IADC Drilling Caspian 2023 Conference & Exhibition


The Caspian region continues to face challenges around changing market conditions, pandemic operational challenges, workforce development, drilling efficiency, safety and security, and equipment maintenance.

The IADC Drilling Caspian 2023 Conference & Exhibition will bring together industry leaders and drilling professionals to discuss such challenges and share best practices and experiences. Cutting-edge technology advances, including drilling automation, will be featured, as will case studies of relevant technical achievements, and impact of Oil & Gas to the Caspian region. The event also will highlight evolving approaches to safety and training, providing practical information on new tools and processes that can be used to improve HSE performance.

StartFebruary 7, 2023
EndFebruary 8, 2023

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    Tuesday, 7 February 2023

    08.00 Conference Registration, Coffee Service, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Turan Drilling Engineering

    09.00 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing
    Mike DuBose, Senior Vice President International Development, IADC

    09.15 Opening Presentation

    • Yashar Latifov, Vice President Field Developments, SOCAR

    09.25 Keynote Presentation

    • Shaik Bakirov, General Manager, SOCAR Upstream

    09.45 Global & Caspian Market Outlook

    • Matthew Donavan, Senior Market Analyst, Esgian

    10.15 IADC Caspian Chapter Update

    • Vasso Papadopoulou, Maintenance Resource Engineer, Turan Drilling, & IADC Caspian Chapter Chair

    10.30 Networking Break, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Turan Drilling Engineering

    11.00 New Technologies
    Session Chair: Lars Nydal Jorgensen, Director Europe, IADC

    Industry First: Shunt Tubes Open Hole Gravel Pack Completion Through 9-5/8” Milled Casing Window in ACG Field, Azerbaijan: Luis Saavedra, Senior Completions Engineer, & Sadiga Balajayeva, Raden Yoliandri Susilo, Narmina Yahyayeva, Santiago Loboguerrero, Gumru Akhundova, Ali Rasul-zade, Kevin Whaley, BP
    Key design considerations from drilling and completions standpoint to deploy the shunted screens through a cased milled window followed by an OHGP and associated time and cost efficiency.

    Multi-axial Drill Floor Robot Designed for Handling Tubulars on Drilling Rigs: Leonardo Bori, Training Coordinator, Adolfo Basile, Drillmec
    The point of view of a drilling rig manufacturer strongly committed toward fully automatic and unmanned operation, developed its latest robotic pipe handling system, in a successful effort to take people out of drill floor, optimizing operational speed and automating the sequences. The system allows to build up and rack back stands of drill pipe, drill collars and casing offline, while drilling.

    12.00 Luncheon, Poster Session & Open Exhibition

    13.30 Featured Presentation: t.b.n.

    13.45 Panel Discussion: Competitiveness of Caspian Energy
    Moderator: Hisham Zebian, Vice President Eastern Hemisphere, IADC

    Over the past 30 years, the Caspian nations and major energy companies cooperated in building a handful of megaprojects. The pandemic and geopolitical issues became part of the macroeconomic factors affecting country economics and businesses, while on micro-economic levels triggered early contract terminations, postponements of the tenders and/or planned projects. The Caspian oil remains extremely costly, but now with the political events of 2022 in East Europe and the global rise in demand for Oil & Gas, does that make the Caspian region a more attractive one? How competitive is the Caspian region and what is the way forward? With rising global demand for the energy (and hydrocarbons) the entire industry is challenged with expectations to reduce overall costs, optimize the performance of own industrial base assets, and deliver significant improvements when it comes to environmental footprint.

    When it comes to the issue(s) associated with the challenges – the key questions are:

    • Can the operators and the contractors safely and efficiently meet and adhere to growing legislative requirements (increase of local content, high nationalization, environmental law to name a few) to be able to explore and exploit hydrocarbons in an economy where the decisions still seem to be price driven? And how limiting is this when it comes to implementing new technologies?
    • The old way “bigger is better” does not seem to be appealing to the investors while major planned projects are still related to maintaining existing mega-projects. Are the technical and execution challenges and costs greater for the projects in Northern (shallow) side of the Caspian Sea versus Southern Caspian which is Deep-Water Drilling?
    • When it comes to competitiveness – Caspian oil is considered costly, and pricing is driven by difficulty of bringing the equipment into the area, regulations, and legislation (but most significantly – the transit fees imposed by the pipeline transit countries). The local content assumes that it is an industrial tool that can enable domestic producers to expand their activities, at least partially with domestic inputs, and gain access to international technological and managerial expertise in order to enhance their competitiveness. Is the market already saturated with what is presently being offered (products and services) and at the same time insufficiently developed to be able to cope with major challenges of the region (availability of the resources, RIT (right-in-time), and local experts offered professional longevity?
    • At the same time it is seen that consortiums between National Companies and foreign companies offer general business efficiencies through combining the existing infrastructure, expertise and resources. Should this approach be applied across board in Caspian Region to be able to reduce overall costs?
    • Can all necessary infrastructure be built fast enough, safe enough and strict enough in the environment that is challenged by various supply chain restrictions and transport congestions, with either scarce or harder-to-obtain raw materials?
    • In many instances industrial law(s) appliable for the industry are antiquated and either present a limiting factor or are cost increasing due to redundancies (technical, procedural, personnel).
    • Can the Caspian region build a safe corridor to supply Europe with the gas they require to help them meet their requirements?


    • Marin Koceic, General Director, KMG – Nabors Drilling
    • Apparao Cherukuri, Drilling Engineering Director, Socar AQS
    • David Triolo, Wells & Drilling Director, GL LTD

    14.45 Networking Break, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Turan Drilling Engineering

    15.15 Well Integrity
    Session Chair: Ziya Alasgarov, Senior Drilling Engineer, BP

    Drilling and Cementing to Isolate Productive Series and High Pressure Zones: A Successful Case History Enables Zonal Isolation in High Pressure Gas Well with Close PPFG Margins in South Caspian Basin: Vusal Iskandarov, Drilling Engineer, Apparao Cherukuri, Elshan Ismayilov, Elgun Zeynalov, Elkhan Karimov, Fuad Jabbarov, SOCAR AQS
    The case study of liner cementing at underbalanced condition provides a useful insights of how unconventional techniques can be successfully implemented to achieve the overall accomplishment in the well delivery performance by reducing the cost, time, also helping to deliver the quality wellbore.

    Improved Well Preparation Practices Prior to Cementing Operations Enhance Zonal Isolation: A Caspian Sea Case Study: Artem Maynitskiy, Cementing Engineer, Svetlana Nafikova, Giovanna Rodriguez, Slb, Ansgar Dieker, BP
    The current work demonstrates the results of extensive analysis performed on several wells with the view to understand the reasoning for the declining trend of the cement evaluation log results. Performed analysis allowed to acknowledge that well preparation is one of the most important activities in enhancing zonal isolation. The established process allowed to significantly improve the results.

    16.15 The Role of Data Collection
    Session Chair: Brian Thomson, Business Development Director – EAFC, Parker Wellbore

    Well Construction Emission Footprint Reduction Initiatives: Bakytgul Dairova, Technical Manager, SLB
    The well construction initiatives aiming to reduce footprint in balance with technical and financial outcomes. The predictive power management system reduces emissions, fuel consumption, and engine run time on the rig through a combination of automated software, energy storage system, and hydrogen. The described science-based approach is established on the footprint of engineering which qualifies, quantifies, and evaluates the proposed solutions for a specific project. It leverages the effect of further implementation of applicable energy transition technologies.

    Artificial Intelligence Supported Drilling Performance Optimization: Asad Safarov, Master Student, ASOIU
    In the introduction, a statement of the problem is explained as well as the importance of the solution from financial and technical perspective. Then, the architecture of artificial intelligence model is described using non-scientific terms. After that, using actual field data, the model is tested, and the results are demonstrated in different diagrams.

    17.15-18.15 Welcoming Reception, Poster Session & Open Exhibition

    Wednesday, 8 February 2023

    08.00 Conference Registration, Coffee Service, Poster Session & Open Exhibition 

    09.00 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing

    09.05 Keynote Presentation: Jim O’Leary, Vice President Wells Azerbaijan, BP

    09.30 Effective Cost Reduction
    Session Chair: Ilham Mukhtarov, Wells Manager, SOCAR

    Reducing Cost with Rig Integrated MPD: Earl Dietrich, Vice President MPD Solutions, Stacy Goetz, Greg Matherne, Frontier International
    Right-sizing hardware, permanent installation, and control system integration for land rigs. Benefits from repeatability, reliability, rig-up/rig-down times, and uptake in utilization.

    Drilling Beyond the Boundaries of Complex Extended Reach Well in Al Nouf Field, Abu Dhabi: Muhammad Asef Hashmi, Senior Drilling Engineer, ADNOC Onshore
    The challenges and its mitigation explained in this paper will support the idea to plan and drill the well beyond the reservoir boundaries to gather more data and to enhance more production. Also, this paper will provide novel approach of having lower completion in MRC/ERD wells which helps to attain more control on injectivity / productivity of reservoir because of proper isolation by swell packers and have maximum well accessibility across ERD.

    10.30 Networking Break, Poster Session & Open Exhibition 

    11.00 Featured Presenation: t.b.n.

    11.15 Behavioral Safety
    Session Chair: Hisham Zebian, Vice President Eastern Hemisphere, IADC

    Shifting Safety Culture Up: Orkhan Mammadov, Deputy VP / Acting Head of HSE Department, SOCAR
    It was quite challenging to make improvements in behavioral safety since our team arrived as the industry in Azerbaijan takes its basis from Soviet times and this way of working was still in the mind of employees in post-soviet times. However, shifting safety culture up was the goal we wanted to get as we were on the way to transforming our approach to safety, and making it the corporate value while protecting people, the environment, assets, and reputation. Therefore, a clear roadmap was planned to be implemented as a part of change management and tremendous results have already been achieved. But still we need to go forward…

    Role of Behavioral Safety in COVID-19 Health Management: Sayamek Amin-zadeh, Health Manager, GL Ltd
    The lessons learnt from COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly demonstrated importance of considering individual behavioral aspects by organizations in various industries when assessing the risk of infection, preventing its spread, making decisions on mitigation measures and associated enforcement. High diversity of the workforce in oil and gas industry and its associates just enhance their value for this important sector of economy.

    12.15 Luncheon, Poster Session & Open Exhibition 

    13.30 Energy Transition – Market Outlook: Axel Janson, Vice President Rigs, Esgian

    13.50 Panel Session: Energy Transition – “How do We Fit in a Low Carbon Future?”
    Moderators: Vasso Papadopoulou, Maintenance Resource Engineer, Turan Drilling, & Lars Nydahl Jorgensen, Director Europe, IADC

    The “energy transition” has become part of our vocabulary. In some parts of the world, e.g., Europe, the transition is a very real phenomenon with strict targets being set for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In other parts, the process is less tangible, and the energy transition is competing with other energy aspects, such as security of supply. Notwithstanding this, we must, as an industry, do our utmost to understand what the future will bring, and how we may adapt to the new reality. Above all, the question we are facing is “How do we fit in a low carbon future?”

    Many companies and organizations in our industry are already well under way with their development of technologies trying to answer this question.


    • Axel Scheuer, Head of Energy & Climate Policy, IOGP
    • Colin Allan, CP Finance Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey, BP
    • Gordon Ronaldson, Senior Vice President, Kenera

    15.00 Adjournment

    Poster Session & Unassigned Papers of Note:
    The following paper proposals are presented as posters and will be included in the conference if a scheduled paper becomes unavailable. In addition, these presentations will be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire.

    Pore Pressure Prediction Using Drilling Efficiency and Hydro-Mechanical Specific Energy: Munawir Arge Pratama Otolomo, master’s degree Student, Jirawat Chewaroungroaj, Chulalongkom University
    The pore pressure prediction method based on the concept of drilling efficiency and total energy required to break a unit volume of rock (hydro-mechanical specific energy) is performed in both shale and non-shale formation. The results shown better agreement and smallest average error with measured pore pressure in the field comparing to the conventional methods of pore pressure prediction using drilling parameters.

    A Pioneering Configuration of Dual Firing System for Selective Testing: Falah Alosaimi, Drilling Engineer Specialist, Abdul Rhahman Qoqandi, Jezany, Mahdy, Saudi Aramco
    A new configuration of the Dynamic Dual Firing TCP which was deployed to optimize and improve efficiency of rig operations during testing will be presented. This pioneering configuration and procedure provide great value to the well testing industry. The challenges that were overcome by the new DST configuration will be outlined.

    Conference Program Committee

    Ziya Alasgarov, BP

    Paolo Cantalupo, Drillmec

    Tural Garibov, TDE Group

    Alish Hasanov, SOCAR

    Bahtiyar Hasanov, Schlumberger

    Nick Hore, Azer MI

    Ramis Imamkuliev, NOV

    Marin Koceic, KMG – Nabors Drilling Company

    Samir Mollayev, SOCAR AQS

    Vasso Papadopoulou, Turan Drilling

    Brian Thomson, Parker Wellbore

    Hisham Zebian, IADC

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