IADC Contracts Committee

IADC Contracts Committee

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Start DateDecember 11, 2020Start Time8:00 am
End DateDecember 11, 2020End Time11:00 am


8-9 am – IADC Contracts Committee Officers Meeting (committee officers only)

9-11 am General Committee Meeting

1 Introductions/Phone Ins, Safety moment, Antitrust Guidelines/Sanctions, General Business (Housekeeping) – Tyler S. Mike D.  
2 Approval of Minutes of 25 September 2020 Meeting – Tyler S. 

Current Vacancy for Vice Chairman – Industry Outreach – Mike D.  

Open the Floor for nominations – Tyler Smith 

3 Update on Various Initiatives –HSE Case Land Rig Guidelines – Mike D.  
4 Guest Presentation – Glenn Kangisser (Partner) Haynes Boone – London.  –        
5 Amicus Brief Actions/Updates – Tyler S. Mike D.  

Status of development of World-wide Model Offshore Daywork Contract Form. Ron Potter/Dave Faure 

IADC Model Contract – Standard Rig Equipment List for Floating Offshore Rigs – Subcommittee – John Kilburn/Mike D.  

API RP 97L Publication – Update   

IADC Model Contract – Standard Rig Equipment List for Land Rigs, Short version – Report on Draft – Mike D.  

AIPN Contract Status – Dave Faure 

Copyright Issues for updating the IADC Dated Contracts  

Committee 2021 Initiatives – Tyler S.  

6 Any Other Business   
7 Next Meeting Date and Venue, Feed Back – Adjournment of General Session  

IADC Contracts Committee Mission

To promote clarity and efficiency in commercial documentation within the global drilling community and foster a wider understanding of contracts and risk management.

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General Committee meetings are open to participants from all categories of IADC membership. The Chairman may invite non-members to attend when it furthers the interests of the Committee. At the discretion of the Chairman and IADC staff, the meeting or portions of the meeting may be exclusively reserved for drilling contractor members. Meetings will be held at such times and locations as may be selected by the Chairman with the advice of the Committee. For any questions, please contact the IADC Committee Coordinator.