WellCAP Accredited Training Providers

IADC makes every attempt to keep the information here up to date, but the status of an accredited program may change before this page can be updated.  Training users are encouraged to contact IADC for verification of a provider’s status.  IADC provides web links as a member service.  IADC does not warranty or endorse the accuracy of reliability of any of the information, content or advertisements contained on websites linked to www.iadc.org or any of its subsidiary pages.

NOTE:  For information on specific courses, schedules, and fees, please contact the training providers directly at the numbers listed below.



 Blade Energy Partners

16285 Park Ten Place, Suite 600
Houston Texas 77084  USA
Phone: +1 281 206 2000
Contact: Martin Culen or Krystal Fox

Accredited Course: Underbalanced Drilling – Supervisor

Learn to Drill

1700 Main Street
Houston TX 77002
Phone: +1-281-698-7526
Contact: Ruchir Shah

Accredited Course:
 Well Servicing Surface Stack – Introductory

 Well Control School (WCS)

16770 Imperial Valley Dr., Suite 290
Houston, Texas 77060  USA
Phone: +1 713 849 7400
Contact: Ed Geissler or Dawn Brown

Accredited Course: Well Servicing – Introductory

WCS System 21, an interactive computer-based training (CBT) system.  
WCS System 21 On-line Delivery, server based delivery over the internet, facilitating easier user access.

Wild Well Control, Inc.

2202 Oil Center Court
Houston, Texas  77073  USA
Phone: +1 281 784 4700
Contact: Bill Mahler

Accredited Course: Well Servicing – Introductory

Latin America


Contato Well Control Ltda

Rua Arlindo Ribeiro 34 Bairro Gravito
Catu Bahia 48110-000, Brazil
Phone: +55 71 992872245
Contact: Ronaldo Ferreira Ribeiro

Accredited Course: Well Servicing – Introductory

Well Control International S.A.

Alsina 577 Planta Baja, Dept 1
Comodoro Rivadavia Chubut 9000, ARGENTINA
Phone: +54 297 444 5716
Contact: Alberto Spada or Fabio Gutierrez

Accredited Course: Well Servicing – Introductory

Wellcon Treinamento e Consultoria Ltda.

Rua Vereador Joao Calazans No. 317, 13 de Julho
Aracaju -SE  49020-030, Brazil
Phone: +55 79 4009 9696
Contact: Ivaldo Ferreira

Accredited Course: Well Servicing – Introductory
Underbalanced Drilling – Supervisor



Drilling and Well Services Alliance – Welltrain

Unit 4 123 Melville Parade
Como Western 6152 Australia
Phone: +91 876765879
Contact: Cheryl Loots

Accredited Course: Well Servicing – Introductory

Middle East/Africa


Crew Petro Private Limited

No 10- 15, 2nd Flr, Shree Narayan Plaza
Ahmedabad- Mehsana Bypass Cir
Mehsana Gujarat 384002,  India
Phone: +91 876765879
Contact: Saahsha Agarwal

Accredited Course: Well Servicing – Introductory

Falcon Multi Services Limited

201 Creadu Apartments, Juhu Church Road,
Mumbai, Maharashtra  400049, India
Phone: +91-22-64192207
Contact: Akshay Yadav or Suresh Shukla

Accredited Course: Well Servicing – Introductory

General Technical & Safety Training Center Company

Street 140, Cross 73 Makkah Street
Second Industrial City, Damman  Saudi Arabia
Phone: +971 2 4120100 or +966 13 8345312 ext 145
Contact: Mario Nahas or Santos Gubat

Accredited Course: Well Servicing – Introductory

 Gulf Technical & Safety Training Centre

PO Box 25159, Mussafah Industrial Area
Abu Dhabi  United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 2 4120100 or +971 2 4120107
Contact: Mario Nahas or Shypa Kumar

Accredited Course: Well Servicing – Introductory

Hawk International

CP 72, 26/05 Level 26, Central Plaza Bldg
#34 Jalan Sultan Ismael
Kuala Lumpur 50250, Malaysia
Phone: +603 21446661
Contact: Rinmila Muinao

Accredited Course: Well Servicing – Introductory

 Inma Technologies LLC

Level 2& 3 Bldg No. 67 Way 7, Al Wattaya, Muscat
PO Box 189 PC 116 MAF, Sultanate of Oman
Phone: +968 2200 9306 or +968 9220 8039
Contact: Mohammed Fahami

Accredited Course: Well Servicing – Introductory

 STC Soleman Well Control School

6 Al Kefah Street, Ground Villa, First District
Cairo Cairo 31111, Egypt
Phone: ++201 007666103
Contact: Khaled Soliman

Accredited Course: Well Servicing – Introductory

Tamkene Saudi Training Center

5th Floor MajDouie Tower, Faisalyah, King Fahad Road
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 13 813 1166 Ext 12
Contact: Mr. Ronnie Mapanoo

Accredited Course: Well Servicing – Introductory

Vyas Well Control School

502 & 503, 5th Floor Span Landmark 145 Sir M.V. Road
Mumbai Maharashtra 400 093, India
Phone: +91-9619123321
Contact: Nichant Vyas

Accredited Course: Well Servicing – Introductory