Young Professionals Committee Meeting

Date:  24 September 2019

Time:  1:30 pm – 3:30 pm


3657 Briarpark Drive, Suite 200
Houston, TX  78205

Contact:  Angie Gunden/Leslie Packard
Phone:  1-713-292-1945


Welcome and Introductions

  • Safety briefing, review of antitrust guidelines and “round the table” introductions of all participants

IADC Update

  • Angie / Leslie / Leesa to provide any IADC-specific updates for the committee

Mission & Function of Subcommittees

  • Subcommittee Co-Chairs to present and finalize proposed mission statement and function

    • Recruiting: Jason Custer, Alex Groh, Travis Weaver

    • Exposure (Involvement): Jais Curry, John Williams, Greg Hudson

    • Retention (Development): Michael Mitchell, Tyler Jones, Dustin Torkay

Happy Hour Event

  • October 17, FM Kitchen & Bar

  • Discuss attendees

  • Survey: questions, additional methods of distribution, etc

Annual Meeting Session Planning

  • Panel Description

    • IADC’s newly formed Young Professionals Committee will open a discussion to examine special topics related to an important challenge for our industry: attracting, developing and retaining young people. Items discussed will range from the unique political nature of the industry, to common misconceptions, to constant changes in expectations requiring greater inclusion and diversity than ever before.  In this comprehensive panel session, you will hear practical solutions discussed to challenge these items from a holistic perspective.  Panel participants will include young professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, as well as others involved in fostering a culture of change from the ground up.

  • Panelist Update

Review Additional Action Items

  • IADC – gap check of drilling contractors not represented on the Committee

  • Jais – create LinkedIn and Facebook page

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