IADC Advanced Rig Technology Committee Survey

  • Dear IADC Drilling Contractor:

    Thank you in advance for your assistance in providing direction to the IADC Advanced Rig Technology Committee by answering a few quick questions. This short survey seeks your opinion on improving data quality in the drilling industry. The ART Committee has already prepared guidelines on industry cybersecurity and alarm management, and looks forward to serving the industry moving forward.

    Data Quality

    An initiative has been launched by operators to improve data quality and sensor integrity in drilling and also to include provisions to that effect in IADC model form contracts and other such agreements. Data quality and sensor integrity is an enabler to the following:

    • Reduce the need for 5-yearly rig recertification for drilling equipment through the use of applications such as condition monitoring and predictive analytics
    • Improve condition-based maintenance and predictive analytic solutions
    • Improve automation and mechanization efficiency and performance
    • Improve process safety through reliable measurements and data
    • Better sensors and data, when consolidated in a reliable database, will reduce the need to survey equipment
    • Similarly, better quality data will ease the audit process required under the BSEE Well Control Rule, which specifically calls for good data quality and availability

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