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The IADC Advanced Rig Technology (ART) Conference & Exhibition serves as a leading forum to explore the state of the art in rig technology, downhole operations, and integrating the two seamlessly with minimal human intervention. The event will also review activities of the IADC ART Committee, which has steadily advanced drilling technology, by exploring future technology, drilling control systems, automation, questions of reliability and more. The committee has developed operational guidelines, assessed pros and cons of advanced drilling technology, developed new definitions and more.

NOTE: The 2020 Cybersecurity for Drilling Assets Conference & Exhibition will take place immediately following this event. Attendees will examine existing cybersecurity regulations, industry best practices and standards of relevance for industrial control systems and drilling assets. Separate registration is required. Further details can be found at: https://www.iadc.org/event/iadc-cybersecurity-for-drilling-assets-conference-exhibition/.

StartSeptember 1, 2020EndSeptember 2, 2020
CountryUnited States
Hyatt Regency Austin

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Conference Program

Monday, 31 August

2:00 pm  IADC ART Committee Meeting (Separate registration required)

Tuesday, 1 September

7:30 am  Registration, Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing  Zilker Ballroom 1-2 & Foyer

7:45 am  Speaker Briefing  (Conference speakers, session chairs & moderators only)

8:30 am  Welcome & Introduction  Zilker Ballroom 3-4

8:40 am  Keynote Presentation

9:00 am  IADC Advanced Rig Technology (ART) Committee Update & Interactive Audience Response
The ART Committee has been busy all year focusing on industry issues of high priority to IADC members. This session will provide a brief update on project progress and a synopsis of future plans. As a bonus, attendees will be asked a series of questions about drilling technology. IADC’s Automated Response system will display results in real time for all to consider and review.

  • Chair: Robert van Kuilenburg, Noble Drilling
  • Subcommittee Chair: Data, Controls and Sensors: Nathan Moralez, BP
  • Subcommittee Vice Chair: Data, Controls and Sensors: Assaad Mohanna, National Oilwell Varco

10:00 am  Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

Data & Automation: Out of the Box Technologies

10:30 am  Multi-Input Multi-Output Control for Automatic Drilling System: Mahmoud Hadi, Student – PhD graduate, Dr. Gangbing Song, University of Houston
The presentation will show the limitation of the current control strategies that are deployed on drilling rigs. Then it will present a walk thru of the methodology used to develop the MIMO automatic drilling system. The methodology starts by building a small scale drilling rig at the University of Houston, then developing a coupled two degrees of freedom mechanical dynamics model of the drilling string and the drawworks and top drive variable frequency drives, then preforming a system identification method to finalize the mathematical model. A new control strategy using state feedback control was developed, simulated and applied on the lab drilling setup. Finally, a drilling comparison was done based on a certain set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which shows the advantage of using the new control methodology. The KPIs shows an increase of rate of penetration and decrease of stick slip vibration while using the same operating points (Weight On Bit and RPM)”.

11:00 am  Automated Well Control: Bryan Atchison, Managing Director, Safe Influx
A 4-1/2 minute video followed by a Powerpoint presentation.  The presentation outlines the frequency and causes of blowouts and provides the solution.

11:30 am  It’s not a Mythical Creature: An actual Digital Twin of an openwater Completion / Workover Riser: Jason Waligura, Project Manager, Kenneth Bhalla, Jorge Capeto, Mark Hamilton, Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
The presentation will detail the process used to replicate true system health. A digital twin of the OWIRS will be presented, measured loads from the SVDLs and the correlated model will be discussed.  Laser profilometry of the specialty joints pre and post job will be presented. Initial and final defect geometry will be presented and discussed, together with operational recommendations.

12:00 pm  Luncheon & Exhibit Viewing  Zilker Ballroom 1-2 & Foyer

1:15 pm  Geothermal Panel
Moderator: Sean Halloran, Ensign Energy
A 2019 report by the U.S. Department of Energy described geothermal as an untapped energy giant, and harnessing it could result in a new revolution paralleling North American shales in its contribution to the energy landscape. However, technical barriers are holding back geothermal progress, even though it provides a baseline load renewable energy source for both electricity generation and heating. It’s clear that there is an opportunity for the drilling industry to leverage our technologies and processes initially developed for oil and gas wells, and allow us to tap geothermal resources while accommodating a changing energy mix. This panel will bring together leading voices in geothermal development (policy, technical) and drilling innovation to identify and discuss the challenges currently facing the geothermal industry. 

  • Douglas A. Blankenship, Geothermal Research, Sandia National Laboratory
  • Eric Van Oort, Professor, UT Austin
  • Katherine Young, Laboratory Program Manager I-Geoscience, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Panelist to be named, Geothermal Resource Group
  • Panelist to be named, AltaRock
  • Panelist to be named, Strada Global

2:45 pm  Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

Advances in Drilling Equipment

3:15 pm  Development of Failure Prediction Models for Subsea Blowout Preventers using Data Analytics and A.I.: Alberto Albuquerque, Head of Product, Delfos IM, Fabbio Leite, Subsea Engineer, Rodrigo Machado, Cristiano Xavier, Ocyan, Samuel Lima, Gustavo Carvalho, Delfos IM
The development of a digital solutions for the industry using Artificial Intelligence to enable predictive maintenance for the Subsea Blowout Preventer (BOP) critical components.

3:45 pm  Automated Rig-Operated Pressure Control Transforms Well Barrier Management: Svein Hovland, Chief MPD Software Development Engineer, Earl Dietrich, Said Boutalbi, Frontier International
Fit-for-purpose dynamic pressure control packages increase drilling performance and automatically manage the primary well barrier while drilling, tripping, and on connections. This paper presents guidelines for such rig-operated well barrier management systems that increase asset and well integrity while improving drilling performance. Case studies are presented that demonstrate efficiency gains.

4:15 am  Data Coherence Analysis for Real-Time Time Series: Review and Practical Verification Using Inline Drillstring Sensor Data: Ricardo Ramirez, Principal Engineer, National Oilwell Varco
Considering the fact inline drilling sensors are a compound of multiple time-synched sensing entities, effective deployments of real-time machine learning algorithms based on such devices would require the use of power spectrum analysis for each sensing unit. Data coherence, analysis based on the averaged cross spectrum definition, allows proper correlation of phase consistency between different real-time time high-speed series data associated to each sensing entity at a given frequency.

4:45 pm  Welcoming Reception & Exhibit Viewing  Zilker Ballroom 1-2

Wednesday, 2 September

7:30 am  Registration, Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

8:30 am  Welcome & Introduction

8:40 am  Keynote Presentation: Bob Geddes, President/COO, Ensign Energy

Drilling 2030 & Beyond
Session Chair: Bob Judge, Baker Hughes

9:00 am  Reducing the Environmental Impact of Drilling Operations with Energy Storage Technology: Marcel Snijder, Product Development Manager, Drilling Automation, Patterson-UTI
This presentation examines how energy storage technology enables the significant reduction of air emissions from drilling rigs by optimizing load on power generation equipment.  Lithium-Ion batteries store energy when loads are low and feed energy back to the rig when loads are high to allow the engine generators to operate at their most efficient load ranges, independent of rig demand.  A methodology is presented for calculating these savings based on the load profile of the drilling rig and the emissions profile of the engines.  Results show overall Global Warming Potential (GWP) of drilling operations is reduced approximately 15%.

9:30 am  Rockets & Rigs: Fredrick Jenet, Executive Director, Expanding Frontiers
Rockets and Rigs is a cross-industry collaboration that brings together the space exploration and development industry and the oil and gas industry. Our goal is to identify common challenges, find technology solutions, and commercialize them. This presentation will review the collaboration’s history, progress, and successes.

10:00 am  Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

10:30 am  Operator’s Panel: Impact of the Energy Transition on the Drilling Industry
Moderator: Robin Macmillan, National Oilwell Varco
With operators and investors increasingly measuring drilling contractors and other oilfield service companies on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria, it’s clear that the drilling industry must take further steps to position itself in a world of carbon capture and sequestration, and where a rig’s emissions levels has a bigger and bigger impact on its ability to win future contracts. In this panel, representatives from E&P companies will talk about how their evaluations of drilling’s environmental impact is evolving along with corporate ESG strategies, plans to reduce emissions and how they envision future drilling rigs will need to change to meet operator demands during the energy transition.

12:00 pm  Luncheon & Exhibit Viewing

Data & Automation: Transforming the Process

1:15 pm  A Case Study on Safety and Performance Improvements through an AI Based System for Fully Automatic Drilling and Tripping: Adolfo Basile, Executive VP, Gilberto Gallo, Matteo Buzzoni, Diego Ferrandes, Drillmec Inc.
This system was developed to achieve complete automation for drilling and tripping redundant operations through an AI data driven approach that predilects safety and improves performance. The 4-year case study of this rig applying said system, showcases impressive efficiency and performance gains, exceeding 25% on drilling operations, combined with increased durability and reliability of the rig.

1:45 pm  Machine Learning as New Approach for Dogleg Severity Prediction: Ayrat Fakhrylgayanov, Senior Drilling Engineer, Azrin Soh Aik Jun, Schlumberger
This paper demonstrates the potential of Machine Learning in offset well studies and beyond to predict behavior and define relationship in a big data environment.

2:15 pm  Automated Pipe Handling Drives Drilling Safety and Operational Performance: Brendon Webb, Product Champion – Pipe Handling Systems, Schlumberger, Jim Vogt, Cameron, A Schlumberger Company
An automated pipe handling system has been developed that consists of four mechanical arms that enables parallel process pipe handling, where multiple pipe handling processes are conducted simultaneously. Parallel process pipe handling enables pipe to be moved from the finger board to a common handoff position at the same time as pipe is moved from the handoff position to the well center, allowing for 3 stands of pipe to be moving at the same time. In addition, a single-operator drilling controls system with equipment sequencing software has been introduced to automate the pipe handling processes, ensuring desired speed and consistency. Parallel process pipe handling has made drilling operations safer and increased tripping performance. Pipe connection times decreased to as low as 64 seconds and pipe tripping performance increased to 40 stands per hour, resulting in a 24% reduction in well construction time for a Permian basin well.

2:45 pm  Coffee Break & Exhibit Viewing

3:15 pm  Delivering Digital at Scale: Michael Buffet, Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group
Like many others, the O&G industry has embraced digital in full, with high value creation ambitions. Yet, despite sometimes impressive proof of concepts or use case pilots, the industry is still struggling to develop digital at scale and capture its expected value. Indeed, succeeding with digital at scale is primarily a business transformation challenge, in all its components (people, processes, organizational structure, governance and interaction with supply chain), not necessarily a data/IT or data science hurdle. Leveraging its extensive digital transformation experience, Boston Consulting Group will elaborate on the imperatives to succeed with digital at scale while providing concrete examples of how the most advanced digital solutions can quickly lead to value in the exploration and production value chain in general, and in drilling in particular.

4:15 pm  Wrap-up & Adjournment

5:00 pm IADC Cybersecurity Committee Meeting (Separate, complimentary registration required)

NOTE: The 2020 Cybersecurity for Drilling Assets Conference & Exhibition will take place immediately following this event. Attendees will examine existing cybersecurity regulations, industry best practices and standards of relevance for industrial control systems and drilling assets. Separate registration is required. Further details can be found at: https://www.iadc.org/event/iadc-cybersecurity-for-drilling-assets-conference-exhibition/.

 Unassigned Papers of Note:
Should a scheduled paper become unavailable, one of the unassigned papers will be accepted for presentation. In addition, these presentations will be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire.

Innovative Approach to Consistent Drilling Operations Through Advanced Process Automation: Moumien Ali, Drilling Automation Product Development Engineer, Christopher Christopher, Matthew Jackson, Vinesh Rambally, Ryan Hanford, National Oilwell Varco
A revolutionary process-automation platform to help the driller step back process-oriented tasks, leaving the repetition and consistency to computers. Using the time freed by the automation platform, the driller can focus on critical events, ensure a safe workplace and secure a stable wellbore. This system, which can be added to existing rigs, provides a common platform for the control, monitoring, scheduling, and optimization. Also, by structuring data and defining activities through process automation, operators and contractors can develop and deploy best practices across regions and rig fleets regardless of a rig’s specifications and location. This presentation will provide an overview of the processes automation platform and how it has affected consistency, scalability and performance, all of which lend to a safer work environment.

Value Analysis of Additional Power Generation Equipment for Drilling Rigs: Marcel Snijder, Product Development Manager, Drilling Automation, Matthew Sheppard, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company
Super-spec drilling rigs are frequently being retrofitted with additional mud pumps and higher horsepower top drives.  The increase in usable horsepower has led to demand for a fourth 1 Megawatt genset on many rigs.  This presentation analyzes the overall cost and benefit of four gensets versus three.  The cost analysis includes capital cost as well as cost to fuel, maintain, and support the additional equipment. The benefit analysis examines how available power affects drilling dynamics and quantifies the time saved in the drilling process.

Program Committee

  • Assaad Mohanna, National Oilwell Varco
  • Austin Johnson, AFGlobal
  • Bob Judge, Baker Hughes
  • Dan Gudall, MHWirth
  • Dieter Wijning, Huisman Equipment BV
  • Duane Cuku, Precision Drilling Corporation
  • Gilberto Gallo, Drillmec
  • Guido van den Bos, National Oilwell Varco
  • Han Tiebout, GustoMSC
  • Joop Roodenburg, Huisman Equipment BV
  • Marco Perez, Weatherford
  • Robert van Kuilenburg, Noble Corporation
  • Robin Macmillan, National Oilwell Varco
  • Sarah McElroy, KCA Deutag
  • Sean Halloran, Ensign Energy
  • Linda Hsieh, IADC

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