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The WellCAP Plus Program is currently being updated and will soon become WellSharp Plus. The new course will serve as an alternative to WellSharp for experienced personnel returning to renew their credentials at the Driller and Supervisor levels of Drilling Operations and at the Equipment Operator and O&G Operator Representative levels of Well Servicing courses.

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The new WellSharp Plus Program is designed to encourage participation among multiple levels of decision makers, including drillers, toolpushers, drilling superintendents, operations engineers, rig superintendents, rig managers, and other qualified personnel. The program utilizes a facilitated learning approach intended to improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The program comprises integrated technical and nontechnical (crew resource management) content.


The technical content of the course focuses on the low-probability but high-impact scenarios, which are addressed through case studies and are typically outside the scope of WellSharp. The participants must develop team solutions for case studies and decision points that are progressively difficult. The course also requires facilitated learning of human factors and CRM skills in the context of well control.

To qualify for entrance into the course, participants must pass the appropriate WellSharp exam at a higher standard. During the course, participants are observed and informally evaluated on participation, technical skills, and a variety of CRM skills, such as teamwork, situation awareness, decision-making, communication, and leadership.

WellSharp Plus may be offered only by training providers accredited by IADC to do so, and it must be taught by instructors who have been certified through IADC’s Facilitator course. Participants will receive a WellSharp Plus certificate upon course completion.

NOTE: WellSharp Plus is not intended to replace site-specific training. Site-specific training for all stakeholders is encouraged when the anticipated characteristics and challenges of a particular well (e.g., deepwater, HPHT) warrant additional pre-planning measures and focused mitigation procedures.

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IADC's Certified Facilitator Course

This four-day course is designed to prepare instructors to facilitate a WellSharp Plus course. It also satisfies IADC's train-the-trainer requirement for WellSharp.

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