Incident Statistics Program (ISP)

Incident Statistics Program (ISP)

Since 1962, the IADC Incident Statistics Program (ISP) has tracked safety and accident information for the drilling industry.
  • To record data reflecting accident experience which can be compared to other industries.
  • To identify causes and trends of drilling industry injuries.
  • To provide a means of recognizing rig crews for outstanding safety performance.

Participation in the ISP is voluntary and open to all Drilling Contractors. However, a company must participate in the IADC ISP Program & be a member of IADC in order to qualify for rig/unit recognition.

To learn how your company can participate in ISP, please send e-mail to
ISP Rig Recognition Plaques Order Form
IADC ISP plaques are a stand-out way to ensure the world knows the success of your accident-prevention program. The plaque will list the company name, rig name/number, and the time span without a Lost Time or Recordable incident. IADC recognizes these rigs in its monthly DrillBits newsletter.

Incident Statistics Program participant – Please note that IADC is now offering the Supreme plaque for recognition.

Due to supply chain challenges, the Executive Plaque is no longer in use. IADC will have a new, attractive, and completely redesigned plaque in stock for next year’s order. The Supreme plaque is in stock and available. This plaque has a lower cost than the Executive plaque as well. Many thanks for your participation and plaque orders.

Rig Recognition Supreme Plaque
Handsome 8”x10” custom-designed walnut plaque with company name, rig name, and IADC logo in raised gold lettering, and safety achievement laser engraved onto plaque

$231.00 Each Member Price