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Presentations and panel sessions will be recorded and made available for 60 days for conference participants exclusively.

The Asia Pacific region continues to position itself as a dynamic and vibrant market where rapid economic and demographic growth will sustain demand for oil, and gas drilling and exploration in Asia in the foreseeable future.
However, the industry needs future-ready leaders to drive the transformation to ensure the industry is equipped with relevant competencies and capabilities in order to overcome current and future industry challenges.

Collaborative efforts and partnerships; continuous innovation and investment with regard to attracting and retaining a competent and skilled workforce; and also the implementation of new technologies and practices that work will all be crucial in addressing those evolving challenges with achieving cost and operational efficiencies, sustainability and meeting stakeholder expectations.

The IADC Drilling HSE&T Asia Pacific 2021 Conference & Exhibition, which will be held on 18-19 May 2021, will explore the critical challenges that drilling professionals face in this environment. In the face of prolonged low oil prices, how can companies high-grade their assets, right-size their organizations and equip their employees with the right competencies, all while staying on the cutting edge of the digital oilfield evolution?

StartMay 18, 2021EndMay 19, 2021

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Presentations and panel sessions will be recorded and made available for 60 days for conference participants exclusively.

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Presentations and panel sessions will be recorded and made available for 60 days for conference participants exclusively.


*Keynote presentations and panel discussions will be recorded and available on demand.

Tuesday, 18 May 2021 Time Zone: GMT +7


13.00 Welcome & Introduction: Hisham Zebian, Vice President Eastern Hemisphere, IADC


13.10 Keynote Presentation: David Anthony John, Vice President, PTTEP Process Safety and Assurance Department

13.30-14.30 Panel: Workforce Attraction & Today’s Development
Moderator: Keith Kotval, HSQE Assistant General Manager, Japan Drilling Company

Today’s great compression and COVID-19 have created a dichotomy for the oil and gas sector – big layoffs amid the great crew change! Although attracting new talent may not be an immediate priority – and understandably so given the slowdown in drilling activity and the pressure to reduce costs – attaining the right balance between new and tenured workforce has never been more challenging. With a constricted and limited pool of talent, how to manage it? How to expand it? Where to source these assets? What to prioritize? And, how to do it in a financially and sustainably judicious manner? If proper preparation prevents poor performance, then prudence propounds planning to mold the workforce of today and tomorrow.

  • Putikarn Aurat, Vice President, attached to HHR seconded as Managing Director, PTTEP Services Ltd
  • Mira Bush, GDPR & HR Generalist, Maersk Drilling


Lars Nydahl Jørgensen, Regional Director-Europe, IADC

14.30   15 minute break

14.45 Panel: COVID-19: Lessons Learned


Moderator: Alex Maroske, Head of QHSSE, Energy Drilling

Managing a drilling rig has become significantly more challenging this year amid the COVID-19 outbreak.  Quarantine requirements, travel restrictions, supply chain constraints and weakening oil prices have all added to the industry’s stress levels. However, no challenge is more important than keeping our rig crews safe and physically and mentally healthy.  In this virtual panel session, professionals from key drilling contractors and doctors will engage in a discussion around lessons learned and some the best practices required to keep workers safe and healthy while dealing with a global pandemic.


Davide Scotti, LHS Foundation, Saipem


Jamon Ngoencharee, Chief Medical Officer, International SOS

  • Varun Ramdas, Head of HSSE – Asia Pacific, Maersk Drilling


15.45 Recap & Adjournment: Chit Hlaing, Regional Director-Asia Pacific, IADC

Wednesday, 19 May 2021 Time Zone: GMT +7


13.00 Welcome & Introduction: Chit Hlaing, Regional Director-Asia Pacific, IADC



Moderator: Wayne Bauer, Director of QHSE, Vantage Drilling

As oil and gas companies adapt to changes in markets, stakeholder expectations and varied and new regulations, they are consistently being forced to develop new strategies and change their structures. However, for those changes to be successful, the organization’s culture needs to be in alignment with its strategy and its structure – a process that often requires a cultural change.

In this session, industry stakeholders, leaders and experts will share their insights and responses as they explore the industry’s embedded work processes, resources and solutions for achieving the desired cultural qualities; which certainly bode well for navigating the ongoing COVID-19 crisis as well.


  • Thanawee Kreethapon, Manager, Well Completion and Intervention, PTTEP
  • Marc Vaillancourt, COO Eastern Hemisphere, The REACH Group


Peter Hone, VP Technical Business Development, MR Group

14.15   15 minute break

Moderator:  Chidpon Jantarawaranyoo, Director of Operations, South – East Asia, Shelf Drilling

As we emerge from a period of inactivity for many drilling rigs, it is important to understand the obligations and responsibilities that are associated with rig re-activation and startups; whilst managing the additional risks and challenges/restrictions that the current COVID-19 pandemic incorporates This session will focus on the perspective from those involved with each phase of the process from the regulatory direction, drilling contractor management, shipyard assistance, and operator expectations upon these assets as they all contribute to the assurance that the integrity of the systems have been poised and maintained to manage the associated risks, alongside those challenges associated around preparing for the rig crew at all levels to be engaged.

  • Russ Brown, Asia and Australia HSE Manager, Transocean
  • Sarit Rattanachan, Manager, PTTEP Drilling Operations, Myanmar
  • Sagar Raut, HSSEQ Manager, Seadrill Management (S) Pte Ltd
  • Jason Bailey, Manager (Rig Transition), Borr Drilling

15.30-16.00 IADC Initiatives

Hisham Zebian, Vice President Eastern Hemisphere, IADC
Open session for audience to ask questions about IADC initiatives



16.00 CLOSING REMARKS: Chit Hlaing, Regional Director-Asia Pacific, IADC


Human Factors


Session Chair: Wayne Bauer, Director of QHSE, Vantage Drilling

Using Surveys to Understand the Climate Versus Understanding the Culture of an Organization: Andrew Knight, Senior Manager, Asia Pacific, the REACH Group
This presentation will provide valuable insight into the benefits of using surveys, the steps needed to design a survey for accurate and meaningful data along with the implementation approach used on two semi-submersible rigs where the goal was to have a lasting effect on the organisational culture and ultimately the performance of the rigs.

Fatigue Counter Measures Offshore Light Treatment:
Koos Meijer, Director, KM Human Factors Engineering, Martin Robb, Human Factors Applications
Operator fatigue is a major brain hazard and a serious safety hazard. It reduces brain performance, decision making, and overall alertness. This, in turn, increases human error risks on the work floor. Offshore light treatment using special blue-blocking sleep glasses and energy lights have proved to reduce fatigue levels and to enhance operator alertness and energy levels. This Human Factors innovation will raise HS&E and process safety to a new level.

Emerging Technologies to Improve Safety Operations
Session Chair: Jumasri B. Terimo, Head Wells Malaysia, PETRONAS Upstream

Data Analytics using Power BI in Oil & Gas – Readiness to Industry 4.0:
PVN Chandrasekaran, Director, PetrelTech Pte Ltd
This paper brings limelight to the application of Data Analytics in the oil & gas industry with Power BI data modelling techniques. Thereby encourage embracing Big Data to improve business performance through prescriptive analysis on the processed data corresponding to drilling, production, well data, HSE & HR heading towards the business success.

Bow Ties


Session Chair: Alex Maroske, Head of QHSSE, Energy Drilling

Bow Tie and Barrier Based Risk Management: Bertrand David Barouti, Product Manager, QHSE and Enterprise Risk, DNV GL Digital Solution
Identify live human, technical and organizational barriers using bow ties to manage threats, major accident scenarios, effects and their barriers in one holistic view.

Session Chair: William Lai, HSE Leader Asia Pacific, Health, Safety & Environment, Baker Hughes

DROPS Asia Intitiatives, Joachim van der Meulen, Chapter Secretary & Facilitator, DROPS Asia
A timely update on the key initiatives and events delivered and in progress of DROPS Asia is provided.

Session Chair: William Lai, Regional HSE Leader Asia Pacific, Health, Safety & Environment, Baker Hughes

WellSharp Analytics and Knowledge Retention Study Results:
Gerardo Barrera, Program Manager, IADC
As WellSharp approaches its 5-year anniversary, IADC has taken a deep dive into the exam database analytics and has conducted a knowledge-retention study to form a base line for future analytics tied to the new continuous-learning system, called Knowledge Retention and Education for Our Workforce (KREW). This presentation comprises a comprehensive WellSharp program update, current analytics from the WellSharp database, well control topics that need to be addressed, and the recent knowledge retention data IADC has obtained. Now offered by 160 training providers in 36 countries, WellSharp employs 825 instructors and 1,500 proctors worldwide and has trained more than 160,000 people. The WellSharp program comprises 11 courses, and the exams include 3,500 questions in five languages. IADC and its members are working to continue improving initial learning and knowledge retention, as well as to close gaps identified by the WellSharp exams.

Conference Program Committee

  • Wayne Bauer, Vantage Drilling
  • Rahul Bhanot, Shell
  • Rachit Cheerajin, PTTEP
  • Garry Dick, the REACH Group
  • Jack Gomes, Noble Corporation
  • Nicolas le Gouhinec, Valaris
  • Michael Hartvigsen, Maersk Drilling
  • Chidpon Jantarawaranyoo, Shelf Drilling
  • Keith Kotval, Japan Drilling
  • Louay Laham, Sapura Energy Bhd
  • Alex Maroske, Energy Drilling
  • Joachim van der Meulen, DROPS Asia
  • Sagar Raut, Seadrill
  • Arthur Russi, Transocean
  • Jumasri Terimo, Petronas Carigali
  • Mike DuBose, IADC
  • Chit Hlaing, IADC

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