IADC Student Chapters

IADC Student Chapters

Inquire about an IADC student chapter at your school by contacting studentchapters@iadc.org.

IADC Student Chapters provide an avenue for students to connect to global IADC activities, drilling industry professionals, and the industry as a whole. Chapter activities typically include opportunities to meet and exchange ideas, socialize, and learn about the drilling industry.

Existing IADC Student Chapters

IADC supports student chapters by coordinating rig visits, factory tours, industry professional speakers, conference attendance and opportunities to connect with potential future employers.

To start a student chapter, the following is required:

• Minimum of 12 students interested
• Identification of Student Chapter Officers (4)
• Faculty advisor
• College/University membership in IADC
• Agreement with IADC’s Student Chapter Guidelines on Professionalism

Active Student Chapters

  • Bossier Parish Community College
  • Curtin University (Perth)
  • King Fahd University for Petroleum & Minerals
  • Lone Star College
  • Louisiana State University
  • Maharashtra Institute of Technology
  • Missouri S&T
  • Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • University of North Dakota
  • University of Wyoming
  • University of Texas – Austin

IADC Student Chapter Rig Visits

MIT IADCT-e Magazine

Exploring the industry, connecting with industry professionals and providing students a platform to share their thoughts, ideas and imagination.

IADC Student Chapters in the News

March 2021 – DrillBits

Texas A&M Student Chapter HSE Summit to Host Distinguished Panel from Across Industry

On 16 April, the Texas A&M University IADC Student Chapter will host an event: Oil & Gas HSE Summit: From the Perspective of Academia, Regulatory & Industry Representatives. The purpose of the gathering is to educate the public about the Oil & Gas industry’s HSE operations…


October 2020 – DrillBits

MIT Student Chapter Publishes 1st Issue of Magazine

Students from the IADC Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) student chapter recently collaborated to create their first magazine, IADCT-e. This magazine will provide…

October 2020 – DrillBits

University of Louisiana Lafayette Petroleum Engineering Students Visited Energy Drilling Rig 14

UL-Lafayette Petroleum Engineering drilling students visited Energy Drilling rig 14 in September. After learning about rig components…

July 2020 – DrillBits

UL-Lafayette Student Chapter Members Tour Coastal Drilling Rig 22

University of Louisiana Lafayette Petroleum Engineering drilling students visited Energy Drilling rig 14 in September. After learning about rig components the past three weeks on campus…

October 2020 – DrillBits

New IADC Student Chapter Established at Technical University

In an effort to continue expanding the Student Chapter program, IADC focused on establishing a 2nd Student Chapter outside of the US. With the concerted effort of Arun Karle from our South Central Asia Chapter, we welcome the Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University Student Chapter to the IADC family….

March 2020 – DrillBits

ULL Student Chapter Members Tour Halliburton Facilities

Students with the University of Louisiana – Lafayette IADC Student Chapter were recently invited to tour the Halliburton completion tools manufacturing center. The center manufactures all…

October 2019 – DrillBits

UL-Lafayette IADC Student Chapter Tour Facility, Host Presentation

The University of Louisiana – Lafayette (ULL) IADC Student Chapter hosted Marcel Robichaux, General Manager, Global Drilling and Completions Assurance for Chevron during the IADC/AADE chapter meeting on 13 September. Mr. Robichaux’s presentation focused on Chevron’s WellSafe assurance program, and more than 35 students attended the meeting and presentation.

ULL student chapter members also participated in a facility tour at Nabors Offshore Drilling. 25 students attended the tour, which allowed students to see up close BOPs, accumulators, pumps, top drives, draw works and rig structures.

October 2019 – DrillBits

IADC Student Chapters Established in India, Louisiana State University

IADC recently announced the establishment of new student chapters at the Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) in India and at Louisiana State University (LSU) in the United States.

The first international IADC Student chapter was established at MIT last month. During a presentation to MIT, IADC President Jason McFarland said, “Expanding the student chapter program outside of the U.S. has been a goal since its inception in 2017. To accomplish this goal by establishing a student chapter in India is particularly special, as IADC’s South Central Asia Chapter has long provided exceptional leadership in this region.”

Mr. McFarland went on to thank Mike DuBose, IADC Vice President, International Development for his leadership of the student chapter initiative and Arun Karle, President of Askara Enterprises who has supported IADC and its members in India for 25 years.

September 2019 – DrillBits

Texas A&M IADC Student Chapter Members Attend Independence Contract Drilling Rig Visit

The Texas A&M IADC Student Chapter was invited to visit an Independence Contract Drilling (ICD) rig in Giddings, Texas in mid-August. 30 students from Texas A&M and Ole Miss, along with 3 professors from the Texas A&M Mays School of Business attended the visit. Participating students are majoring in Business, Finance, Petroleum Engineering and Agriculture Science. The students were treated to a tour of the rig, currently working for IronRoc Energy Partners, by ICD Senior Management, along with a lunch graciously cooked by Cameron.

June 2019 – DrillBits

UL Lafayette Students Complete IADC WellSharp Course

In early May, petroleum engineering students at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette completed the IADC WellSharp certification course with a 100% passing rate with no retakes.

May 2019 – DrillBits

University of Wyoming Student Chapter Members Tour Facilities, Attend IADC Rocky Mountain Chapter Meeting

On 25 April, more than 70 people attended the IADC Rocky Mountain Chapter in Casper, with 13 students from the IADC Student Chapter at the University of Wyoming also in attendance. The group received updates from both the Rocky Mountain Chapter, the student chapter, AESC and a presentation on rig automation from Justin Allen with NOV. The following day, the University of Wyoming student chapter members were invited to tour two facilities in Wyoming, the NOV Rig Repair facility and Tuboscope.

March 2019 – DrillBits

IADC University of Wyoming Student Chapter Participates in Rig Visit

Students of the recently established IADC Student Chapter at the University of Wyoming were recently invited to tour Patterson-UTI Rig 901 working east of Fort Collins, Colorado.

IADC Rocky Mountain Chapter Chairman Lannie Fladeland with Patterson-UTI coordinated the rig tour through the Student Chapter officers and Dr. Brian Toelle with the University’s Petroleum Engineering Department.

December 2018 – DrillBits

Student Chapter Members Attend IADC Annual General Meeting

13 students representing 4 IADC Student Chapters were invited to attend the IADC Annual General Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana from 8-9 November. Students in attendance represented chapters at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Texas A&M University and the University of Wyoming.

November 2018 – DrillBits

Texas A&M Student Chapter Members Tour Latshaw Rig

On 11 October Texas A&M Student Chapter members were invited to tour Latshaw Rig 15 outside of Bryan, Texas. The students were able to observe a working drilling operations and discuss well construction with the Operator Representatives and Latshaw Supervisors and crew. It also provided an opportunity to understand the connection between academic applications and field drilling operations and the students were able to learn more about career opportunities and life after graduation.

November 2018 – DrillBits

University of Louisiana-Lafayette Students Tour Facility

On 26 October, 38 students from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette IADC student chapter toured the Sperry Drilling (Halliburton) facility in Broussard, Louisiana. The group was treated to a four-house comprehensive tour of the facility, which helped close the gap between theory and practical applications in the drilling business.

March 2018 – DrillBits

Missouri S&T IADC Student Chapter Members Attend 2018 IADC/SPE Drilling Conference

Students from the IADC Student Chapter at Missouri S&T were invited to visit and experience the 2018 IADC/SPE Drilling Conference, 6-8 March in Fort Worth, Texas. Back row from left are Mike DuBose, Tyler Charles, Grand August, Dalton Buchanan and MS&T Professor Rickey Hendrix. Front row from left are Vishwaksen Reddy, Tessa Mortensen, Katie Miller and Megan Lopez. Mr DuBose is IADC VP of International Development and serves as staff liaison for IADC’s student chapters.

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