IADC HSE&T Conference & Exhibition

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IADC’s HSE&T Conference & Exhibition will provide a forum to learn, exchange and develop progressive Health, Safety, Environmental and Training best practices to drive the upstream energy industry forward.  The focus will be on understanding and delivering optimal human and organizational HSE&T performance.

StartApril 18, 2023EndApril 19, 2023
CountryUnited States
Hyatt Regency Houston West

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  • Drilling and/or Completion Operations
  • Drilling Engineer

Conference Attendees


Exhibiting Companies

Registrants by Company Type

  • Equipment Manufacturer
  • Independent Oil Producer
  • Land Drilling Contractor
  • Land/Offshore Drilling Contractor
  • Land/Offshore Well Servicing Contractor
  • Major Oil Producer
  • Training
  • Offshore Drilling Contractor
  • Oilfield Service/Consultant
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Hyatt Regency Houston West

Address 13210 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77079
Phone +1.281.558.8338

Negotiated Room Rate $158/$168
Single/Double Occupancy

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Omni Houston Hotel - West Houston
13210 Katy Freeway
Houston, Texas, USA 77079


Advanced registration closes 16 April
  • Registration fee: IADC Member: $600, Non-Member: $735
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Press Policy

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No unauthorized photos, videos or recording allowed.
Recording in any form (audio, video, still photography, etc.) of presentations and/or speakers during sessions, poster presentations, workshops, etc., without the express written consent of IADC and the party to be recorded is strictly prohibited.  *Those who do not comply with the Recording Equipment/Photo policy may be asked to leave the premises and barred from receiving complimentary press registration for future IADC events.

Press registration must be received 1 week prior to the event to ensure entrance.  Members of the press will be identified with a green press ribbon attached to their name badge.

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Tuesday, 18 April

7:30 am Registration, Coffee Service & Exhibition Texas Ballroom & Foyer
Coffee sponsored by Transocean

7:45 am Speaker Briefing (Speakers, Moderators & Session Chairs only) Texas Ballroom 5-7

8:30 am Welcome & Introduction   Texas Ballroom 5-7

  • Brooke Polk, Vice President – Accreditation Operations, IADC
  • Ryan Smallwood, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company LLC; Chair, IADC HSET Committee

8:40 am 2023 IADC Chairman Address: Andy Hendricks, 2023 IADC Chair, President & CEO, Patterson-UTI Energy Inc.

8:55 am Keynote Presentation: Bernie Wolford, President & CEO, Diamond Offshore

9:25 IADC Update

  • Brooke Polk, Vice President – Accreditation Operations, IADC
  • Ryan Smallwood, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company LLC; Chair, IADC HSET Committee
  • Shane Phipps, Wilbanks Trucking; Chair, IADC Rig Moving Committee

9:55 am Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing  Coffee sponsored by Transocean

10:25 am Human & Organizational Performance
Session Chair: Derek Hibbard, Seadrill

Human Factors and Human Performance: John Ellis, HSE/QA & Regulatory Compliance Manager, Diamond Offshore
Using the 5 Principles of Human Performance, a practical assessment of how our industry can make use of available resources that proactively identify human error traps and aim to defeat the consequences of human failure whilst also exploring how to recover from an incident. The presentation will include task analysis strategies, investigation considerations, human machine interface evaluation and how to respond to an incident in order to maximize learning and prevent recurrence.

10:55 am  Human Systems Integration: Ensuring Performance by Incorporating Human Factors Requirements Throughout the Engineering Design and Acquisition Process: Curt Braun, PhD, Human Performance Advisor, BP
Humans will always have a role in operating and maintaining the systems we create. The capabilities and limitations of humans, the human factors, have influenced some but not all aspects of system design.  Human Systems Integration incorporates human performance requirements across the development process to ensure optimized performance and reduced cost.  Companies can benefit from lessons from the US Department of Defense and NASA HSI programs. 

11:25 am  Delivering the Right Stuff: Andrew Dingee, Author, Error Free
After a career as a commercial airline pilot, Andrew Dingee authored ‘Delivering the Right Stuff’.  He will examine the airline industry’s investigations into Human Factors and details how key findings from aircraft accidents shaped its acceptance of pilot error. It is an evolution that delivered transferrable frontline tools that forged a foundation for safety and operational excellence that is broadly applicable in the oil and gas sector.

12:10 pm Luncheon & Exhibit Viewing   Lakeview Room

1:25 pm  Investigations & Learnings from Incidents
Moderator: Jim Rocco, IADC
As the global upstream industry continues to demonstrate a measured but markedly positive trend in newly sanctioned activities in a “post-pandemic” environment, resources are, as always, challenged to deliver safe and effective execution on all manner of on and offshore operations. The ability to assess performance is key to validating conditions necessary to meet objectives. This session will explore how effective investigation measures may distill insightful information as “lagging indicators” that may be leveraged to avert future occurrences and contribute to “leading indicator” strategies that further diminish risk. BSEE and Coast Guard panelists will provide a regulator perspective on the latest incident trends, infrastructure & equipment risks, and insights on incident mitigation and enhanced safety management considerations.       

  • Michael Idziorek, Division Chief, BSEE – SIID
  • Charles Arnold, Sr Investigating Officer Outer Continental Shelf Division, US Coast Guard Eighth District

2:10 pm SIF Panel
Moderator: Lamberto Nonno, North America HSE Director, Baker Hughes
Since the 1970 OSHA Act, Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) has remained the standard key performance indicator for HSE Performance.  This panel of experts will discuss how transitioning from TRIR to a Serious Injury and Fatality (SIF) model of HSE reporting could be beneficial to the industry, by shifting focus to events that lead to life-altering or life threatening injury or illness. 

  • Lamberto Nonno, North America HSE Director, Baker Hughes
  • Micah Backlund, HSE Director, Helmerich & Payne IDC
  • Nicolas Le Gouhinec, Director – Quality, Health, Safety & Environment, Valaris
  • Norman Ritchie, Director, VPSI Group LLC

3:10 pm Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing   Coffee sponsored by Transocean

Session Chair: Micah Backlund, Helmerich & Payne IDC

3:40 pm Culture Still Matters: Jim Spigener, Chief Client Officer, DEKRA
In this time of digitalization and zoom, it is easy for the culture to get away from us. This presentation will reinforce the things that are necessary to maintain a high performing culture and to help leadership make their workplace where all employees want to be.

4:10 pm The Seven Safety Leadership Expectations: Davide Scotti, Head of HSE Culture, Communication & Training, Saipem
Why is it fundamental for HSE teams to keep focusing on safety leadership and offer opportunities to organisational leaders to be exposed to intrinsic values? What are the key safety leadership expectations that each leader should work on in order to effectively contribute to the shape of a mature safety and just culture?

5:10 pm Welcoming Reception & Exhibit Viewing Texas Ballroom & Foyer

Wednesday, 19 April

7:30 am Registration, Coffee Service & Exhibition Texas Ballroom & Foyer

8:30 am Welcome & Introduction  Texas Ballroom 5-7

  • Thad Dunham, Senior Director, Government & Industry Affairs Operations, IADC
  • James Penny, Transocean; co-chair, IADC HSET Committee
  • Kristina Mays, Transocean; co-chair, IADC Sustainability Committee

8:45 am Featured Address: Todd E. Conklin, Ph.D. Sponsored by Seadrill
Todd Conklin spent 25 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory as a Senior Advisor for Organizational and Safety Culture.  Los Alamos National Laboratory is one of the world’s foremost research and development laboratories; Dr. Conklin has been working on the Human Performance program for the last 15 years of his 25-year career.  It is in this fortunate position where he enjoys the best of both the academic world and the world of safety in practice.
Conklin holds a Ph.D. in organizational behavior from the University of New Mexico.  He speaks all over the world to executives, groups and work teams who are interested in better understanding the relationship between the workers in the field and the organization’s systems, processes, and programs.  He has brought these systems to major corporations around the world.  Conklin practices these ideas not only in his own workplace, but also in the event investigations at other workplaces around the world.  Conklin’s best selling book, Pre-Accident Investigations: An introduction to Organizational Safety is a best selling book on safety.  Conklin has several other books and a huge podcast following for his twice-weekly podcast of the same name.  Conklin defines safety at his workplace like this:  “Safety is the ability for workers to be able to do work in a varying and unpredictable world.” 

10:15 am Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

10:45 am The Great Crew Change 2.0
Moderator: Dave Massey, The REACH Group
This panel will discuss the SSE program addressing current shortages, how they manage HSE/Human Performance and maintaining HSE performance in SSE market.

  • Dirk Kolnsberg, Vice President – HSE, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company LLC
  • Donovan Randolph, Sr. QHSE Manager for North America, Nabors Industries
  • Jorge Leuro, Talent Management Executive, Workforce Impact

11:45 am The Benefits of an Updated & Integrated Short Service Employee Program: Trey Wilson, HSE Specialist, Helmerich & Payne Drilling, Inc.
With the ever-present issue of turnover in our industry especially with new hire employees, Helmerich and Payne Drilling recently developed an upgraded Short Service Employee process to encourage on-the-job training with a mentor and utilizing technology throughout the course.

12:15 pm Luncheon & Exhibit Viewing

Session Chair: Mike Truitt, Independence Contract Drilling

1:30 pm Leveraging real-time Location Monitoring Solutions to Enhance Personnel Safety & Procedural Adherence during Drill Floor Operations: John Large, Director Sales & Marketing, Paul Cooper, Thomas Lemoine, Salunda LTD, Travis McGuire, Transocean
A presentation on how Transocean and Salunda have applied innovative real-time location monitoring solutions to enhance personnel safety and procedural adherence during drill floor operations. These additional safeguards further reduce the risks associated with drilling activities to as low as reasonably practicable and provide a means to monitor procedural adherence during drill floor operations.

 2:00 pm ”Stop and Think” – Using Root Cause Inspired Hazard Identification Prompts To Proactively Control Risk: Rebecca Muth, Senior Manager – HSE, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company LLC
Hazard identification in typical field-based applications misses the mark in identifying opportunities to minimize potential harm primarily due to lack of awareness and industry inexperience.  Moving identification from consequences (e.g., slip / trip / fall) to a proactive focus requires reinforcement of proper job planning that focuses both on energy-based hazards and human performance factors. Patterson UTI Drilling has recently developed a new risk management program – “Stop and Think”, that includes tools for all levels of workers and provides guidance on hazard identification, risk assessment, implementation of controls, and continual review.  It incorporates the most frequent root causes as prompts to ask our workers to review more closely before starting work activities.  Focusing on proactive identification of potential hazards will allow for more successful operational and safety performance while eliminating negative consequences.

2:30 pm Diamond Offshore Engenity Program: Matt Richter, Performance Coach, Harri Stevens, Diamond Offshore
The presentation demonstrates how applying Lean methodology at the rig site to reduce the client’s overall well spend, has broadened outward from the Rotary table and has had a direct impact towards improving the Rigs H.S.E metrics in the areas of Sustainability, DROPS, elimination of WAH and handling loose items at height and reduction in red zone exposure.

3:00 pm Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

Session Chair: Richard Grayson, Nabors Corporate Services

 3:15 pm Start Safe: Changing a Culture from the Top Down: Neil Forrest, VP Sustainability, Derek Hibbard, Seadrill
Seadrill accelerated its cultural journey in 2022 with the Start Safe program.  Start Safe was designed to drive the consistent and persistent application of our PIMED task process (Plan, Identify, Manage, Execute & Debrief) to achieve safe and efficient operations. Touching almost all our people with an unprecedented global effort, Start Safe is already paying dividends, with significant improvements in safety, operational efficiency and with all personnel working in towards common goals, consistently and persistently.

3:45 pm The Biological Basis for Complacency: Sharon Lipinski, CEO, Habit Mastery Consulting
This paradigm shifting presentation reviews the neurological process that leads to complacency, shares the results of surveys & interviews on the scope of complacency in organizations. Learn to assess the efficacy of complacency fighting strategies based on understanding this previously undiscussed component to complacency: basic brain design.

4:15 pm Use of VR to Transform Safety Training: Per Larsen, Head of Innovation, Maersk Training
Implementing Virtual Reality (VR) for safety training in the drilling industry can potentially increase safety performance, by making training more engaging, efficient and accessible. To harvest the full innovation potential, organizations need to understand the technology, create good content, and how to effective implement and scale the use. Maersk Training will share their experience and results from various studies and use cases, conducted in the maritime field, exploring how VR can be used to tackle different safety challenges.

5:00 pm Adjournment

Program Committee

  • Christopher Stroz, Chevron
  • Cody Ashley, Latshaw Drilling
  • Dave Massey, REACH Group
  • Derek Hibbard, Seadrill
  • James Penny, Transocean
  • James Taylor, Noble
  • Lamberto Nonno, Baker Hughes
  • Melvin LeBlanc, Shell E&P
  • Micah Backlund, Helmerich & Payne IDC
  • Mike Truitt, Independence Contract Drilling
  • Nicolas Le Gouhinec, Valaris
  • Paul Finnie, Diamond Offshore
  • Richard Grayson, Nabors Drilling USA
  • Ryan Smallwood, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company LLC
  • Brooke Polk, IADC
  • Thad Dunham, IADC

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