2020 IADC Human Performance Conference

Start: 25 March 2020
End: 26 March 2020

Venue: Petrobras R&D
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Human performance has become an important and integral part of the industry’s approach to safe and efficient operations. The drilling industry has made important strides in recent years to incorporate human factors into training and operations to improve performance. With significant gains still yet to be made, the 2020 IADC Human Performance Conference will seek to examine innovations that are shaping the future of drilling as it continues to rapidly implement new technologies with an understanding of basic human nature.

Conference Program

Wednesday, 25 March

08:00 Registration Lobby Foyer

08:00 Coffee Service Breezeway

08:15 am Speaker Briefing (Speakers, Moderators & Session Chairs only)  Auditório Lado A

08:30 Welcoming Remarks   Auditório Lado A
Steve Kropla, VP Special Projects & Member Initiatives, IADC

08:45 Keynote Presentation: Carlos Roberto, Corporate Coordinator of Human Factors, Petrobras

09:15 Process Safety
Session Chair: Jacques Salies, Drilling Manager, Enauta

Incorporating Human Factors into Barrier Management: Kerri Maurina, HSE Advisor, Robin Kimber, Valaris plc
Traditional barrier management (BM) strategies primarily focus on equipment (plant) barriers and often overlook the role of humans during prevention and mitigation of process safety events (PSEs). This presentation discusses a framework for defining process and people (human) barrier elements to understand how these human barrier elements work with plant barrier elements as a system. In turn, these barrier systems provide a more accurate risk profile of barrier performance and health to decision makers. Furthermore, identifying safety critical tasks that human take to function the barrier and ensure its availability it vital to detailing human barrier elements.

Safety Culture and Performance Management: Fabio Melo, Head of People Skills Training & Development, Maersk Training Inc.
The development of a safety culture among an offshore crew is a challenging mission for O&G Operators as well as Drilling Contractors. A mixture of different backgrounds, nationalities and safety performance systems make it complex to increase safety awareness levels and promote an Interdependent Safety Culture. We will investigate what lies behind having a safer environment to reduce operational risks.

10:15 Coffee Service

10:35 Human Performance & AI
Moderator: Chris Parker, Human Performance Lead Advisor, Global Wells Organization, BP
Impact of Human Performance as related to AI, Automation & Technology
The panel will explore their work with human performance and its impact on AI, automation and technology.

  • Cason Swindle, President, Context Associates, Inc.
  • Robin Macmillan, Sr VP, National Oilwell Varco
  • Neil Forrest, VP Operational Integrity, Seadrill

12:05 Luncheon

13:15 Human Performance in Well Control

Scenario-Based, Research-Driven, Integrated Human Factors Training in the Context of Well Control: Mark Denkowski, VP Accreditation & Credentialing Division, Brooke Polk, Patty Tydings, IADC
One new accredited training model uses adult-learning research while focusing on the human factors elements of complex well control scenarios. The resulting course, which requires participants to work in teams to resolve simulated case studies, is taught by instructors who have been trained to facilitate learning, accurately observe six aspects of human factors (i.e., crew resource management), assess the technical and nontechnical skills, and facilitate discussions (i.e., debriefing) of the content. Initial learning is maximized through facilitation, content taught in a variety of ways over multiple (4 or 5) days, use of simulated narratives and a “hands-on” approach, teamwork that allows participants to learn from each other, and immediate feedback from instructor observations. Additional components address knowledge retention and training transfer.

Self-Knowledge & Behavioral Aspects in the Offshore Environment: Carlos Junior, Sustainability Director, Ocyan
Develop safe behavioral aspects in rig crew members through coaching techniques focused on self-knowledge, communication, emotional intelligence, interpersonal relationships and leadership, strengthening Ocyan Safety culture.

Human Performance in Oil & Gas (HPOG): Chris Parker, Human Performance Lead Advisor, Global Wells Organization, BP
Human Performance plays an important role in the overall safety of drilling operations. Though the industry has made significant strides with many corporate initiatives, to help advance these efforts an Industry Work Group is exploring an integrated and collaborative approach that will establish an online Human Performance resource. This site will provide access to common definitions, training, and practical workplace tools. It will also share best practices and work to create an industry-wide Human Performance organization based on the success of the global DROPS initiative. This initiative is called Human Performance in Oil & Gas (formerly known as WellsInMind), is an independent Forum across the Wells and Drilling sectors that has launched a pilot website for practical and applicable content. Mr. Parker, a human performance expert with more than 20 years experience with NASA and multiple industries, will provide an overview of this initiative and future plans for WellsInMind.

Scenario Based Training in Rig Operation: Dale Mitchell, Global Training Simulation Manager, NOV Rig Technologies
This paper details successful use of scenario-based training with high-fidelity simulation platforms for the purpose of ensuring worker have the prerequisite experience required to do their jobs in safe manner that can be quantified.

15:15 Coffee Service

15:30 Human Performance Integration
Moderator: Raphael Neves Moura, Superintendent for Operational Safety & Environment, ANP
Operator Panel: How are you Integrating Human Performance?
The oil & gas industry faced major and high potential events associated with well control. Although industry has been investing more and more on technical trainings, it´s not enough anymore. At this point, the human performance becomes the new limit for the organizations. This panel will discuss how to identify, track and manage them.

  • Mauro Andrade, VP Supply Chain & Deputy Country Manager, Equinor
  • Mark Cockram, Team Lead – Deepwater Wells Process Safety, Shell
  • Chris Parker, Human Performance Lead Advisor, Global Wells Organization, BP

17:00 Adjournment

Thursday, 26 March

08:00 Registration Lobby Foyer

08:00 Coffee Service Breezeway

08:25 Welcoming Remarks Auditório Lado A
Mark Denkowski, VP Accreditation & Credentialing Division, IADC

08:30 Keynote Presentation: Raphael Moura, Chief of Operational Safety Coordination, ANP

09:00  The Role of Human Resources: Janelle Daniel, VP Human Resources, Transocean
Transocean’s perspective on the role of human resources in the human performance space including the interaction with operations and as a link to motivation. Includes their forward looking work to align recruiting, performance and operations’ five key expectations for operational integrity and operational discipline.

09:30 Digitization of Offshore Work Processes through User-Driven Innovation: Bjarne Sandrib, VP Digital Technology, Ann Jorid Haugland, Susanne Andersen, MHWirth AS, Bjørn Rudshaug, Equinor, Shane McClaugherty, Transocean
The need for efficiency has driven the offshore industry to focus on innovation. If investments in innovation are to yield the desired result, the resulting products need to be relevant, user friendly and provide enhanced situational awareness at all levels of operation. To best achieve this, MHWirth adopted a user centric approach, and in collaboration with key customers developed a suite of products focused on optimizing the drilling process via automation and enhanced situational awareness. This presentation describes the development process, the end users’ involvement and examples of the products and systems that have been developed and piloted.

10:00 Coffee Service

10:20 Performance Management
Session Chair: Soraya Carvalho, National Oilwell Varco

A Human Factors Approach to Improve Safety and Operational Excellence in Deepwater Drilling – A Practical Experience: José Carlos Bruno Master Professional – Petroleum Engineering Petrobras
This presentation shows how a human factors approach can help the Oil & Gas Industry to improve both safety and operational excellence in deepwater drilling. In early 2015, two new ultra-deepwater drill ships joined an ultra-deepwater project in the Brazilian pre-salt area. Their initial performance, in both safety and operational efficiency, was well below expectations, with the two rigs ranked in the last positions at Petrobras rig performance index. This work demonstrates the systematic implementation of an ambitious project with focus in human factors develop to revert the initial performance and how it contributed to make both rigs top in class among the Petrobras fleet in safety and operational excellence.

Observations from the Simulator – Human Performance Trends in the Oil and Gas Industry: Eric Gillard, People Skills Department Lead, Maersk Training Inc.
Gain insight into the human performance issues that are most negatively impacting the offshore oil and gas workforce from a unique perspective-the training simulator. Scenario-driven, stressful simulators highlight an individual’s true level of training and readiness but when aggregated across multiple companies throughout the industry, human performance trends begin to emerge. Come explore the current issues most impacting human performance as observed through the lens of scenario-based simulator training.

Creating a Culture By Design Delivers World Class Performance with Safe, Efficient Operations: Dave Massey, Chief Executive Officer, The REACH Group, Jon Richards, VP Global Operations, Diamond Offshore/Brasdril
Comparing the performance of two identical rigs where one had a culture by design, the other by default. Then exploring how those lessons were applied to the reactivation of three more stacked rigs and how they delivered top quartile performance each time.

11:50 Adjournment

12:00 IADC Brazil Chapter Meeting  Separate registration necessary.

Conference Program Committee

Alice Loureiro, Petrobras
Chris Parker, BP
Deepak Gala, Shell Brazil
Eric Trammell, Chevron Brasil Petróleo Ltda
Fernando Belem, Petrobras
Guilherme Vanni, Petrobras
Jacques Salies, Enauta
Marcin Nazaruk, Baker Hughes
Mike Truitt, Independence Contract Drilling
Philippe Tinchon, Transocean
Rafael Fulco, Petrobras
Raphael Neves Moura, ANP
Soraya Carvalho, National Oilwell Varco
Mike DuBose, IADC
Roberto Paschoalin, IADC
Steve Kropla, IADC

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Petrobras R&D
NOTE: Petrobras R&D requires pre-registration along with a Document/Passport ID number to gain access to the facility.

Av. Horácio Macedo, 950 – Ilha do Fundão
Rio de Janeiro 21941-915

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JW Marriott Hotel Rio de Janeiro
Avenida Atlantica, 2600, Copacabana Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro  22041-001

Phone: +55.21.2545.6500
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2020 IADC Human Performance Conference