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HSE + ESG: Ensuring Future Success

As IADC and its member companies strive to advance ESG (Environment, Social Responsibility and Governance), IADC’s long-standing Health, Safety, Environment, & Training Conference will take a different twist in 2021. IADC’s Sustainability Conference & Exhibition will specifically explore ESG, as it relates to industry, while covering our core activities in the HSE&T arena. ESG metrics will be used to determine the value of a company in the future and will be key to attract new talent to industry. The conference will be held virtually on 9-10 February 2021.

StartFebruary 9, 2021EndFebruary 10, 2021

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Conference Attendees


Exhibiting Companies

Registrants by Company Type

  • Equipment Manufacturer
  • Independent Oil Producer
  • Land Drilling Contractor
  • Land/Offshore Drilling Contractor
  • Land/Offshore Well Servicing Contractor
  • Major Oil Producer
  • National Oil Company
  • Offshore Drilling Contractor
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Monday, 8 February

1:00 pm Joint HSE & Workforce Development Committee Meeting Separate registration required.

Tuesday, 9 February

8:00 am Welcome & Introduction

  • Jason McFarland, President, IADC
  • Ryan Smallwood, Vice Chair, IADC HSE Committee; Patterson-UTI Drilling Company

8:15 am 2021 IADC Chairman Address: Bob Geddes, 2021 IADC Chairman; President, Ensign Energy Services

8:30 am Impact of COVID-19 on Safety Rules and Regulations: Jane Heidingsfelder, Partner, Jones Walker LLP
As employers battle COVID-19 and seek to keep their employees and contractors safe, there are a number of relevant OSHA and other rules and regulations to consider. In this session, Jane will discuss the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules for the workplace in the COVID-19 era. Jane will provide attendees with an update on safety rules and regulations related to COVID-19, including bringing employees back to work and future impact.

8:50 am Social Responsibility  Session Chair: Cody Ashley, Latshaw Drilling

What Do We Do When Human Errors Occur?: Yancey Edwards, Sr. Manager – Safety and Leadership, The REACH Group
Why does the subject of human error come up so often during incident investigations? What do we, as leaders, need to do when we identify human error? How do we treat our people when mistakes are made and how can we use human error as an improvement opportunity for operational and safety performance?

Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Drilling Activities: Kevin Wallgren, Global Manager, Mark Salkeld, Business Development, Katch Kan USA LLC
The paper will present three studies conducted in different regions, Canada, USA and Latin America and show the amount of drilling fluids released to the environment under different drilling conditions. It was found that in all the cases, contamination could have been reduced by at least 98%.

Sustainability Index for Well Panning, Engineering, and Drilling: A Metric-Based Methodology for Well Life Cycle: Robello Samuel, Chief Tech Advisor & Technology Fellow, Halliburton
Digital transformation is providing impetus to advancements in the oil and gas industry. We are at the crossroads of technologies such as real-time embedded systems, distributed public ledger (blockchain technologies), IOT, IiOT, sensors, cloud computing, digital twins, edge computing, and cloud communication. Despite such advancements, presently, there is no method for estimating sustainability when a well is designed or drilled and completed in real time. A new artificial intelligence-based methodology to estimate and display well design and tracking information is presented.

9:50 am  Break

Session Chair: Rium Johnson, National Oilwell Varco

10:00 am Out of Industry Lessons Learned: HEB’s Covid-19 Response: Lisa Helfman, Director of Public Affairs, HEB
HEB representative will discuss their safety precautions, emergency preparedness, supply chain management, messaging, and people with regard to Covid-19.

10:20 am SPE Gaia Sustainability Program: Johana Dunlop, Technical Director, Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability, SPE
Introduction to the SPE Gaia Sustainability Program, where we reach deep within the oil and gas industry to mobilize and aggregate sustainability actions by balancing a sense of urgency without the sense of panic. 

10:40 am The Pursuit of Net-negative Emissions Technology: Morten Kelstrup, COO, Maersk Drilling
Maersk Drilling plans to invest $1 million in California-based Clean Energy Systems to help develop a new technology named “Carbon-Negative Energy.” The concept, derived from a process developed for the aerospace industry, should lead to net-negative carbon emissions, assisting Maersk Drilling’s drive toward carbon-neutral drilling. Under the agreement, Maersk Drilling has an option to offset the emissions resulting from drilling for its customers or for the company itself. The Carbon-Negative Energy concept involves use of biomass waste as fuel to produce syngas, from which renewable natural gas and hydrogen is separated for sale. Resulting hydrogen-depleted syngas would be used to produce electricity with full capture of associated carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. And by using fuel that consumes CO2 over its lifetime, in combination with safe and permanent CO2 storage, Maersk Drilling said, the process results in net-negative emissions, effectively removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

11:00 am Environment

Onshore Drilling – Technology and Environmental Care, Now Together for the Future: Chiara Perotti, Environmental Manager, Luca Motti, Onshore Drilling Digital Transformation & Innovation Manager, Saipem SPA
Finally, environmental defense topics are becoming popular all over the world, awareness and responsibilities are being raised amongst people, companies and institutions. The Oil and Gas Industry has historically been considered as a source of pollution due to its final products and the energy source of its main activities. Within Saipem Drilling Onshore fleet, Rig 5946 and Rig 5913 reflect the new focus on this area of improvement undertaken by the Division. These two assets, equipped with 3000 Horsepower joystick-controlled Drawworks, have been working since 2017 in Kuwait on high pressure and temperature gas fields. In order to guarantee high performance, continuous effort is put in place by the management to optimize operations and HSE performance.  From the start of the operations to date, many initiatives have been implemented to make the activities more environmentally sustainable: green procurement, water recycle and plant growing, energy assessment, operation and power generation real time monitoring. In addition to this, different disciplines within the Drilling Onshore Division are working together to drive further changes in the near future: utilization of cleaner or renewable power sources, installation of energy storage systems for efficiency improve and peak shaving, logistics optimization.

Driving Value through Sustainability for Capital Access: Rita C. Reed, Sustainability Strategist, Jeff Dangremond, Consultant, Principal Financial Specialist, Round Rock Advisory
Investors are challenging oil & gas companies to rethink their portfolios and future capital investments and elevate disclosure of their sustainability performance. But despite increasing focus on ESG, many investors miss value creation levers. Therefore, we’ll explore how to embed ESG across the value chain to identify and tackle material risks and opportunities to unlock additional value and benefits for capital access. Investors want to understand how companies assess, manage and mitigate climate-related risks. This has led to increased demands for companies to share clear and defendable positions with respect to their climate-related financial risks. Many businesses will likely need to radically transform their business models to respond to market conditions calling for greater sustainability. This is a collective effort across multiple sectors but the world is watching the oil & gas sector’s ingenuity to adaptation and how we square up during these tumultuous times.

How Low Can You Go? Pathways to Low-Carbon Drilling: Anton Rushakov, Sr. Consultant, Kaitlyn Allen, Global Affairs Associates, LLC, Susan Agar, Atlas Impacts
As oil and gas super-majors move to meet the carbon reduction goals of Paris Agreement, promising significant reductions in greenhouse gases throughout their supply chains, drilling and services companies are seeking ways to compete in a low-carbon world. This presentation will provide an overview of select tactics that may be appropriate to help drilling contractors adapt profitably to the low-carbon transition, including corporate greenhouse gas management, voluntary market-based solutions such as carbon offset credits, and carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) technology applications.

12:00 pm Adjourn

Wednesday, 10 February

8:00 am Welcome & Introduction

  • Rhett Winter, Director, Government & Industry Affairs – Onshore, IADC
  • Lisa Mullins, Chair, IADC Workforce Development Committee; Transocean

8:05 am Keynote Address: Decarbonization of Offshore Rigs and Vessels, Transocean’s Approach: Darrell Pelley, Chair, IADC HSE Committee; Director Technical Marketing, Kenny Thomson, Transocean
Transocean deployed the world’s first hybrid stored energy system onboard a floating drilling unit in late 2019, onboard the Transocean Spitsbergen, currently contracted to Equinor offshore Norway. That deployment was the latest step in a journey that began over 10 years ago to minimize carbon emissions associated with its offshore drilling operations through improvements in operational efficiency, power plant optimization, reliability, and reduced fuel consumption. Transocean continues to explore enhancements to assets and processes to drive further reductions in per-well carbon emissions.

Session Chair: Dave Massey, The REACH Group

8:25 am IADC Young Professionals Committee Panel
Throughout 2020, COVID-19 quickly transformed the working world in a number of ways. With stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions in place, most office-based workers shifted to working from home. What are the impacts to young professionals in the drilling industry? How will it impact training and development? Will there be long-term career implications for this cohort of workers? IADC’s Young Professionals (YP) committee will report the results of a web-based, multi-discipline survey conducted with professionals throughout the industry to provide answers to these questions. 

  • Amanda Colyer, Account Manager, Helmerich & Payne IDC
  • Travis Weaver, Marketing Manager, Cactus Drilling Co

9:15 am  The Vital Role of Oil & Natural Gas in Energy Transition: Leslie Shockley Beyer, President, Petroleum Equipment & Services Association (PESA)

9:35 am Evolving Risks in the Water Transfer Industry: Glenn Legge, Partner, Cade White, Sr. Associate, HFW, Dean Fanguy, Director of Business Development, Natasha Cherednichenko, TETRA Technologies, Inc.
Water management has become increasingly important as produced water becomes more valuable and operators are pressured to reduce costs associated with water transfer/disposal increase. The water management industry’s focus on optimizing operations and reducing costs has led to technological advances in automation that can increase operating efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and pressure-related events that could cause safety issues and downtime. Through an industry and legal lens, relevant issues regarding the evolution of automated water management, ownership of produced water and the commercial and regulatory risks associated with same are analyzed and options for improved operating efficiency and risk minimization are explained.

9:55 am 3-D Dynamic Risk Assessment Monitoring System: Renan Carvalho, Process Safety Manager, Carlos Junior, Sustainability Director, Ocyan SA
3-dimension dynamic risk assessment monitoring system was created to improve fleet Process Safety Management, providing Rig Management onshore and offshore specific tool that allows to check rig operational risks in real time, supporting assertive decisions and improving operations. Using LOPA and Bow tie risk assessment methodologies, the 3-Dimensions dynamic system monitors human, organizational and physics risk assessment barriers, providing automatic LOPA dynamic calculation based on barriers real time condition considering rig equipment, weather conditions, crew members qualification, training needs, Management System forms, checklists and surveys like permit to work audits, area surveys, drillers daily checklists.

10:15 am  Break

 10:25 am How to Develop ESG at your Company – The Basics/How the Investment Community Looks at ESG Investments within Companies: Jade Strong, Sr. VP, Chief Administrative Officer, Nabors
Companies generally focus their goals on how to build and sustain profits, however, environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) is becoming a larger consideration for investors.  For an industry that is viewed as lagging behind, how do you demonstrate a sincere commitment to ESG and what resources and capital do you devote to this area? Additionally, the various standards and rating agencies differ wildly in how and what they measure which all adds to the challenge. This presentation will help you develop or refine your ESG program.

10:45 am ESG/Sustainability Panel
Moderator: Clyde D. Loll, Gulf Marine Contractors
Panel of onshore and offshore contractors discussing their current approach to sustainability – including challenges and successes of their journey thus far. 

  • Alan Quintero, Sr. VP, Business Development, Valaris
  • Jesse Hein, Sr. Environmental Manager, Patterson-UTI Drilling
  • Joey Kawaja, VP – Operations, Noble Holding Corporation

11:45 am Leadership Panel
Moderator: Richard Grayson, Nabors Corporate Services

  • Questioning Leadership and Leadership Questions: The Power of Unique Perspectives: Andrew Knight, Sr. Manager, Asia Pacific, The REACH Group
  • Front line Leadership Development: Terry Barrett, Chief Strategy Officer, CAVU
  • Safe and Efficient Operations Consistently: Kris Callen, President, The Callen Group

12:30 pm Adjournment

Conference Program Committee

  • Clyde Loll, Gulf Marine Contractors
  • Cody Ashley, Latshaw Drilling
  • Dave Massey, The REACH Group
  • Derek Hibbard, Seadrill
  • John Karish, GTZ Consulting LLC
  • Lisa Mullins, Transocean
  • Melvin LeBlanc, Shell E&P
  • Mike Truitt, Independence Contract Drilling
  • Nicolas Le Gouhinec, Valaris plc
  • Paulo Moritz, Noble Drilling
  • Richard Grayson, Nabors Industries
  • Rium Johnson, National Oilwell Varco
  • Ryan Smallwood, Patterson-UTI
  • Brooke Polk, IADC
  • Rhett Winter, IADC

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