IADC Cybersecurity Committee

IADC Cybersecurity Committee

Meeting & Venue Details

Online Only

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Start DateJune 17, 2021Start Time9:00 am
End DateJune 17, 2021End Time11:00 am


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Review of Antitrust Guidelines and Facility Orientation
  3. Review of Minutes from Last Meeting
  4. Committee Activity Updates
    1. Feedback from DSAP Meeting
    2. Guideline Development Progress
  5. Cybersecurity Incidents & Events of Interest
    1. Ransomware Attacks on Colonial and JBS
  6. Open Discussion
    1. View the CoS Cyber testimony
    2. DHS Cyber Rules for pipelines – foreshadowing of things to come in the upstream?
    3. CISA Joint Cyber Advisory (Ransomware-as-Service)
    4. Cybersecurity Presentation for IADC Annual General Meeting
    5. IMO Cyber Attack incident assessment/evaluation
  7. AOB and close of meeting

IADC Cybersecurity Committee Mission

To develop digital security guidelines for drilling assets that are built upon existing industry standards and best practices. To develop easy-to-use, practically applicable and tailored cybersecurity guidelines for drilling assets. Review existing cybersecurity regulations, industry best practices and standards of relevance for industrial control systems and drilling assets.  This process begins with clearly defining the approach for standards to follow, and subsequently moving to align with standards that can be practically applied to drilling assets.

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General Committee meetings are open to participants from all categories of IADC membership. The Chairman may invite non-members to attend when it furthers the interests of the Committee. At the discretion of the Chairman and IADC staff, the meeting or portions of the meeting may be exclusively reserved for drilling contractor members. Meetings will be held at such times and locations as may be selected by the Chairman with the advice of the Committee. For any questions, please contact the IADC Committee Coordinator.