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Caspian Drilling Conference Panel to Explore the Energy Race

The inability of households to afford adequate energy services, such as heating, is a major issue when it comes to a nation’s energy security and economic development. As is evident from the world around us, energy is a fundamental component used by people to design, build, and use the many products and technologies that keep us all connected.

In an effort for to foster the dialogue about how energy policies can spur innovation and economic development, IADC’s Drilling Caspian Conference will hold a panel discussion titled “Transition: Drilling Down on the Energy Race. Wind, Sun, Oil & Gas: Rivals or Alliances?”

This panel session is intended to discuss current and upcoming practices and opportunities that will impact the drilling sector as well as how these activities will direct the overall future of our industry.

As the Energy Sector faces challenges from the global pandemic and the multi-year energy transition, many companies have already taken steps to diversify their portfolios with investment into alternative and renewable energy technologies as well as moving to carbon neutral.

Read more about the program on the Conference page.