IADC Drilling HSE&T Europe 2019 Conference & Exhibition

Start: 18 September 2019
End: 19 September 2019

Venue: Marriott Amsterdam Hotel
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Get ready for another interactive, high quality IADC Drilling HSE&T Europe 2019 Conference & Exhibition! Following up on the 2018 conference, we continue with dynamic and valuable sessions, that will provide attendees with insights into industry-leading HSE&T trends. In addition to offering high-quality informational presentations by subject matter experts, parts of the conference will be dedicated to highly interactive break-out sessions to stimulate discussions and new ideas and to engage all participants to create a true learning environment. This conference will serve as an indispensable forum to drive discussion of critical topics, such as training and developing the next-generation talent and leveraging digital technologies to further improve the industry’s safety performance.

Conference Program

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

07.00 Conference Registration, Coffee Service, Open Exhibition & Poster Presentation

07.00 Speaker Briefing (conference speakers and session chairs only)

08.00 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing: Leesa Teel, Vice President, Conferences & Membership, Chief of Staff, IADC

08.15 Keynote Presentation: Sky Scenario: Martijn Dekker, Vice President Strategy & Portfolio – Projects & Technology, Shell
The Sky scenario illustrates a technically possible, but challenging pathway for society to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. Sky builds on previous Shell scenarios publications and is our most optimistic scenario in terms of climate outcomes. A new energy system is emerging. The Paris Agreement has sent a signal around the world: climate change is a serious issue that governments are determined to address. By 2070 there is the potential for a very different energy system to emerge. The Sky scenario outlines what we believe to be a technologically, industrially, and economically possible route forward, consistent with limiting the global average temperature rise to well below 2°C from pre-industrial levels. It reveals the potential for an energy system to emerge that brings modern energy to all in the world, without delivering a climate legacy that society cannot readily adapt to.

08.45 Human Factors I
Session Chair: Lamberto Nonno, Global HSE Leader, Baker Hughes, a GE Company 

What Lies Beneath an Incident: a Short Film: Lamberto Nonno, Global HSE Leader, Baker Hughes, A GE Company
If we want to change the fundamentals of the Human Performance, we need to explore a different perspective on how something happened or could happen. And looking deeper into What Lies Beneath an incident, in the future we can make the difference between setting up our people for failure or success. 

Integrating Human Factors into Ongoing Work to Optimize Performance and Reduce Risk: Naomi Milne, Wells HSE Advisor, Sandra Adkins, Chris Parker, BP
We have all heard people dismiss HSE initiatives as just the next flavor of the month.” Yet, when organizations integrate a Human Factors approach and tools into the HSE and risk management processes our businesses already use, it can become a sustainable force to optimize and reduce risk in our operations. We will share examples of how BP is integrating Human Factors through our six focus areas of Leadership and Culture, Critical Tasks, Facilities and Equipment, Conduct of Operations, Managing Work Safety, and Investigation and Learning. If implemented well, Human Factors will not succumb to the fate of “just another flavor of the month.”

09.45 Networking Break, Coffee Service, Open Exhibition & Poster Presentation

10.15 Regulators Panel
Moderator: Barry Quinn, Regional HSEQ Manager, Europe and Africa, Noble Drilling (Land Support) Limited

“How did regulators in Europe experience the downturn with respect to HSE and the cooperation they obtained from the industry? Has the downturn changed the work and the work contracts in the supply chain, and how these changes are posing challenges to HSE? What should the approach and the recommendations be for the next downturn?”

  • Jan Michiel Meeuwsen, International Affairs Manager, PEROSH (Partnership for European Research in Occupational Health & Safety)
  • Jaap van de Sijp, Coördinating Inspector Well Engineering, State Supervision of Mines
  • Jörg Köhli, Senior Expert Offshore Safety, Gas and Oil Policies, European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy
  • David T. Walker, Operational Policy Team Leader, Energy Division, Health & Safety Executive UK
  • Torben Krarup, Head of Offshore Oil and Gas, Danish Working Environment Authority

11.15 Featured Presentation
Session Chair: Barry Quinn, Regional HSEQ Manager, Europe and Africa, Noble Drilling (Land Support) Limited

Leveraging Digital Solutions for Safety: Joanna Mainguy, Industry Solution Manager, Worldwide Manufacturing & Resources, Microsoft EMEA
Oil & Gas companies operate in some of the most challenging environments in the world where safety is the major concern. Microsoft work with partners and Oil & Gas customers to make it easier to handle those environments. Technology transformation is unlocking new scenarios that were not possible before to enable preventive and reactive safety measures. Intelligent Cloud, HoloLens, Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Advanced Analytics are leveraged in various scenarios to increase safety of assets, employees and environment and move them closer to the goal of zero incidents.

11.45 Luncheon, Open Exhibition & Poster Presentation 

13.00 Getting our Talents Ready for the Challenges Ahead
Session Chair: Adam Hess, Senior Global Manager, HSE Operations, Transocean

Hiring the Next Generation: Lasse Lykkegaard Clausen, Marine Engineering Student & Thomas Johns Bommelund, Marine Engineering Student, Maskinmesterskolen København
Will “The Great Crew Change” ever happen? The Millennials have almost given the drilling industry a taboo-like status. Through varies sources, this presentation will describe some of the possible explanations to the misconceptions that are present today. Enhancing talent programs and case competitions could appeal to the Millennial’s need for self realization. Additionally, these campaigns could improve the image of the drilling industry, thus making it a more appealing industry to enter. 

Industry Set to Embark on Another Leap Forward in Well Control Training: Gerardo Barrera, Program Manager, Mark Denkowski, Brooke Polk, Patty Tydings, IADC
IADC introduces a new initiative called Knowledge Retention and Education for the Workforce (KREW), which seeks to (1) close knowledge gaps identified through each trainee’s WellSharp assessment; (2) improve retention of knowledge and skills in the interim between instructor-led training courses; (3) offer continuous-learning opportunities that companies can assign to their employees (e.g., to prepare for promotion, to satisfy in-house training requirements); (4) address industry trends identified through WellSharp analytics; and (5) measure the effects of specific content delivery strategies in order to continuously improve well control knowledge and skills. Through IADC, the international drilling industry is coming together once again to ensure rig crews achieve and maintain a level of competence that keeps pace with the industry and meets its needs.

14.00 Featured Presentation
Session Chair: Adam Hess, Senior Global Manager, HSE Operations, Transocean

Continuous Learning – 365 Competent: Tonny Møller, Operations and Global Asset Manager, Maersk Training, Brad Reiser,  Endeavor Technologies
In the recent years training has not moved very much. Yes, we have high Fidelity simulations and crew training but at best crews will only see this every one or two years and some may never experience it. When we look at other industries we see that training is on whole different level when it come to simulation frequency. Airline industry and nuclear to mention a few. And why is that? What is a known is that retention of the subjects will rapidly deteriorate when not practiced. Therefore more frequent and shorter sessions will keep the competence at a constant high level. How do we in the oil and gas industry raise the bar on frequency and quality and at the same time lower the total cost of training?

14.30 Networking Break, Coffee Service, Open Exhibition & Poster Presentation

15.00 Health 
Moderator: Erik Roesen Larsen, Head of HSSE, Maersk Drilling

This HEALTH session will start with a plenary presentation from International SOS followed by two breakout sessions of 45 minutes each. The audience will be divided in two groups and each group follows both breakout sessions. The moderator will end the session with a wrap-up.

Health, Health Checks and Wellbeing Offshore: Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez-Fernandez & Dr. Lars Petersen, MD MSc, International SOS
Chronic diseases, also known as non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are now the leading causes of premature death worldwide. The World Health Organization has labelled them a global epidemic. Given the amount of time that individuals spend in the workplace, WHO and other organizations have recognized the tremendous potential of the workplace setting via occupational health practitioners and workplace health practitioners. The aim of the presentation will be to demonstrate how the programs are designed, implemented and evaluated through a Wellness Maturity model. Furthermore we aim to showcase, real-life examples across the world, of both large scale and small and medium workplace setting programmes and their impact on employee health. Furthermore, we will show how a global, standardized health check program using accredited occupational health physicians can save lives, and how the accumulated data from this can be used to build a baseline for each individual company. This baseline can then be used to develop a targeted and well defined Wellness and Mental Health program with measurable outcomes.

15.30 Health Breakout Session: Health Challenges in O&G
Choose Life: Davide Scotti, LHS Foundation, Saipem
While safety is a mandatory issue, health is not. A company cannot make people change their attitude towards their own bodies. It’s a choice they have to make themselves. Choose Life is a program designed to support people in tacking this basic choice targeting some the issue most affecting health in the oil & gas industry: malaria, cardiovascular & sexually transmitted diseases.

15.30 Health Breakout Session: Fitness & Mental Health
Moving Beyond the Regulatory Offshore Fitness Standards – Seadrill MedFit: Dr. Jonathan O Keeffe, Corporate Medical Director, Seadrill Management Ltd.
The author presents the Seadrill company experience from 2016 with a discussion of two full years of Seadrill Medfit data focusing on the challenges; the positive and negative and sometimes unintended outcomes experienced by different organisational stakeholders.  He will include a discussion of sustainability in terms of the physical and mental health attributes of the offshore workforce.

16.15 Continuation of Breakout Sessions

17.00 Outcome of Breakout Sessions & Closing
Moderator: Erik Roesen Larsen, Head of HSSE, Maersk Drilling
The outcome of the breakout sessions and take aways and the pros and cons of the results will be discussed.

17.15 – 18.15 Welcoming Reception, Open Exhibition & Poster Presentation

Thursday, 19 September 2019

07.30 Conference Registration, Coffee Service, Open Exhibition & Poster Presentation

08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing: Lars Nydahl Jorgensen, Regional Director, Europe, IADC

08.35 Keynote Presentation:  Adam Hess, Senior Global Manager, HSE Operations, Transocean

09.00 Panel Digitalization and Automation in HSE
Moderator: Neil Forrest, Vice President Operations Integrity, Seadrill

How is digitalization and automation improving the oil & gas industry both with opportunities like de-manning and threat response. What is the impact of digitalization and automation on HSE?

  • Sven Krueger, Executive Director of Drilling Automation, Baker Hughes, a GE Company
  • Dr. Paula Doyle, Vice President Industry Solutions, Cognite
  • Per Haaland, Vice President Drilling and Well, Equinor
  • Adrian Brown, Managing Director, Fennex

10:00 Networking Break, Coffee Service, Open Exhibition & Poster Presentation

10.30 Featured Presentation
Session Chair: Lars Nydahl Jorgensen, Regional Director, Europe, IADC

Task Analysis:  Understanding What Are We REALLY Asking Our People To Do: Chris Parker, Human Performance Lead Advisor, BP & Sarah Acton, Human Performance, Baker Hughes, a GE Company
An overview of task analysis key aspects including human error identification are given. The main session takeaway will be learning how task analysis can be a valuable tool in safety critical environments. Participants will gain experience conducting task analysis in breakout groups.        

11.30 Human Factors II
Session Chair: Lars Nydahl Jorgensen, Regional Director, Europe, IADC

Frontline Barriers Leaders – Human Reliability in Delivering Safe Wells: Filippo Giuliani, Process Safety Leader, Lamberto Nonno, Neil Easton, Baker Hughes, a GE Company
This work will discuss how promoting readiness for specific threats across all barrier owners and operators, by letting field personnel experience critical scenarios, supports their Human Reliability and ensures that they can effectively monitor and control threats to well integrity, mitigating escalation that may result in potentially catastrophic consequences.

Seadrill’s Human Reliability Framework – Delivering HSE Performance Improvement Tools to 5,000 People: Peter Smith, Head of HSSEQ, Seadrill, Jenny Gilroy, Osborn Ergonomics, Barney Annan,  Human Factors Consulting Ltd
Introduction to Human Reliability, discussion of key concepts, and “30 second definition” of what we mean. A History is outlined of the development and current status in Oil and Gas industry, and the current approaches. An overview of Seadrill’s Human Reliability framework is presented and how this aligns with operations. A brief discussion will follow of collaborative work with others in the industry for alignment on concepts and tools. Also communication challenges of reaching a fleet with 5000 people with diverse skills, levels of education, language and culture are discussed, and an approach to awareness raising and communication.

12.30 Luncheon, Open Exhibition & Poster Presentation 

13.45 Dropped Objects
Session Chair: Janike A. Myre, Senior Vice President QHSE Corporate, Odfjell Drilling

Dropped Object Prevention Inspections Supported by Augmented Reality: Peter Sørensen, Advocacy and Innovation Lead, Daniel Tranto, Jakob Valentin Jensen, Maersk Drilling
Over a long period Maersk Drilling has improved our focus and processes around dropped object prevention. The solution presented here is the next step on this journey to prevent dropped objects offshore. The solution focuses on removing the admin work related to inspections and increase data quality for further analysis through digitalization so that resources are spend where it matters. Further, the solution will improve awareness and assurance through the use of Augmented Reality to assist the inspector and management offshore. Also a brief overview of test results will be presented along with lessons learned.

14.15 Step Change in Safety
Session Chair: Janike A. Myre, Senior Vice President QHSE Corporate, Odfjell Drilling

The Journey to Embed Human Factor Principles Across Every O&G Operations in the UK Sector: Steve Murphy, Senior HSE Advisor, TAQA – Step Change in Safety, Emily Tailor, Step Change in Safety
In the UK, Step Change in Safety – the member-led organisation which aims to make the UK the safest place to work in the O&G – has established several workgroups working relentlessly to raise safety standards, share good practice and communicate facts so that no-one becomes complacent about staying safe. In particular, the Human Factors workgroup at Step Change in Safety has developed a few resources to ensure that human factors are effectively considered through all work streams, not last creating and supporting the roll-out and use of an online Human Factors Toolkit among member companies. This is about a journey, the efforts and the impact in our members’ understanding and mitigation of Human & Organizational Factors.

Pressure “Energy” Risk Management – Inadequacies and Misconceptions: Abel Gloria, High Hazard Engineer, & Terrance Sookdeo, Global Technical Process Safety Advisor, Baker Hughes, a GE Company
The audience will be informed about the inadequacies and misconceptions of current industry pressure-hazard risk assessments. Insight is offered on the use of pressure energy, in hazard risk assessments, to thoroughly determine the hazard severity of a pressurized system. Examples and illustrations will be provided to differentiate, before and after scenarios, and demonstrate the relation between pressure energy, consequence, and safeguard level.

15.15 Networking Break, Coffee Service, Open Exhibition & Poster Presentation 

15.45 Performance & Culture
Session Chair: Bruce Kain, Vice President QHSET & Risk Management, Northern Offshore

The Impact of Culture on Performance: Dave Massey, President, Mark Gardiner, The REACH Group
Comparing the performance of two identical rigs where one had a culture by design, the other by default.

Never Miss a Critical Step: A Case Study on How Rig Reactivation, Innovative Technology and Digitalization Go Hand in Hand: Chase van Noordwijk, Marketing Manager, Rider International & Sybe Visser, Manager Director, Swift Drilling.
Rig reactivating involves many challenges regarding attracting qualified personnel. Technology and digitalization have made tremendous advances, and that could be the key to success. This presentation will answer the following questions and provide valuable insights on: How do we attract staff especially the Millennials? How do we train them and create a homogeneous crew? How and when do we provide critical knowledge? How do we embed safety and moreover, how do we manage this process in an efficient manner?

16.45 Adjournment 

Poster Sessions & Unassigned Papers of Note:

Automated Well Control: Bryan Atchison, Drilling and Well Engineering Manager, Safe Influx Limited.
The Human Factors issues associated with Well Control has traditionally been managed using competence management programmes.  Our industry, however, is still hugely exposed to the risks associated with Human Factors in Well Control situations.  Automated Well Control continuously monitors the signals from the well using the rig’s existing sensor package.  Automated Well Control uses algorithms to determine  the well control situation, taking the necessary steps  and if necessary by taking control of the rig equipment, spacing out and closing the BOP to make the well safe.  This technology almost eliminates the Human Factors issues associated with Well Control.

Safe and Efficient Operations – Consistently: Kris Callen, President, The Callen Group
There have been too many years that Safety vs. Performance has kept us from reaching our Safety and Operational objectives. Safety and Efficiency must become one as we deliver safe and outstanding operational performance that maximize a return to our shareholders. In my Book: Commit to Safe and Efficient Operations, I present the case for why our workforce continues to under-perform with our fundamental safety processes and a road-map to get the purpose, intent and consistency ingrained within your culture.


Program Committee Members

Norbert van Beelen, Shell International
Alberto Cipolla, Saipem
Neil Easton, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Neil Forrest, Seadrill Management
Adam Hess, Transocean
Bruce Kain, Northern Offshore
Gary Kelso, BP Exploration
Erik Roesen Larsen, Maersk Drilling
Craig Martin, Valaris plc
Janike Myre, Odfjell Drilling
Lamberto Nonno, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Barry Quinn, Noble Drilling
Jeremy Townshend, KCA Deutag
Jaap van der Sijp, State Supervision of Mines
Derek Hart, IADC
Lars Nydahl Jorgensen, IADC



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