IADC ART Future Technology Subcommittee
Spark Tank Meeting

Date:  2 August 2017

Time:  9:00 am – 11:30 am

Venue:  IADC

10370 Richmond Ave, Suite 760
Houston, TX  77042

Contact: Holly Shock

Phone: 1-713-292-1945
Email:  holly.shock@iadc.org


Keith Lynch, ConocoPhillips
Patrick O’Neill, Noble Corporation
John Kozicz, Transocean
Bob Judge, Baker Hughes, a GE Company (moderator)


 9:00   Welcome & Introductions

9:10   Safety Moment

Spark Tank presentations. Speakers have 15 minutes, with 15 minutes allotted for Panelists Q&A:

9:15   “Reducing Drilling Cycle Times with Flat Time Analysis”: Thad Dunham, Flat Time Reduction

As drilling times reach the theoretical limit, both drilling contractors and operators must be innovative in their approach to process improvement.  Operations such as rig mobilization, connection times, casing runs, rig skids, and BOP handling are considered necessary evils of the well drilling cycle. FTR has developed a new system that targets the improvement of these operations. Through the trio of data analysis, in-field presence, and industrial engineering our method is producing results in the reduction of overall cycle times.

Big data is obviously of immense value to the oil and gas industry and rapidly trending up. However, it is critical to not rely strictly on big data and overlook important variables such as human factors, rig design, material handling equipment, and rig crew motivation. In order to accurately diagnose issues and implement sustainable solutions; field observations must be performed. By embedding our engineers on the rig for the duration of a well drilling cycle, we are able to properly assess conditions, collect accurate data, and develop meaningful relationships with rig personnel.

9:45 “Floating Supply Base (LMP & DWM at the Rig)”: Joe Sherwood, Zentech Inc.

Modern offshore exploration and development has little room for additional cost savings. New technology must be developed in order to create new cost savings methods. Here at Zentech, we have developed the Liquid Mud Plant Vessel which allows us to bring to the drill site, all drilling fluids-drilling waste management-slops, haz drains and interface processing.

Targeting any newly available cost savings categories (first with the ‘logistics’ discipline) towards any offshore operation, we have designed 3 x versions (1)quayside, (2)8 point mooring & (3)DP3. Logistics cost captures 20-30% of any offshore extended daily cost. We see not only a reduction in OSV count but also in OSV run times back ‘n forth to the beach with 48 hr one way being common in todays market.

If only tied up to the dock, our LMP onboard a vessel can circumvent local politics (unions) as well as inefficiencies with existing or even no infrastructure. Adding in the drilling waste management option, our vessel is the end destination for not only all fluids but for all drilled cuttings, slops, hazardous drains and interface.

10:15 – 10:30         Break

10:30  “Rig Ready Tubular Handling Systems”: Kim Christensen, Global Gravity

This presentation shows a means of packaging pipe into a compact device facilitating safe and easy transport offshore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thocHQC-oxk&feature=youtu.be

11:00  Adjournment

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