IADC ART Spark Tank

IADC ART Spark Tank

Meeting & Venue Details

Start DateOctober 20, 2020Start Time8:30 am
End DateOctober 20, 2020End Time11:30 am
Address3657 Briarpark Drive, Houston, Texas, 77042, USA

IADC Advanced Rig Technology (ART) Committee Mission

To improve safety and efficiency through sound operating procedures, design of automated systems and standardizing automation. Issues of note include control philosophy, communication protocol between equipment, competency, and comprehensive automation of the complete drilling process, integrating surface and downhole equipment, including completion systems.

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General Committee meetings are open to participants from all categories of IADC membership. The Chairman may invite non-members to attend when it furthers the interests of the Committee. At the discretion of the Chairman and IADC staff, the meeting or portions of the meeting may be exclusively reserved for drilling contractor members. Meetings will be held at such times and locations as may be selected by the Chairman with the advice of the Committee. For any questions, please contact the IADC Committee Coordinator.