IADC HSET & Sustainability Conference & Exhibition


IADC’s HSET & Sustainability Conference & Exhibition will explore ESG, as it relates to industry, while covering our core activities in the HSE&T arena. ESG metrics will be used to determine the value of a company in the future and will be key to attract new talent to industry.

StartSeptember 20, 2022EndSeptember 21, 2022
CountryUnited States
Hyatt Regency Houston West

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  • Drilling and/or Completion Operations
  • Drilling Engineer

Conference Attendees


Exhibiting Companies

Registrants by Company Type

  • Equipment Manufacturer
  • Independent Oil Producer
  • Land Drilling Contractor
  • Land/Offshore Drilling Contractor
  • Land/Offshore Well Servicing Contractor
  • Major Oil Producer
  • Training
  • Offshore Drilling Contractor
  • Oilfield Service/Consultant
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  • Land Well Servicing Contractor

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Hyatt Regency Houston West

Address 13210 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77079
Phone +1.281.558.8338

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Omni Houston Hotel - West Houston
13210 Katy Freeway
Houston, Texas, USA 77079


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Conference Program

Tuesday, 20 September

7:30 am   Registration, Coffee Service & Exhibition   Texas Ballroom & Foyer

7:45 am   Speaker Briefing (Speakers, Moderators & Session Chairs only)   Texas Ballroom 5-7

8:30 am   Welcome & Introduction   Texas Ballroom 5-7

  • Rhett Winter, Director, Government & Industry Affairs – Onshore, IADC
  • Derek Hibbard Chair, IADC HSE Committee; Global Head HSE Compliance & Performance, Seadrill

8:45 am   2022 IADC Chairman Address: Jeremy Thigpen, 2022 IADC Chairman; President & Chief Executive Officer, Transocean

9:00 am   Keynote Presentation: Laura Taylor Johnson, Upstream Safety, Security, Health & Environment Manager, ExxonMobil Upstream

9:30 am   Blended Culture in the Operations of Offshore Oil & Gas Facilities: Ivan Damnjanovic, PhD, Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Texas A&M University
In a broad sense, safety culture can be defined as a group of socio-psychological factors that determines organizational commitment to safety. One way of thinking about safety culture is “what we do when no one is looking”. Trying to measure and therefore manage “what we do when no one is looking” behavior represents a challenge. This challenge is particularly visible in highly fragmented industry segments such as offshore facilities where many of the standard activities are planned and executed by third-party contractors, hired part-time workers, and/or onshore-based specialized teams. In such environment, the question is not only how to measure the factors that contribute to and define safety culture, but also what safety culture are we trying to measure? Owners? Contractors? Specialized teams? By considering this viewpoint on safety culture two specific issues arise: 1) How can one assess the blend of safety cultures in ad hoc (project) teams? and 2) How does contractors’ project culture affects safety culture? The answers to these two questions hold the key to better understanding of what the current safety culture is and what needs to get done to improve it. In this presentation we discuss the methods the contractors and offshore facility operators can use to align their success factors and defines the culture that promotes safety.

10:00 am   Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing 

10:30 am   ESG Emerging Topics

ESG Emerging Topics
These industry leaders will discuss trends such as emissions reporting, new regulations, and how companies are adapting to the changing ESG landscape. The panelists will provide a wide range of information explaining the challenges experienced by the industry. Additionally, solutions such as automated reporting, leadership training, and quality assurance will be discussed in detail. 

  • Andrew Bruce, CEO, Data Gumbo
  • Brad Gaulin, Chief Evolutions Officer, CEvO Solutions & Co-founder, MExit, Inc.
  • Hope Ison, North America HSE Manager, Seadrill
  • Chip Ammons, Oil and Gas Team Lead, ISNet

12:00 pm   Luncheon & Exhibit Viewing   Lakeview Room

1:15 pm   Protecting Health and Well-being in the Workplace
Moderator: Dave Massey, Chief Executive Officer, The REACH Group
Managing the protection of your workforce is vital, particularly after facing the challenges of the past few years. Panelists will share practical, industry specific best practices related to personnel screening, vaccination requirements, testing, psycho-social risks, and human factors as it relates to protecting the health and well-being of your employees.

  • Robert M. Bourgeois, MD, MPH, FACOEM, Bourgeois Medical Clinic
  • Scott Cherry, Chief Medical Officer, Axiom Medical
  • Michael Lawson, Vice President QHSE & Training, Valaris
  • Robina McCann, Corporate Medical Director, Seadrill

2:45 pm   Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing  

3:15 pm   Recognizing the Needs of the Younger Workforce
Panelists will discuss workplace issues from the perspective of an ever increasingly young workforce. What they value and what they need are different from the that of our aging management. What are the happy mediums and what are the trends for working remotely? How do we adjust communications to address wellness?

  • Kayla Martin, Vice President HR, The REACH Group
  • Bill Pickering, Supervisor of Sales & Operations Planning, Precision Drilling
  • Kamal Kaur, Business Analyst, Low Carbon Solutions, NOV

4:00 pm   Drilling Contractors’ Focus on Safety 

Designing and Implementing a Behavior-based Safety Program: Nicolas Le Gouhinec, Director – Quality, Health Safety and Environment, Valaris
Valaris was created by the combination of two leading offshore drillers with decades of experience, and this presentation will describe the company’s approach to the design and implementation of its behavior-based safety program and highlight best practices and lessons learned that can benefit others in the drilling industry.

Start Safe: Architecting a Sustainable Safety Culture: Derek Hibbard, Head of HSE Compliance & Performance, Seadrill, Kris Callen, President & CEO, The Callen Group
Start Safe is Seadrill’s program for improving HSE performance and building culture around the consistent and persistent application of the PIMED (Plan, Identify, Manage, Execute & Debrief) task process. The program includes hands-on involvement from every Seadrill employee from the COO to Roustabouts and is designed to provide experiential learning experiences that reinforce the consistent application of the PIMED process and tools at the rig.

5:00 pm   Welcoming Reception & Exhibit Viewing   Texas Ballroom & Foyer

Wednesday, 21 September

7:30 am   Registration, Coffee Service & Exhibition   Texas Ballroom & Foyer

8:30 am   Welcome & Introduction   Texas Ballroom 5-7

  • Thad Dunham, Director, Government & Industry Affairs – Operations, IADC
  • Neil Forrest, co-chair, IADC Sustainability Committee; VP of Sustainability, Seadrill

8:45 am   EMPOWER: Evaluate, Measure, and Promote Offshore Worker Engagement and Readiness: Ranjana Mehta, PhD, Professor, Psychology, Texas A&M University
This presentation will describe a study funded by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Specifically, daily measures of safety climate and fatigue were gathered over the course of a hitch for two samples of offshore workers. In addition to tracking these variables over time, these data present a unique opportunity to examine the extent to which safety climate relates to worker fatigue and vice versa. Various measures of fatigue were gathered including sleep based on Actigraph watches and journals, heart rate via small ECG devices, self-report assessments of physical and mental fatigue, as well as a performance-based assessment of vigilance.

9:15 am   Industry Trade Associations
Leadership from industry trade associations will discuss their respective initiatives in the HSET and Sustainability arena.

  • Ulrike Schopp, Chief of Staff, Ipieca
  • Wafik Beydoun, Regional Director – Americas, International Oil and Gas Producers Association (IOGP)

9:45 am   Energy Efficiency – Challenges and Opportunities for Offshore Drilling Contractors: Peter Smith, Head of Process Safety & Environment, Seadrill
Mr. Smith will discuss energy baseline and variables that impact energy use offshore, including significant environmental variables (e.g. El Nino/La Nina and impacts on fuel use), incentives and disincentives for energy saving (i.e. fuel is a customer cost, so no direct commercial advantage in fuel saving unless incentivized, climate change and carbon management drivers for energy efficiency, and implementing energy efficiency following ISO 50001 standard.

10:15 am   Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

10:45 am   The Role of Oil and Gas in the Energy Transition
Increasing social and political pressures on many oil companies and drilling contractors raise real questions about the future role of fossil fuels. The industry is facing increasing demands to explain how they can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Against a background of continued pressure, the primary question at this point: are drilling contractors and operators’ part of the problem or part of the solution, and what is their role?

  • Dan Romito, Partner, Consulting-ESG Strategy & Integration, Pickering Energy Partners
  • Nansen Saleri, CEO, Quantum Energy Impact
  • Jason Stanley, Associate Partner, The Governance Group

11:45 am   Luncheon & Exhibit Viewing 

1:00 pm   Energy Transition 

Pathways to Green – Collaboration is Key: Barry Young, Paul Large, Graeme Johannessen, Esgian
The increased focus on CO2 emissions is putting pressure on oil companies and drilling contractors alike. Real progress is being made and more is possible with increased collaboration and effort.

Energy Transition vs. Energy Addition

  • Brian Brooks, Senior Director of Marketing, Nabors
  • Darrel Pelley, Director, Technical Marketing, Transocean
  • Mike Party, Co-chair, IADC ART Energy Efficiency Subcommittee; Sr. Specialist – Corporate Strategy, Hess
  • Assaad Mohanna, Chair, IADC ART Committee; Sr. Director, Low Carbon Solutions, NOV

3:00 pm   Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing 

3:15 pm   Leadership & Training
Session Chair: Nicolas Le Gouhinec, Director – Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, Valaris

Motivation vs. Inspiration in Leadership: Ken Dick, QHSE Supervisor, Mitch Carrier, Operations Manager, Nabors Offshore Corporation
Most leaders use the words “motivate” and “inspire” interchangeably. While both are important, there is a difference between these two words. The best leaders don’t just think about motivating their teams. The best leaders work to inspire. What’s the difference? Motivation is an external force moving someone forward. Inspiration comes from within. Our goal isn’t to motivate leaders. Our goal isn’t just to find self-motivated leaders. Our goal is to inspire self-motivated leaders toward an industry changing mission.

3:45 pm   Onshore Safety Alliance: Emily Hague, Sr. Policy Advisor, Upstream & Industry Operations, API
Launched in June 2021, the Onshore Safety Alliance (OSA) is a voluntary industry coalition of operators, drilling contractors, service companies and trade associations working together to protect workers and reduce serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) in U.S. onshore oil and gas exploration and production. OSA participating companies commit to carry out defined safety actions within their organization and in return, the OSA provides a set of guiding principles, resource library and a network of other organizations equally pledged to the same goals. 

4:15 pm   Adjournment

Program Committee

  • Christopher Stroz, Chevron
  • Clyde Loll, Gulf Marine Contractors
  • Cody Ashley, Latshaw Drilling
  • Dave Massey, REACH Group
  • Derek Hibbard, Seadrill
  • James Penny, Transocean
  • James Taylor, Noble
  • Melvin LeBlanc, Shell E&P
  • Micah Backlund, Helmerich & Payne IDC
  • Mike Truitt, Independence Contract Drilling
  • Nicolas Le Gouhinec,  Valaris
  • Paul Finnie, DODI
  • Richard Grayson, Nabors Drilling USA
  • Ryan Smallwood, Patterson UTI
  • Brooke Polk, IADC
  • Rhett Winter, IADC

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