IADC Drilling Onshore Conference & Exhibition

**All previous registrations for the original 21 May conference date will remain in place for 19 August. There is no need to re-register.


IADC’s Drilling Onshore Conference & Exhibition is the only event specifically targeting onshore drilling operations. Drilling Onshore, with its top speakers and panels, explores issues affecting the onshore drilling industry, including technology, management, perspectives on future onshore activity and regulation. The conference will be held 19 August 2020 at the Omni Houston Hotel Westside in Houston, Texas.

StartAugust 19, 2020EndAugust 19, 2020
CountryUnited States
Omni Houston Hotel - West Houston

2019 Event Demographics

Registrants by Job Title

  • Management
  • Drilling & Completion Engineer
  • Quality, Health, Safety & Environment
  • Library/Miscellaneous
  • Training/Education
  • Company Owner/Corporate Officer
  • Completion Engineer
  • Drilling and/or Completion Operations
  • Drilling Engineer
  • Complimentary



Exhibiting Companies

Registrants by Company Type

  • Equipment Manufacturer
  • Independent Oil Producer
  • Land Drilling Contractor
  • Land/Offshore Drilling Contractor
  • Land/Offshore Well Servicing Contractor
  • Major Oil Producer
  • Training
  • Offshore Drilling Contractor
  • Oilfield Service/Consultant
  • Land Well Servicing Contractor

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Venue & Hotel

Omni Hotel Houston Westside

Address 13210 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77079
Phone +1.281.558.8338
Fax +1.281.558.4028

Negotiated Room Rate $154/$164
Single/Double Occupancy

NOTE: The negotiated room block will be released by the 3rd of August. Please make your room reservations directly with the hotel. Please be sure to mention IADC to obtain discounted rate.

Please note that there are several 3rd party companies actively approaching conference delegates and exhibitors by phone and email trying to sell hotel rooms at the contracted hotel for a cheaper rate than the published rate on this conference website. Please note that these companies do not represent IADC or the hotel, nor has IADC or the hotel authorized them to use their names or trademarks on information they send out to exhibitors and delegates.

To avoid being a victim of fraud, please do not give out your credit card details to any other party and be sure to make your hotel reservations exclusively through the contracted hotel.

Venue Details

Omni Houston Hotel - West Houston
13210 Katy Freeway
Houston, Texas, USA 77079

Registration Information

  • Registration fee: IADC Member: $350 Non-Member: $435
  • Employees of federal regulatory agencies may be eligible for a 50% discount on conference registration.
  • Speakers, sponsors and exhibitors are not eligible for online registration.
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  • In order to receive a letter of invitation, IADC requires payment via Wire Transfer. The wire transfer information is included on the registration form.
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Press Policy

Complimentary press registration is limited to one (1) person per company. This individual must be a titled editor, writer, reporter or other bona fide editorial representative of a legitimate industry or consumer publication. Publishers and sales and marketing specialists are excluded from this complimentary registration practice and must pay the full conference registration fee to attend an event.

Need Help? registration@iadc.org / +1.713.292.1945

Conference Program

Tuesday, 18 August

4:00-5:30 pm  IADC Onshore Operations Forum (Drilling Contractors Only)  Paluxy

Wednesday, 19 August

7:00 am  Registration, Exhibit Viewing & Coffee Service  Texas Ballroom & Foyer  Sponsored by Pason Systems

7:15 am  Speaker Briefing (Speakers, Moderators & Session Chairs only)  Texas Ballroom 5-7   

8:00 am  Introduction & Welcoming Remarks  Texas Ballroom 5-7

  • Jason McFarland, President, IADC
  • Scott McKee, IADC Division Vice President North America Onshore; Vice President Marketing, Cactus Drilling Company
  • Nicholas Martinez, Senior Coordinator – Digital Marketing, IADC

8:15 am  Keynote Presentation: Resilience in the Storm: Unifying People & Technology for the Future: John Lindsay, President & CEO, Helmerich & Payne IDC

8:45 am  Market Outlook
Discussion points: Opposing views on the market – point-counterpoint, A forward look and a look back.

  • Marshall Adkins, Managing Director, Raymond James & Associates
  • John Spears, President, Spears & Associates

9:45 am  Exhibit Viewing & Coffee Service  Texas Ballroom & Foyer  Sponsored by Pason Systems

10:15 am  Health & Safety

Safety Culture Presentation: Kenny Baker, Superintendent, Cactus Drilling 

Industry Comes Together on Basic Safety Orientation Requirements: Mark Denkowski, Vice President – Accreditation Operations, Brooke Polk, Patty Tydings, Gerardo Barrerra, IADC
Industry workgroups are seeking to improve and align the basic safety orientation requirements for the onshore drilling industry. Operators, contractors, and other stakeholders have come together to update safety orientation content to include human factors and other topics and to improve learning objectives for portability of the standard. With industry, IADC is designing and developing a training model that promotes active engagement of the learners. This new model will require training providers to move away from delivering the content through PowerPoint slides and will require instructors to facilitate the learning using experiential learning methods.

11:45 am  Luncheon & Exhibit Viewing  Lakeview

1:00 pm  Emerging Technologies

Combining Disparate Data Sources to Power Fleet-wide Performance Initiatives: Alex Groh, Drilling Optimization Manager, Anil Godumagadda, Director, Katy Holst, Samson Hidad, Brian Seiler, Evan Corne, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company
Although drilling operations generate a tremendous volume of data, most consumers fail to adequately ensure its quality, efficiently store, or effectively employ it to monitor and improve operational efficiency. This presentation will explore how an onshore drilling contractor has overcome these challenges to perform productive data mining and develop effective business intelligence tools to drive fleetwide performance initiatives and provide all company personnel a comprehensive understanding of holistic rig performance. Ongoing initiatives to further enhance and extend current aggregation efforts will also be discussed.

Are Unconventionals Ready to Automate?: Maxine Aitkenhead, Business Development, Fred Tyler, Data Gumbo
The aim is to teach the basics of blockchain and demonstrate, with live examples, how contract terms can be automated, as well as facilitate a question-and-answer session. Several questions to be answered include: What does blockchain technology have to do with drilling? Can I have faster transparent negotiation and agreements? Can I make strategic decisions on real-time accurate data? Can I reduce the number of personnel focused on disputes? How can I reduce the overhead on transaction processing and audit? Will blockchain waste time between vendors on a well site? Does blockchain need me to incorporate another system? Does this cloud technology interoperate with my existing systems? How long will it take to be blockchain ready?  

Using Drillers to Champion New Technologies at the Rig: Overcoming the Challenge of Gaining Acceptance of Process Automation Advancements: Tony DeSalvo, Wellsite Technology Operations Manager, Chad Lousberg, Ensign Energy Services
An in-depth presentation discussing how Ensign is using experienced drilling personnel as coaches at the rig level to help increase the acceptance and utilization of process automation advancements and new technologies.

2:30 pm  Exhibit Viewing & Coffee Service  Texas Ballroom & Foyer  Sponsored by Pason Systems

3:00 pm  Regulatory Update: Liz Craddock, Vice President – Government & Industry Affairs, IADC

3:30 pm  ESG Overview: Trends Over Time: Kosmas Papadopoulos, CFA, Senior Director, Corporate Governance and Activism, FTI Consulting
The presentation discusses the definition of ESG and how investor attitudes and company behaviors have changed in the past two decades. Key trends to follow for the new decade will also be covered.

4:00 pm  Operators’ Panel
Representatives from a major, an independent & a private equity company will discuss their varied business models & approaches. 

  • Panelists to be named

5:00 pm  Adjournment

Unassigned Papers of Note:
Offline Casing Cementing in West Texas Leads to Significant Drilling Rig Flat Time Reduction and Well Cost Savings: Andy Johns, Drilling Engineer, Sharaf Eid, Carlos Mondragon, Loran Galey, Robby Lira, Apache Corporation
In the Delaware Basin in West Texas, over 87 total wells were successfully cemented without the rig being on the well. Prior to “offline” cementing, well conditions were researched and extensive planning yielded standard operating procedures which allowed the offline operations to be safely conducted. Offline cementing operations included the surface, intermediate, and production sections of the well and led to a significant reduction in overall drilling rig flat time. 

Internal Investigations and Ethics in Emergencies: Richard Schwartz, Shareholder, Kenneth Bullock, Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C.
As the upstream oil and gas industry enters a new decade, new technologies, equipment and safety precautions continue to advance operational capabilities. Although all responsible industry participants strive for operational perfection, prudent operators and contractors must still be prepared to respond to unforeseen and unexpected events. This presentation will address the applicable rules and regulations governing critical incident response, what information can be kept confidential under the law, and will provide helpful suggestions and best practices for handling post-incident investigations. 

Siemens:  Blue Vault Energy Storage Systems for Onshore Drilling: David Jones, Director Upstream Americas, Jens Aaby, Simone Bertolucci, Siemens
This proposed solution includes a battery system manufactured by Siemens. Each lithium-ion battery module is water-cooled and is designed for easy handling by personnel. In addition, each module is designed with safety in mind. Our most recent offshore drilling install includes: Seadrill’s West Mira HE semi, now operating in the North Sea with 4 x ESS (BlueVault Energy Storage) systems onboard.

Conference Program Committee

  • Allen Williams, Helmerich & Payne IDC
  • Bill Cobb, Latshaw Drilling
  • Brian Tucker, Pioneer Drilling
  • Chris Menefee
  • Fawzi Irani, Precision Drilling
  • Jim Nicklos, Nicklos Drilling
  • Joey Husband, Nabors Drilling USA LP
  • Luke Crownover, Robinson Drilling
  • Mike Garvin, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company
  • Paul Mosvold, Scandrill
  • Scott Gordon, Helmerich & Payne IDC
  • Scott McKee, Cactus Drilling Co
  • Trampas Poldrack, Basic Energy Services
  • Rhett Winter, IADC

Conference Exhibitions

Exhibition Information

Cost for the 10′ x 10′ space is $1,000.

The space will be set with a skirted table, two chairs and access to electricity.

With the space, you receive one complimentary conference registration and up to two additional registrations at half price.
No refunds for cancellations will be issued.

  • Exhibitors can set-up after 5:00 pm on Tuesday, 18 August. All booths must be completely set up by 6:30 am on Wednesday, 19 August.

  • You may tear down your booth space after the last coffee break concludes at TBD on Wednesday, 19 August.

  • The exhibitor space is a 10′ x 10′ area. It will be set with a 6′ skirted table and two chairs with access to electricity. Please do not exceed 10′ across, as the space in the exhibition area will be limited.

  • Wall space for signs/banners will not be available. All signs/banners must be affixed to the table or free standing.

  • All personnel working the exhibition must be registered. With your space, you will receive one complimentary registration and up to two additional registrations for half price or $162.50.

Exhibitions at IADC events will be limited to showcasing products and services that advance technology, competency or HSE. Exhibitions centered on recruitment or employment should not take space at IADC events.

IADC Membership is mandatory for booking an exhibition space at this event. IADC Exhibitions will solely be visited by conference attendees. Non-conference attendees are not allowed to enter the exhibition area.

Exhibition space is being allocated on a first come, first served basis!

Questions? lori.gagula@iadc.org / +1.713.292.1945


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COVID-19 Safety Updates & Information

Travel advice for Houston, Texas: https://publichealth.harriscountytx.gov/Resources/2019-Novel-Coronavirus/Travel

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