IADC ART DCS Subcommittee Meeting

Date:  12 December 2019

Time:  9 – 11 am

Venue: IADC

(Please note our new address)
3657 Briarpark Drive, Suite 200
Houston, TX  77042

Contact: Holly Shock

Phone: 1-713-292-1945
Email:  holly.shock@iadc.org

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IADC has rescheduled its 14 November DCS meeting as we would like to encourage our members to attend a meeting of API SC8/Operators Group for Data Quality (ODGQ) on the same date. API recently launched an initiative under API SC 8 to generate a Recommended Practice for drilling sensors. This process usually takes 2 years to complete. In this case, an earlier completion may be achieved as a product from OGDQ is available to the API team for review and adoption. ODGQ has drafted specifications for maintenance and calibration of some key drilling sensors for use in their drilling contracts to improve data quality of drilling measurements. IADC believes it is important for our members, especially drilling contractors, to be involved in this effort.

If you would like to be invited to the 14 November SC8/ODGQ meeting, please contact Dung (Zoom) Nguyen, ConocoPhillips, at dung.h.nguyen@conocophillips.com. Remote participation is available for those who cannot attend in person.

In addition, the DCS has launched a joint initiative with the IADC Maintenance Committee to develop sensor stewardship guidelines. This will ensure that IADC and its members stay at the center of the discussion on sensor data quality. We will be discussing this project at 9am on 12 December (this meeting is rescheduled from the original 14 November date). The meeting will be held at IADC, 3657 Briarpark Drive, Suite 200, Houston, TX  77042.

If you would like to attend the 12 December ART DCS meeting, please register online at https://www.iadc.org/advanced-rig-technology-committee/meeting-schedule/.  If you can’t attend in person, but would like to participate online, please find the instructions below.

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