IADC World Drilling 2021 Conference & Exhibition

Welcome – IADC World Drilling 2021 goes virtual!

IADC World Drilling 2021, the leadership event for wells professionals, will explore our industry’s challenges and opportunities from a strategic, leadership perspective. The conference will examine improving the value proposition from multiple perspectives – technology, diversity, contracting, collaboration, digital solutions, and more for all stakeholders. Through high-level panels and speakers and through cutting-edge technical papers, the conference will chart each inflection point and trace the path to the industry’s future.

StartJune 15, 2021EndJune 16, 2021

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Tuesday, 15 June 2021 Time Zone: CEST

14.00 CEST Welcome & Introduction


Jason McFarland, President, IADC


R. H. “Bob” Geddes, 2021 IADC Chair; President and Chief Operating Officer, Ensign Energy Services

14.15 CEST Keynote Presentation:


Carri Lockhart, Executive Vice President, Technology, Digital & Innovation, Equinor

14.35 CEST Global Market Outlook

Moderators: Morten Kelstrup, Chief Operating Officer, Maersk Drilling, & Josselin Gere, Director EMEA, Transocean
This session will bring together drilling customers, analysts and investors to discuss the general outlook for the oil and gas industry and for onshore and offshore drilling, respectively. This will include perspectives in relation to the green transition, the financial restructuring amongst drilling contractors, and any challenges and opportunities arising from this.


Erik G. Kirkemo, Senior Vice President Drilling & Well, Equinor


Martin Huseby Karlsen, Equity Researcher, DNB Markets


Lars Eirik Nicolaisen, Senior Partner & Deputy-CEO, Rystad Energy


Joe Leask, Decommissioning Manager, Oil & Gas UK

16.00 CEST 10-minute break

16.10 CEST Panel Session: How Do We Sustain Drilling Activities in a Low Carbon Future?


Moderators: Lamberto Nonno, Global HSE Leader, Baker Hughes, & Guido van den Bos, Director Business Development, NOV

Our industry is often portrayed as part of the problem that the Green Transition sets out to overcome, and we are facing increasing environmental and social pressures to bring down the industry’s footprint. However, great opportunities exist for the drilling industry to become part of the solution instead and prosper over the long term. 

In this session we will aim at getting an overview of the current situation. We will seek to elucidate what methods we have to minimize or eliminate the environmental impact of our own operations, incl. marine pollution, noise and GHG emissions. We will further study the areas where we may directly engage in new, green technologies, such as GHG reduction technologies, CCS/CCU, blue hydrogen and geothermal energy, and we will look at how good we are at positioning ourselves using these technologies for the Green Transition.


Marit Brommer, Executive Director, International Geothermal Association


Paolo Allara, Head of Offshore Drilling Innovation, Digital Transformation and ICT, Saipem


Libbe Skovgaard-Petersen, Head of Business Development and Partnerships, Maersk Drilling


Mhairidh Evans, Principal Analyst, Energy Transition Practice, Wood Mackenzie


John Gallagher, Executive Vice President Wells, Shell

17.30 CEST Adjournment

Wednesday, 16 June 2021 Time Zone: CEST

14.00 CEST Welcome & Introduction


Jason McFarland, President, IADC

14.05 CEST Keynote Presentation:

  •  t.b.n.

14.25 CEST Panel Session: How to Adapt to Next Generation Oil & Gas Market Terms and Conditions


Moderators: Celine Martin, Head of Rigs & Services Strategy, Total, & Bjørn Engedal, Chief Engineer, Equinor

The upturn in global onshore unconventional exploration and production activity is putting an increased focus at how the operators and drilling contractors manage both carbon footprint and associated social responsibility of big scale remote logistic operations. Offshore drilling has moved to deeper waters and harsher environment. Drilling Contractors are challenged by consolidations and a lack of interest from investors.

The world’s first 20k psi offshore field developments are in pipeline for execution. The next generation of conventional offshore reserves may require a more technically advanced means of drainage strategies in order to make them commercial. This move into higher subsurface complexity implies a stepup in well control and risk management. Digitalization and automation will be enablers to sanction future unmanned field development projects. This will also put new demand on what competencies, rules and regulations and working processes are needed to develop and capitalize for operators in the years to follow. These changes must be addressed by operators and contractors in close collaboration and for mutual commercial benefit.


Lina Serpa, Vice President Wells, BP


Kim McHugh, Vice President Wells, Chevron


Xavier Rouzeaud, Deputy Vice President Drilling & Wells, Total


Richard Lynch, Senior Vice President Technology & Services, HESS Corporation

15.30 CEST 10-minute break

15.40 CEST Panel Session: How will the ESG Agenda Affect our Ability to Attract, Develop and Retain Talents?


Moderators: Marta Lafuente, Regional Sales Manager, NOV – Grant Prideco, & Shane Marchand, Vice President Marketing, Helmerich & Payne

Caring about social responsibility and corporate governance has become an essential part of how many companies are run. How do we incorporate these aspects in our industry, and how will this affect our efforts to attract and retain young talents? 

Human capital, social capital, innovation, leadership, and governance are corporate aspects that will maintain or enhance the ability of companies to create value over the long-term. This panel will see industry experts review the importance of addressing these issues and explore practices for the oil and gas industry.

  • Kristina Mays, Director, Community Relations and Sustainability, Transocean


Marie Merle Caekebeke, Director ESG Performance & Engagement, Schlumberger

  • Amanda Lange Detraz, Student, University of Louisiana
  • Caitlyn M. Thompson, Student, University of Louisiana


Kelsey M. Corrigan, Wells Team Lead- El Trapial UCR, Chevron

17.00 CEST Adjournment


How to Tackle Some of the Imminent Industry Challenges?


Session Chair: Miguel Sanchez, Vice President, International Operations, Nabors Drilling

Development of a Hybrid Energy Storage System Reduces Overall Carbon Footprint: Richard Verhoef, Product Line Director, Oddbjorn Oye, NOV
Reducing the carbon footprint of a drilling installation is of growing importance. A true hybrid energy storage system, whereby a flywheel system is working in conjunction with a battery system to optimize the recovery and release of energy, has been developed and is currently being tested. Details of the system, the hurdles that had to be overcome, and its achievements will be highlighted.

Evolution of Automated Well Control – Kick Detection and Shut In: Bryan Atchison, Drilling Manager, Safe Influx
The frequency and causes of blowouts are established. The Topology of the solution is explained enabling the listener to have an overall understanding of the system. A short video capturing the technology will be presented.

Brulpadda- 1AX: Innovating for Drilling in Very Harsh Met-Ocean Conditions: Aurelien Joathon, Head Prospective & Metier Management for Drilling & Wells, Total
To drill in the extreme Metocean conditions offshore South Africa, where no one had never dared to drill before, Total developed several innovations: a marine riser restraint system, the use of a tug to assist the station keeping, and the installation of high frequency radars to improve current forecast. This resulted in a safe and successful operation for the Brulpadda-1AX well.

Drilling Automation and Data Analytics


Session Chair: Brian Woodward, VP – Corporate Services, Noble Drilling Services Inc.

A Machine Learning Model that Reads Daily Drilling Reports Facilitating the Identification of Systemic Operational Issues and Opportunities to Reduce Invisible Lost Time: Anna Moffat, Technology Engineer, Rodrigo Rendon, Adebayo Aremu, KCA Deutag, Dirk Peeters, Peter Sawyer, Endila
The inability to carry out sophisticated analysis of historical written text data due to its unstructured nature is a common industry challenge. Natural Language Processing is now being used to build a Machine Learning model that analyses the free text entered by the rig crews on our daily drilling reports.  The model classifies, with a precision of over 90%, free text drilling log entries (including spelling mistakes, technical vocabulary, and inconsistent abbreviations) as either a rig problem, a well problem, normal operation, HSE event or waiting time. This allows the bulk analysis of drilling reports regardless of their size or complexity. We are confident that the techniques developed in this project can equally be applied to other O&G natural language challenges, for example HSE reports, inspection reports or other circumstances where a human entered technical text records. The presentation will discuss the approach and conclusions on the free text analysis, including some operations insights.

DrillX scale-up within Total Digital Factory: Eric Delattre, EP Digital Transformation Officer, & Remi Banquet, Tribe Lead DrillX, Total
DrillX keeps ramping up in 2021 with the progressive integration of its Smart Operations, Smart Engineering and Smart Data activities within Total Digital Factory, the accelerator of the Group’s digital transformation. After delivering two cloud-based DrillX Smart Operations and Smart Engineering platforms to Total’s Drilling & Wells community, DrillX is progressively mobilizing nine product squads working in an integrated agile-at-scale framework within Total Digital Factory to deliver value in line with the Group’s ambitious objectives.  They’ll explain you how!

A Drilling Automation Journey from Concept to Execution: Nahum Ronquillo, Product Line Manager, Control Systems & Automation, NOV & Robert Houston, Director, Rig Technology & Service Delivery, Precision Drilling
This presentation details an automation journey and performance indicators obtained from multiple deployments of a drilling automation system on a fleet of land rigs. Workflow processes and methodologies as well as data analytics are emphasized as key components with key performance indicators (KPIs) used to evaluate the success of this project.

Additional Papers:
The following proposals were initially scheduled as alternate presentations for this event. In addition, these presentations are made available for the conference attendees.

The Contribution of Corporate Social Responsibility to Sustainable Development: SOCAR AQS path to Sustainability: Gunay Huseynalizada, Sustainability Reporting Team Lead/Economic Planning Analyst, Socar AQS
Sustainability was initially viewed as an environmental issue. In last two decades it became clear that economic and environmental issues cannot be separated from social concerns. Not only governments but also businesses should act in favor of sustainable development through CSR. The UNGC is the largest CSR initiative in the world helping companies develop network of organizations sharing best practices to advance solutions to common challenges.

Smart Offshore – Enabling a Safe and Sustainable Offshore Environment, Utilizing Smart Technology: Joel Thigpen, General Manager Segment Sales Offshore Drilling, Wärtsilä
This presentation will explore smart technologies that exist today in other industries that can be adopted and adapted for the offshore exploration market in an effort to remove inefficiencies and waste (financial and environmental), all while improving safety. The intent is to elicit new thoughts and ideas, and generate discussions of how we can collaborate, as an industry, in creating a safe and sustainable Smart Offshore ecosystem.

Change of Cost Culture within Drilling & Wells Entity: Eric Moigny, Head of Drilling Engineering, Total
Following a continuing increase of cost within oil and gas industry, the Total Group launched a global program of cost reduction early 2014, ahead of the oil price slump. In the framework of this program, the drilling and wells entity implemented successfully various initiatives that reduced significantly wells expenditures. This presentation summarizes the main initiatives implemented and the results achieved.

Conference Program Committee

  • Adebayo Aremu, KCA Deutag Drilling
  • Guido van den Bos, NOV
  • Nuno Correia, Valaris
  • Gordon Donald, Northern Offshore Ltd.
  • Markus Doschek, OMV E&P
  • Bjørn B. Engedal, Equinor
  • Diego Ferrandes, Drillmec SpA
  • Josselin Gere, Transocean
  • Morten Kelstrup, Maersk Drilling
  • Marta Lafuente, NOV
  • Shane Marchand, Helmerich & Payne IDC
  • Celine Martin, Total
  • Jennifer Medcalf, the REACH Group
  • Rob Munger, BP
  • Lamberto Nonno, Baker Hughes
  • Franco Pandolfi, Saipem
  • Miguel Sanchez, Nabors
  • Gerhard Thonhauser, TDE Group
  • Brian Woodward, Noble Corporation
  • Lars Nydahl Jorgensen, IADC
  • Leesa Teel, IADC

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