IADC ART Future Technology Subcommittee
Spark Tank Meeting

Date:  6 December 2017

Time:  8:30 am – 11:30 am

Venue:  IADC

10370 Richmond Ave, Suite 760
Houston, TX  77042

Contact: Holly Shock

Phone: 1-713-292-1945
Email:  holly.shock@iadc.org

Spark Tank

The IADC ART Spark Tank is a strong opportunity to provide technology entrepreneurs a new opportunity to pitch their products and ideas to a panel of drilling contractors and operators (“Sharks”).

The following operators and contractors have graciously agreed to participate in the Spark Tank:

  • Kelli Fereday, Director of Subsea Wells, BP
  • Alan Quintero, Chief Technology Officer, Board Member, NACD Governance Fellow, Rowan Companies
  • Keith Lynch, Wells Operations Advisor – Unconventional Assets, ConocoPhillips

8:30   Coffee and networking

9:00   Welcome & Introductions

9:10   Safety Moment

Spark Tank presentations. Speakers have 15 minutes, with 15 minutes allotted for Panelists Q&A:

9:15   “SaferUnion”: Rae Burrows & Will Broussard, R&H Machine

The SaferUnion was a concept of a person who worked on an offshore drilling rig for many years. He wanted to have hammerless union. His concept was a hex design with eight 1-1/4″holes,1-1/8″ deep with a 1/4″ diameter lock pin to secure the SaferUnion Bar. R&H took the prototype and designed it into a usable oilfield product, and redesigned the Bar for easier operation. The 2″ SaferUnion weighs less than a 2″ hammer nut by approx. 1.24 lbs. All the SaferUnions we manufacture are sour gas rated, 4130 mod (ASTM A732). We have run many tests on the SaferUnion.

ACCEPTANCE CODE: Hydrostatic test. the simulation of real time field conditions. (Any leakage or loss of pressure would result in failure). We brought in two frac pumps and tanks and plumbed it with SaferUnion’s and tested all day 250 lbs. to 10,750 lbs. in various cycles with a 30 lb. choke

Results were no leakage of pressure on any SaferUnions.

Other types of tests we have run on the SaferUnion are  1. Nitrogen tested to 10,000 lbs. 2. Destruction test, pressured up to 50,000 lbs. and held for 3 minutes  3. Comparison torque test with hammer nut, SaferUnion was 200 lbs. tighter We also have designed a Torque Bar to tighten to a given torque.

The SaferUnion is better for employees in extreme conditions, hot or cold, and it takes less applied energy to tighten or loosen.

9:45   Drilling Automation – Intelligent Drilling Controls”: Marat Zaripov, DataJudo

Business Summary:

  • Our mission is to accelerate the transition of the drilling industry to fully autonomous operations worldwide
  • AI Driller is our platform to enable autonomous drilling operations on land and offshore by leveraging subject matter expertise, technology, and data
  • Our plan is to roll out series of drilling modules incrementally (in phases) with driller-assist features assuming more responsibility over time

Customer Problem:

  • Human error and safety are major risks of scaling up the drilling operations
  • Hard to maintain the same level of drilling efficiency across the entire fleet


  • Automated Slider – automatic control for sliding with drilling motor
  • ROP Enhancer – automatic control over drilling parameters
  • Guidance System – automatic directional control according to the plan
  • Cloud-Based Backend for offset well analysis and SaaS for Operators

Target Market:

  • Onshore shale drilling contractors and operators


  • Drilling contractors and Control systems providers to gain competitive advantage
  • Operators to streamline the drilling process and achieve desired efficiency levels
  • Directional drilling service providers to reduce field personnel required

10:15 – 10:30         Break

10:30  “Real Time Early Kick Detection (EKD) in Marine Risers”: Kirk Cottrell, KnowFlow Systems Inc.

Early Kick Detection (EKD) is critical to mitigating the impact of kicks and fluid loss, among the wellbore pressure-related incidents that cost the oil and gas industry billions of dollars a year and compromise the safety of drilling personnel. Applicable in any drilling environment, our EKD services are especially pertinent when there is a predetermined kick/loss risk or when there is a margin of uncertainty concerning pore pressure or fracture gradient, as typically is the case with exploration wells, as well as known development fields.

What is the KnowFlow System?

  • Patented technology United States and PCT
  • First technology ever developed to independently measure Real Time Bi-Directional flow in a marine riser
  • Flow is measured in Real Time down to a minimum flow rate of 0.1BPM
  • System functionality is not affected by rig motions: heave, pitch and roll
  • Flow determination unaffected by drilling or completion fluid type or properties • Flow determination is not affected by type of rig operation
  • Simple to utilize and easy to understand
  • Real Time reporting available to all designated personnel

The KnowFlow System was designed to prevent future well control and LOWC incidents across the entire offshore industry.  Prevent loss of life, damage to property and environmental damage. The safety factor associated with the KnowFlow System is unparalleled in the industry.

11:00  “IIoT in Oil and Gas”: Kurt Pedersen, Flutura Business Solutions

We live in interesting times, where a confluence of ground-breaking technologies bundled with next generation business models are poised to transform the Oil and Gas industry. Its history in the making. This convergence of digital technologies (IIoT, Artificial Intelligence, autonomous self-healing assets, drones etc.) are creating entirely new ways of operating a producing well and massively transforming outcomes like increasing production and decreasing non-productive time. What are some real world examples of this transformation and what are the learnings from the trenches for executing digital transformation in O&G field?

During this session, we will walk through three real world oil and gas digital transformations powered by Flutura’s Cerebra platform. These are examples of transformations that are solving real world problems. 4 game changing features of Cerebra include:

  1. Deep learning AI algorithms which can see anomalies a human misses
  2. Video Analytics using CNN networks which can detect HSE events on rig like walking without hard hat, pinpoint area event detection etc
  3. “Siri for Industrial world”: Essentially you have a reliability engineer in your pocket whom you can talk to diagnose the health of an industrial asset
  4. AR/VR model which can facilitate collaborative troubleshooting remotely in real time of an upstream industrial asset in 3D

11:30  Adjournment

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