Video – IADC Brand Update

IADC is changing. Building on almost 75 years of success, IADC is demonstrating a renewed commitment to catalyzing improved performance for the drilling industry by focusing on operational integrity and serving as a champion for better regulation. IADC members have worked together to develop new initiatives guaranteed to change the industry for the better and maintain our license to operate.  The Well Control Institute, the Workforce Development and Attraction Initiative, rewrites of key IADC books and forms and a top-to-bottom revamp of IADC’s Knowledge, Skills and Abilities are some of the key ways in which IADC has brought the drilling industry together to work collaboratively on initiatives that will reach the goal of improving performance while also advocating for transparent and fair regulation.

To visually reflect these changes, IADC introduced a new logo, and an updated look and feel to our brand in March. Over the next several months, you will start to see these changes on everything from the IADC website to brochures and other communications. IADC’s new look was fully revealed at the 2014 IADC/SPE Drilling Conference & Exhibition, 4-6 March in Fort Worth.