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Presentations and panel sessions will be recorded and made available for 60 days for conference participants exclusively.

The Caspian region continues to face challenges around changing market conditions, pandemic operational challenges, workforce development, drilling efficiency, safety and security, and equipment maintenance.

The IADC Drilling Caspian 2021 Conference & Exhibition will bring together industry leaders and drilling professionals to discuss such challenges and share best practices and experiences. Cutting-edge technology advances, including drilling automation, will be featured, as will case studies of relevant technical achievements, and impact of Oil & Gas to the Caspian region. The premier event also will highlight evolving approaches to safety and training, providing practical information on new tools and processes that can be used to improve HSE performance.

StartFebruary 23, 2021
EndFebruary 24, 2021

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Presentations and panel sessions will be recorded and made available for 60 days for conference participants exclusively.

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Presentations and panel sessions will be recorded and made available for 60 days for conference participants exclusively.


*Keynote presentations and panel discussions will be recorded and available on demand.

Tuesday, 23 February 2021 Time Zone: GMT +4


11.00 Welcome & Introduction: Hisham Zebian, Vice President Eastern Hemisphere, IADC

11.05 Opening Speaker: t.b.n., SOCAR AQS


11.25 Keynote Presentation: Ole Maier, President Offshore, KCA Deutag, & Chairman of the Board, Turan Drilling & Engineering

Break: 11.45 – 15.30


15.30-16.30 Panel Session: Digital Technology in Tough Times: The Value Impact of Digital in Modern Operations.
Moderator: David Reid, Chief Technical Officer, National Oilwell Varco


Digital technologies are remaining relevant in the upstream industry despite difficult market conditions. This high-level panel, featuring representatives from all segments of the global wells industry, will introduce and discuss the practical improvements to operations and the commercial drivers behind the changing digital landscapes that will change our operational world going forwards. 



Rajeev Sonthalia, President IPM and SPM, Schlumberger




Joseph Elkhoury, CEO, KCA Deutag



  • Rob Kelly, Vice President Digital Production & Projects, BP


Rovshan Bayramov, Maintenance Operation Support Advisor of the General Director, SOCAR AQS

16.30 Recap & Adjournment: Hisham Zebian, Vice President Eastern Hemisphere, IADC

Wednesday, 24 February 2021 Time Zone: GMT +4


11.00 Welcome & Introduction: Hisham Zebian, Vice President Eastern Hemisphere, IADC


11.10 Keynote Presentation:  Andy Krieger, Senior Vice President Wells, BP.

Break: 11.30 – 15.30




15.30 Panel Session: The Green Transition, How Does it Affect Your Territory?
Moderators: Vasso Papadopoulou, Maintenance Resource Engineer, Turan Drilling, & Lars Nydahl Jorgensen, Regional Director Europe, IADC



The Oil and Gas Sector is facing challenges from the global energy transition. Many companies have already taken steps to diversify their portfolios with investment into alternative and renewable energy technologies as well as moving to carbon neutral.  This panel session is intended to discuss current and upcoming practices and opportunities that will impact the drilling sector as well as how these activities will direct the overall future of our industry.


  • Marika Cecilia Reis, Chief Innovation Officer, Maersk Drilling
  • Martin van der Hout, independent consultant


16.30 Market Outlook: Sarah McLean, Senior Rigs Analyst, IHS Markit

17.00 Recap & Adjournment: Hisham Zebian, Vice President Eastern Hemisphere, IADC


Technical Session
Session Chair: Elman Mikayilov, Wells Superintendent, BP

Developing the Energy-Efficient Platform of the Future: Christopher Ponzi, Senior Sales Manager, Global Project Sales, NOV Rig Technologies
This presentation discusses how the energy industry is being pushed to adapt to changing global conditions, requiring improvements to be made to compete on multiple fronts. We discuss in detail how the platform of the future will use energy efficiently and highlight several technical improvements that have been completed such as automated process control, digitalization, power conservation, and many others.


Reducing Operator Stress in Well Control Operations through the Implementation for a Kick Mitigation System: Francesco Curina, Training Manager & Elia Abdo, Well Technologist and Technical Trainer, Leonardo Bori, Ali Talat Qushchi, Drillmec Spa
The Kick Mitigation System (KMS) has the objective of assisting the rig crew in safety critical operations, reducing the risks associated with human factors. The operator stress test allows the identification of high-risk operations and the results of the field tests demonstrate how automation can constitute a strategic asset especially for critical wells in Deepwater and HP/HT environments.

First Successful Implementation of MPD in the Caspian Sea Enables the Operator to Successfully Reach Deeper Targets that were Unattainable Using Conventional Drilling Methods: Claudia Chilelli, Applications Engineer, Julian Hernandez, Angel Hernandez, Abdul Saboor, Weatherford
This was the first MPD application performed in the Caspian Sea, the background in this area faced challenges such as losses, kick and uncertainties about the drilling window which made this field an excellent candidate. The presentation will summarize the key planning milestones and challenges as well as the execution drilling hazards that were mitigated using MPD.


Rig Equipment Optimization and Predictive Maintenance using Advanced Machine Learning Models: Francesco Curina, Training Manager & Amirreza Rouhi, Data Scientist, Elia Abdo, Vladimir Mitu, Drillmec Spa
Drillmec developed DEEP, Drillmec Embedded Efficiency Platform, and specifically a Data Management System that applies machine learning models to improve rigs and equipment operations. The system was designed to allow rig state monitoring, equipment reliability improvement, reduction of NPT and scheduling of preventive maintenance. The system includes smart devices that help with remote assistance on the rig for fast and efficient intervention.

Health, Safety & Training

COVID-19 a Year in, What Did We Learn? Olav Skår, Safety Director, IOGP
2020 has presented huge challenges for our industry. A global pandemic followed by a huge downturn has required swift action and adaptation to a new and still unknown normal. Whilst the challenges have been fundamental, it has also forged unprecedented levels of collaboration and new relationships have been quickly formed to jointly respond to a common enemy. The presentation will cover some of the industry-wide efforts that have taken place, stakeholder aspects and offer some thoughts as how the new relationships may be leveraged as we jointly put our sights to new challenges on the horizon.

Human Performance and Getting to the Why:
Chris French, Business Development Executive, Europe, Middle East & Africa, The REACH Group
Understanding the “why” an individual chooses to do a task in a particular way is what underpins Human Performance. Understanding the “why” that results in an error or unplanned event provides an opportunity for sustainable improvement. We will discuss Human Performance methods to reduce the potential for error and create a learning organization that will drive efficiency.

Leadership in Safety “Are We Really Good or Just Very Lucky?” David Burnham, CEO, CAVU International
The art of combining effective management and inspirational leadership is not something most leaders are born with. It requires training, mentoring and experience. The military has long recognized the need to teach front line leaders the methods for setting vision, leading by example, and rewarding correct behaviors. A strong operational safety culture can only be established, reinforced, and sustained by well-trained leadership team.

Drilling Optimization & Automation
Session Chair: Gilberto Gallo, Marketing Manager, Drillmec

Machine Learning Drilling Accident and Malfunctions Forecast System: Sergey Borozdin, Director of Well Control Training Centre, Gubkin University
The optimal set of technical parameters obtained online and along the depth of the well for the task of preventing the pre-emergency situations was determined. The optimal topology of the neural network and the parameters of convergence of the results for the reliable forecast of the emergency situation (modification of the weight coefficients of the neural network model in the online mode during parallel computing) were identified.

Innovative Real-Time Hole Cleaning Advisory System: Mohammed Al-Malki, Petroleum Engineer System Analyst, Abughaban, Mahmoud, Salaheldin Mahmoud Elkatatny, Yami, Abdullah S , Al-Rubaii, Mohammed Murif, Saudi Aramco
This presentation is about implementing a real-time hole-cleaning model developed based on Robinson’s model which takes into account flow regimes, real-time mud rheology, and annular velocity to estimate the cuttings carrying index (CCI). The model was applied on several wells having problems and was able to identify the zones that have issues. It helped predict the stuck pipe/losses incident in advance. It showed the real quality of the hole regardless of the incident happened and its relation to hole cleaning issues.

Applications of New Technologies for Drilling at Local Drilling Company: Namig Isazade, Maintenance Service, SOCAR AQS
Newest advances in technologies used for well drilling and completion have enabled the oil and gas industry to reach new sources of oil and natural gas to meet demand to them around the world. New technologies of drilling have also helped reduce the environmental impact of energy production by allowing more oil and gas to be produced with fewer wells.

Remote Support
Session Chair: Gilberto Gallo, Marketing Manager, Drillmec

Advances in Remote Support: Katie Saski, Director of Sales, National Oilwel Varco
As drilling technology advances, we must advance with it in terms of support. Now more than ever we see the importance of remote support services. With rigs operating in remote areas of the world and with the current global conditions around the COVID-19 outbreak, companies must re-align their strategies. The tools are there for organizations who are willing to think outside of the box and challenge the status-quo.

Conference Program Committee

David Bateman, BP

Paolo Cantalupo, Drillmec

Alish Hasanov, SOCAR

Bahtiyar Hasanov, Schlumberger

Nick Hore, Azer MI

Gunay Huseynalizada, SOCAR AQS

Ramis Imamkuliev, National Oilwell Varco

Jim Kay, Applus Velosi

Joe Lockridge, Parker Drilling

Tural Mammadov, SOCAR

Elman Mikayilov, BP

Samir Mollayev, SOCAR AQS

Vasso Papadopoulou, Turan Drilling

Hisham Zebian, IADC

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