Safety Alert Submission Guidelines

IADC’s Safety Alert Program is a continuous improvement effort by the IADC HSE Committee to further the cause of safety in the Oil & Gas Drilling Industry.  The program is completely voluntary and IADC does not publish or provide company information in regard to alerts submitted by a company.  Those companies wishing to participate in this worthwhile program may submit alerts to IADC following the instructions listed below.

Alerts may be submitted in the following ways:1.  Faxed to +1-713-292-1946, Attention “Safety Alerts”
2.  Mailed to: International Association of Drilling Contractors, Attention Safety Alerts, 10370 Richmond Avenue, Suite 760, Houston, TX 77042 USA
3.  E-mailed to: safety.alerts@iadc.orgSubmitted Alerts must have the following company/contact information:1.  Name of person submitting Alert
2.  Company Name
3.  Company Address
4.  Contact Information – Phone number, Fax number, and e-mail address if available.
5.  If other companies are involved, contact information for those companies should be included.

Alerts should contain the following:

1.  TOPIC? General description of subject discussed.
2.  WHAT HAPPENED? Please provide a brief description of the incident, hazard or situation.
3.  WHAT CAUSED IT? List possible or known causes or dangers resulting from this situation.
4.  WHAT CAN/SHOULD BE DONE? List actions or practices to prevent this situation.

Alerts (e-mail message, fax or letter) submitted should contain a statement such as: “My company hereby provides permission for IADC to share this information with its member companies, general industry, and the general public via posting on the IADC website with the understanding that individual persons or companies will not be identified.”

For a printable alert form to mail or fax, please click here.