RigPass Program Forms & Documents

Below is a list of current forms and documents used in the RigPass Program with their latest revision dates. Forms with active hyperlinks may be downloaded from the IADC website in PDF format. Applicants are responsible for ensuring they submit the latest version of any forms that are maintained on this page.

Procedures & Reference Documents

Form ID




ACD-15 IADC Logo Usage Policy Rev 4, September 2016 English
ACD-63 IADC Corrective Action Form Rev 20, June 2018 English
ACD-64 IADC Audit Acknowledgement Rev 3, June 2018 English
SCO-01 Handbook of Accreditation (English version updated February 2015)

NOTE:  Certain Policies & Procedures contained in the Handbook (SCO-01) have been updated or revised since the edition posted above. These UPDATES are included in the following Bulletins:

English Spanish
Bulletin 16-02 HSE RigPass eLearning Requirements English
Bulletin 16-01 HSE RigPass Instructor Requirements Change English
Bulletin 15-02 HSE RigPass Curriculum Requirements Change for SafeGulf English
Bulletin 15-01 HSE RigPass Instructor Requirements Change,
effective 1 May 2015
Bulletin 14-03 New Instructor Card/Requirements
29 May 2014
Bulletin 14-02 Curriculum Revision 8 May 2014  English
Bulletin 14-01 New IADC & Program Logos 18 March 2014 English
 Bulletin 11-01 SEMS Module for SafeGulf  English
SCO-06 Schedule of Fees Rev 22, September 2017 English
SCO-10 Application Process Flow Chart Rev 3, April 2018 English

Application Documents

NOTE:  Documents are provided below in PDF format to facilitate completion and electronic submission.  When using these documents, applicants MUST NOT modify the original content or format of these forms.  Applicants are responsible for ensuring they submit the current version of any forms that are maintained on this page.

Form ID Title Current Revision Format
ACD-34 Instructor Card Request Form  Rev 5, April 2016 PDF
SCO-01E RigPass eLearning Requirements & Agreement Rev 0, April 2016 PDF
SCO-03 Application for Accreditation Rev 18, September 2018 PDF
SCO-03F Application for Accreditation – RigPass-to-Go Rev 7,  April 2018 PDF
SCO-03sg SafeGulf Application Agreement Form Rev 7, May 2016 PDF
SCO-03sl SafeLandUSA Application Agreement Form Rev 3, March 2014 PDF
SCO-03M Program Modification Form Rev 6, October 2018 PDF
SCO-05 Instructor Application  – Accredited Providers Only Rev 10, September 2018 PDF
SCO-14 Exception Request Form Rev 1, October 2018 PDF
SCO-22 Program Renewal Form Rev 4, May 2016 PDF
SCO-30 Instructor Update Form Rev 1, September 2018 PDF
SCO-35 Instructor Observation Form Rev 1, April 2018 PDF
SCO-86 Payment Processing Form Rev 2, October 2018 PDF

Program Administration

Form ID Title Current Revision Format
ACD-67 Quality Statement & Comment Policy Rev 5, September 2016 PDF
ACD-67p Quality Statement & Comment Policy, Portuguese Rev 2, November 2016 PDF
ACD-67s Quality Statement & Comment Policy, Spanish Rev 4, September 2016 PDF
SCO-16 Assessment Checklist 2 June 2015,
Rev 7
SCO-61 Audit Report Rev 7, April 2018 PDF
SCO-61sg Audit Report – SafeGulf Rev 10, April 2018 PDF
SCO-61sl Audit Report – SafeLandUSA Rev 10, April 2018 PDF