational performance, and ultimately a healthy and happy workforce.

16.00 Training & Developing Discussion – Simulators
Moderator: Wayne Bauer, Director QHSE, Vantage Drilling

This session will show two different kind of views regarding the use of simulators when training people followed by and open discussion.

Using Immersive Simulations to Increase Operational Readiness: Jan Tore Knutsen, Managing Director Management, Maersk Training
Using examples from the programs like “Drilling Supervisor Assessment”, “Well Incident Training” and “Ensco’s national Assistant Drillers and Drillers on the Auxiliary Well side”-  we discuss how combining Maersk Training’s Integrated Operations Concept (Leadership, Crew Resource Management, and Technical Training) with an immersive simulator-based environment can be used to deliver competence beyond compliance.

Increasing Team Performance without Simulators: Evelyn Baldwin, Learning Solutions Lead, Radiant Digital
Studies across multiple industries ranging from space flight to health care show that simulations increase team-based performance over classic lecture-style training. However, there are several drawbacks to simulation training such as the high-cost of running and maintaining the equipment and the low numbers of users a simulation can accommodate at one time. This presentation explores how the “flipped” classroom teaching method can be used to effectively train technical concepts while also increasing team performance that match results found with high-fidelity simulation training. Benefits for this method include: higher levels of engagement for all participants, lower costs of training, and the ability to train on-location.

17.00 – 18.00 Welcoming Reception & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by: IADC Southern Arabian Peninsula Chapter


Wednesday, 11 December 2019

08.00 Conference Registration, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by KCA Deutag

09.00 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing

  • Hisham Zebian, Regional Representative, Middle East, Caspian & Africa, IADC

09.05 Market Outlook: Erik Tønne, Managing Director – Market Analysis, Clarksons Platou

09.30 Drilling Operations Competency and Continuous Learning
Session Chair: Peter Zehetleitner, Head Well Engineering, OMV

Competence Assurance through Continuous Learning: Mark Denkowski, Vice President of Accreditation Operations, Brooke Polk, Patty Tydings, IADC
Through IADC, the international drilling industry has embarked on a new mission: to create a system that promotes a more consistently high level of competence by combating the natural “forgetting” process while addressing the gaps identified through WellSharp assessments. The system is called Knowledge Retention and Education for our Workforce (KREW), and it will offer research-based strategies, such as micro-learning and spaced learning, in an e-Learning format. KREW will have a bridge to the WellSharp system to allow employers to easily assign training to close learning gaps and refresh the knowledge gained from training while also accessing training that satisfies company-specific requirements and prepares employees for job promotion.

10.00 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by KCA Deutag

10.30 Panel Discussion: Impact and Outlook for Young Professionals in the Drilling Industry
Moderator: Hisham Zebian, Regional Representative, Middle East, Caspian & Africa, IADC

The Next Generation has arrived. These young professionals are already impacting and changing our industry. What expectations did they bring? Is the industry validating their dreams or dashing their hopes? What can we do not only to attract YPs, but also retain these young people and improve their skills? This panel of YPs from across the wells industry will shed some unfiltered light on these issues, helping to guide us on the Next Generation voyage.

  • Yahya AlBastaki, Human Capital Strategy, ADNOC
  • Mutlaq A. Al-Subaey, Managing Director, Saudi Arabian Drilling Academy (SADA)
  • Daniel Milford, Assistant to Manager – Operations, Valaris
  • Sara al Mansoori, Geologist, Exploration & Drilling, ADNOC
  • Hamda Al Kuwaiti,  Junior Petroleum Engineer, Weatherford

12.00 Network Luncheon & Open Exhibition

13.30 ICV Presentation

  • Hamad Belmahaina, Senior Specialist In-Country Value Operations, ADNOC Group

14.0Creating Value for All: Improved Balanced Strategies for Lump Sum Turn Key Projects
Moderator: Attila Vasvary, International Business Development Manager – Eastern Hemisphere, H&P IDC

Lump Sum turn key projects are a growing business model in the Middle East. This panel will discuss how this business model can be improved through collaboration between all parties; NOC’s, Operators, Drilling Contractors and Service Companies by strategic thinking in the very early stages of planning such projects. The onshore industry has led by example, what can the offshore industry learn from this? How can we all benefit and lead to a better future through collaboration and don’t miss out any opportunities in the near and longtime future?  This will be a “can’t miss” panel for all engaged with LSTK/IPM projects!

  • Peter Zehetleitner, Head Well Engineering, OMV
  • Walid Abed, Sales Director – Integrated Well Services, Baker Hughes
  • Michael Strauss, Vice President Middle East & North Africa, Ensign Energy Services
  • Blake Denton, Director Marketing and Contracts, Noble Drilling

15.30 Adjournment         

  • Hisham Zebian, Regional Representative, Middle East & Africa, IADC


Unassigned Papers of Note:
The following paper proposals will be included in the conference if a scheduled paper becomes unavailable. In addition, these presentations will be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire.

Analytic and Big Data Deliver Decisions That are Only as Trustworthy as the Date They Ingest: Ross Philo, CEO, Philip Neri, David Wallis, Energistics
The introduction summarizes how analytics and big data drive improvements to drilling performance and efficiency, showing deployment models with a high level of connectivity. The impact of data being ingested away from the experts who normally curate it is discussed. A framework for data assurance will be described, with examples of data assurance policies and rules applicable to real-time drilling data transmitted from offshore to a monitoring center. Finally, the presentation will summarize the business benefits, short -and long-term, to creating and transmitting data assurance information alongside the actual data, and how analytics, and decisions based on analytics, leverage it. 

Drilling Optimization Through Effective Waste Management: Simon Tyldsley, Pierre-Marie Hinden, TWMA
Challenges that operators face throughout the drilling programme and highlight how the effective handling, transfer and processing of drilling waste offshore can overcome these challenges will be discussed. The methodology for analyzing drilling parameters and data to plan, design and execute the most effective drilling waste management strategy based on specific project requirements will be explained. Multiple case studies will be drawn upon where operators have optimized drilling, reduced well cost, increased safety to personnel and exceeded environmental regulatory requirements.

Managed Pressure Drilling and Well Control – Risk Based Solution: Sohail Mohammed, Managing Principal Engineer, American Bureau of Shipping
Conventional well design philosophies are based on ensuring functionally independent primary and secondary barriers, as stipulated in the API Recommended Practice (RP) 59 for well-control operations. API RP 59 defines primary well control as the maintenance of hydrostatic pressure in the wellbore, equal to or greater than the formation pressure to prevent formation influx. Since MPD creates a closed well-circulation system that contributes directly and actively to the prevention of an influx, MPD systems logically should be considered a part of the primary well barrier. This paper introduces important HSE considerations, process of assessing, managing and mitigating the risks and key parameters for developing MPD and Well Control Procedures, and influx management strategy through MPD and secondary well control.

A Solution to the Multiple Unconventional Play Requirements Through a Specific Technology in Drilling Rigs and a Debate on its Funding: Gilberto Gallo, Marketing Manager, Adolfo Basile, Andrea Tiberi, Drillmec Spa
The main drive for a premium drilling rig manufacturer is innovation to achieve top performance through the highest levels of safety. This technology needs to be simultaneously affordable and cutting edge opens the debate which attribute to favor with the premise that the cost of the technology gets distributed between the operator and the drilling contractor.

Program Committee Members

Said Abdullah Al Mahrooqi, Petroleum Development Oman
Abdullah S. Al Marri, Saudi Aramco
Ghassan Al Muhanna, Bahrain Petroleum Company
Salman Ansari, Sakson Drilling & Oil Services DMCC
Wayne Bauer, Vantage Drilling
Peter Cunnion, Northern Offshore Drilling
Raymond Dunn, Noble Corporation
Mike Edmonson, National Services and Drilling Company
Mohammad Eljaber, National Oilwell Varco
Marty Fitzgerald, Aro Drilling
Joey Husband, Nabors Drilling
Jim O’Leary, BP
Pete Mathieson, Valaris plc
Nick McBride, ARO Drilling
Manoj Raghavan, KCA Deutag
Mike Simpson, Cansco
Mike Strauss, Ensign Energy Services
Salaheddin Turki, ADNOC Drilling
Atilla Vasvary, H&P IDC
Kees van de Vrede, Dubai Petroleum
Peter Zehetleitner, OMV
Mike DuBose, IADC
Hisham Zebian, IADC

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Corniche Road East Capital Plaza Complex 44 966
44 966 Abu Dhabi, UAE

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IADC Drilling Middle East 2019 Conference & Exhibition