IADC World Drilling 2018 Conference & Exhibition

“Improving the Value Proposition”

Start: 19 June 2018
End: 20 June 2018

Venue: Bella Center
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

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IADC World Drilling 2018, through high-level panels and speakers and through cutting-edge technical papers, will chart each inflection point and trace the path to the industry’s future.



Monday, 18 June

14.00-17.00 IADC Advanced Rig Technology Committee Meeting
The IADC Advanced Rig Technology (ART) committee is dedicated to improve safety and efficiency through sound operating procedures, design of automated systems and standardizing automation. Separate registration for this meeting is required; click here to register online.

Conference Program

“Improving the Value Proposition

Tuesday, 19 June

07.00 Conference Registration, Coffee Service, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by KCA DEUTAG

08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing 

  • Jason McFarland, President, IADC
  • Steven J. Brady, 2018 IADC Chairman; Senior Vice President – Eastern Hemisphere, Ensco plc
  • Morten Bæk, Director General, Danish Energy Agency

09.00 Keynote Presentation: Jørn Madsen, CEO, Maersk Drilling 

09.30 Market Outlook
Session Chair: Josselin Gere, Vice President Marketing and Contracts, Ocean Rig 

Through the Tunnel: New Industry Dynamic Moves Forward: Susan Farrell, Vice President, IHS Markit
The re-structuring of the energy industry over the past three years has lowered the global cost structure of supply and altered the operator/contractor dynamic. How will we move forward to a new level of profitability and cooperation? IHS Markit Vice President Susan Farrell, looks at the pace of investment in 2018 and beyond. 

10.00 Networking Break, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by KCA DEUTAG

10.30 Improving the Value Proposition
Session Chairs: Celine Martin, Contractor Strategy, Total, & Jan van Bohemen, Vice President Marketing, Ensco plc

Divert and Emergency Disconnect Sequence (EDS) Scenarios, Criteria and Guidelines for Deep Water Drilling: Alex Parmenter, Wells Superintendent GOM, BP, & Evelyn Baldwin, Assistant Operations Manager, Maersk Training, & Matias Machum, Rig Leader, Seadrill
In conventional deepwater drilling operations, the initial response to a well control issue is critical, as prompt and informed decision making is required to minimize escalation. This presentation covers the development of scenarios, criteria and guidelines for Divert and Emergency Disconnect Sequence (EDS) activation, and how implementation will further improve the rig team’s current understanding and responses to these well control situations. 

Data Based Approach to NPT Reduction: Jacob Fog Odgaard, Head of Drilling Support, Peter Emil Sørensen, Maersk Drilling
A new holistic approach to reducing Operator Non Productive Time, using advanced analytics and a user centric approach will be shown. The foundation is the large amount of data created by the drilling equipment owned by the drilling contractor. The presentation will also touch upon the challenges of getting hold of and handling the large amount of data. 

The Added Value of MPD – Going Beyond Drilling Challenges: Emil Stoian, Senior Application Engineer, Weatherford
The adoption of Managed Pressure Drilling as a standard drilling method has been slow. Despite enhancing operational safety and performance while reducing drilling costs, MPD is still not a default approach for all wells. This presentation reviews a drilling campaign where MPD was gradually utilised to its full capabilities starting as a “drilling enabler” and ending up as a “performance optimizer”. It documents the gradual inclusion of additional MPD capabilities, including changes in well design, and illustrates how a full implementation of MPD significantly lowers the total cost of a well. Finally, the presentation will review arguments why MPD is/is not used and discuss these reasons in detail. 

12.00 Luncheon, Poster Session & Open Exhibition

13.15 Featured Presentation: What Will the World Look Like in 2050?: Ernst Meyer, Director for Offshore Class, DNV GL
Energy Transition Outlook is an independent forecast of the energy future through to 2050. Through a model covering all sources of energy demand and supply, and divided into 10 global regions, DNV GL is forecasting how the energy transition will unfold. Assumptions, methodologies and key results of the forecast, and the energy transitions impact on the oil & gas industry will be outlined.

13.45 Panel Session: Impact of Digital Technology on Performance Improvement
Moderator: David Reid, Chief Marketing Officer, National Oilwell Varco 

Digital technologies are beginning to revolutionize the upstream industry. This high-level panel, featuring representatives from all segments of the wells industry, will examine the potential impact of digital technologies on performance improvement, and how this might be reflected in incentive contracts/business case.

  • Nastassja Hagan, Manager Modernization and Transformation Global Wells, BP
  • Frank Springett, Vice President Engineering, National Oilwell Varco
  • Per Lund, Senior Vice President – Innovation & Technology, Odfjell Drilling
  • Kevin Krausert, President & CEO, Beaver Drilling

15.00 Networking Break, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by KCA DEUTAG 

15.30 Big Data and the Digital Oilfield: Session I
Session Chairs: Sjoerd Brouwer, President & CEO, AVCA Wells BV, & Jim O’Leary, Vice President Wells Africa, BP

Performance & Maintenance Management Transformation through Big Data: Gregory Grave Einfeldt, Senior Project Manager, Maersk Drilling
The presentation will be composed of a PowerPoint to present our journey so far and the overall strategy of Maersk Drilling via these projects. The presentation will be completed by real examples identified over the pilot project period as well as during the implementation. Finally a demonstration is given of the Live Monitoring system to show the quality of the product and its usage onboard our drilling units. 

The Human Eye While Drilling – A Machine Learning Approach: Nahum Ronquillo, Product Line Manager, National Oilwell Varco
Drilling crews use their eyes to monitor operations and, with their knowledge acquired through experience, they can make proper decisions. Replacing the human in pipe handling operations involves adding cameras and a system that can make decisions, learn from experience, and adapt to make better decisions in the future. This presentation provides details and field test results of a machine learning system used to close automation gaps.

Advanced Data-Driven Analytics Application in Drilling Systems Design and Operation Management – Promises and Potentials: Opeyemi Bello, Research Associate, Tanveer Yaqoob, Helen Udo, Joachim Oppelt, Javier Holzmann, Oscar Grijalva, Clausthal University of Technology
The potential value proposition by leveraging big data analytics application will be presented. The current state of adoption in the area of drilling and completion and dissertate the potential of such technologies across the multiple domain sub-areas of drilling technology will be discussed. Furthermore, a pilot study using this application will be shown. 

17.00-18.00 Welcoming Reception, Poster Session & Open Exhibition


Wednesday, 20 June 2018 

07.30 Conference Registration, Coffee Service, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by IFS

08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing

  • Mike Killalea, Vice President/Publisher, IADC

08.35 Keynote Presentation: Julie J. Robertson, Chairman of the Board, President & CEO, Noble Corporation

09.00 Accelerating Adoption of New Technology
Session Chairs: Rustom Mody, Vice President Technical Excellence – Enterprise Technology, Baker Hughes, a GE Company, & Igor Brucher, Marketing Director, Transocean 

Driving a Culture of Procedural Compliance Using Digital Checklists at The Rig Site to Eliminate Incidents, Minimize Downtime and Optimize Operational Efficiency: Annejifke Andrew, Assurance and Compliance Manager, & Ed Hodson, Business Systems Manager, Adebayo Aremu, KCA Deutag
The development and application of digital work instructions and check lists to drive will be shown. The procedural compliance, improved operational efficiency and reduced and eliminated risks associated with human errors by applying tablets and mobile device apps technologies to land and offshore rig site operations will be outlined. 

Mile-a-Day Drilling from Automation with Remote Supervision: John Macpherson, Senior Technical Advisor, Sheldon Knight, Baker Hughes, a GE Company, John de Wardt, DE WARDT AND COMPANY
The de-manning of both measurement-while-drilling and directional drilling expertise from a US Land wellsite to a remote center will be presented. The de-manning operation was successful in removing service personnel from the well site, and delivered mile-a-day (MAD) drilling performance. A foundation to this approach is trusted data and communications, two cornerstones of the Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap initiative. 

10.00 Networking Break, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by IFS

10.30 Big Data and the Digital Oilfield: Session II
Session Chairs: Hege Kverneland, Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, National Oilwell Varco, & Brian Woodward, Investor Relations Manager, Noble Drilling 

Enabling a Digital Transformation in Drilling Optimization and Drilling Equipment: Gilbert Chahine, Director of Data Science and Analytics, Carl Fehres, Frank Springett, National Oilwell Varco
The implementation of data-centric disciplines and a data infrastructure within an original equipment manufacturer organization, as part of a digital journey are described. Furthermore machine learning is discussed as a key enabling discipline for drilling data processing, process optimization, and process automation.

Digitalization of Land Rig Drilling Operations – An Integrated Approach: Christian Menger, Director – Rig Technology, WDI
The digital transformation of drilling operations has been ongoing for more than a decade but is only slowly gaining traction. Addressing the challenges of a large and diverse fleet of land drilling rigs, WDI has developed a unique and differentiating digital solution as part of the WISE development program that is universally retrofit able to any rig and overcomes the limitations of commercial solutions currently available. 

11.30 Diversity & Sustainability
Session Chairs: Hege Kverneland, Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, National Oilwell Varco, & Brian Woodward, Investor Relations Manager, Noble Drilling 

Drilling for Geothermal – A Hot Topic: Dr Marit Brommer, Executive Director, International Geothermal Association
The geothermal industry is set for growth, and there are opportunities for oil and gas drillers. However, drilling for heat is different than drilling for oil, and the geothermal and drilling industry can learn from each other. For example, geothermal specialists can learn from the petroleum industry’s drilling experience, while the geothermal industry can share knowledge on best practices for drilling at extreme temperatures. This presentation will also explore current geothermal market conditions, particularly outside Europe, showcase geothermal potential over the next decade, and discuss areas of collaboration.

12.00 Luncheon, Poster Session & Open Exhibition 

13.30 Rig Markets and Technology
Session Chair: Akshay Sagar, President, WDI 

Digital Transformation and Open Innovation: Realizing Business Transformation in the Offshore Drilling Industry: Jose Gutierrez, Director of Technology and Innovation, Transocean
The best opportunity to invest in innovation occurs during the down cycles as it brings clear focus to show material improvements. In the drilling ecosystem, this principle is no exception, bringing material performance improvements, quantifiable levels of safety integrity and the capability to drive decisions based on hard data. The opportunity exists today to accelerate the use of adjacent market technologies that enable improved business performance in the context of existing and new business models. This paper explains Transocean open-innovation ecosystem model and the journey within its digital transformation process. 

Asset Optimization – Big Data for Optimization of Equipment Upkeep: Andy Westlake, Engineering Director, Ocean Rig, Lindsy Sallee, National Oilwell Varco
This presentation will cover how for Ocean Rig the transition from traditional condition monitoring (manual trend analyses) to a data driven prognostic system is currently being executed in conjunction with a major OEM. The transition includes review of traditional calendar based maintenance practices against Usage-based, Predictive and RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) analysis (new system to be deployed on OCR Skyros).

Dedicated P&A Rig Design for Late Life Asset Management: Dennis Vollmar, Product Manager Offshore, Jürgen Binder, Ulrich Hahne, Herrenknecht Vertical GmbH
The number of wells plugged and being abandoned in the North Sea has exceeded the number of new wells drilled. Increasing fields maturity evolves new business strategies for late life asset management. Focus on a dedicated P&A rig design and DES shows operational advantages and presents an opportunity to work efficiently and to safe costs. It allows operators to continue P&A campaigns when the oil price is picking up again. 

15.00 Networking Break, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by IFS

15.30 Managed Pressure Drilling & Underbalanced Operations
Session Chairs: Adebayo Aremu, Operations Superintendent, KCA Deutag, & Bjørn Engedal, Chief Engineer, Drilling Facility and Subsea Vertical Axis, Statoil 

Cost Efficient BTR RCD Rig Integration: Konstantin Puskarskij, Project Manager, Maersk Drilling, Chad Wuest, Weatherford
Semi-submersible drilling rig “Maersk Deliverer” was upgraded with BTR RCD system for MPD/ PMCD work in SEA at minimum costs where some design and construct considerations along with project execution methods can be adopted to reduce the costs for MPD integration going further. Such a cost reduction can facilitate faster adoption of the MPD technology.

New MPD Solutions Improve Drilling Efficiency in Unconventional Plays: Andre Perales, Senior Operations Manager Managed Pressure Drilling, Adam Keith, Juan Pinzon, Nabors Drilling
Land drillers can gain the advantages of Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) that are widely available in offshore operations by using drilling rigs configured with fit-for-purpose MPD equipment. Such “MPD Ready” rigs incorporate drives, manifolds, tanks and gas handling equipment along with unique new work flows to reduce pad footprint, improve safety, and lower capital cost, and improve drilling performance.

The Impact of FMCD Technology in Well Control Equipment and EDS Disconnection: Leandro Rocha, Senior Petroleum Engineer, José Eugênio Campos, Fernando Goyano, Odebrecht Oil & Gas, Felipe Freitas, Matt Stahl, Stress Engineering Services
A case study regarding a deep water FMCD operation at a Brazilian offshore basin will be presented. The effects of the low drilling fluid levels on the conventional equipment were investigated, as well as the impact of this scenario on a possible emergency disconnect.

17.00 Adjournment


The following paper proposals are presented in the poster session and will be scheduled for presentation if a scheduled paper becomes unavailable. In addition, these presentations will also be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire.

Agile Innovation: Jakob Diemer, Senior Innovation Manager, Maersk Drilling
A rapidly changing business environment is driving the experimentation and implementation of new technologies, both in order to optimize existing work process and finding ways to disrupt status quo. In order to facilitate such agility it is necessary to organize projects in a completely new way and pull in new types of resources.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Offshore Drilling: Shreyas Koliyot, CEO, Tech27
A demonstration of the use of Digital Twin model of Semi-Submersible Drilling Unit with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for maximizing asset utilization. 

Digital Solutions for Advanced Maintenance Planning & Scheduling: Magne Halvorsen, Global Industry Director & Senior Business Advisor, IFS
Enabling digital solutions for advanced planning and scheduling technologies will become a game-changer for both oil companies and drilling contractors, helping them better plan and document maintenance offshore without the need to take vessels to the yard as frequently. These are highly sophisticated systems, maximizing the human resources on board and incorporating key risk assessments of equipment to ensure any maintenance work is done.



Conference Program Committee

Adebayo Aremu, KCA Deutag Drilling
Colin Ayton, Halliburton
Jan van Bohemen, Ensco plc
Sjoerd Brouwer, AVCA Wells BV
Igor Brucher, Transocean
Angelo Calderoni, Drillmec SpA
Brett Chandler, NOV Grant Prideco
Markus Doschek, OMV E&P
Daniel Elias, GALP Energia
Bjørn B. Engedal, Statoil
Josselin Gere, Ocean Rig
Hege Kverneland, National Oilwell Varco
Shane Marchand, Helmerich & Payne IDC
Celine Martin, Total
Rustom Mody, Baker Hughes, a GE Company
John Monks, Northern Offshore Ltd.
Francis Nwabudike, Vallourec
Jim O’Leary, BP
Gustavo de Queiroz Galvão, QGOG Constellation
Akshay Sagar, Weatherford
Brian Woodward, Noble Corporation
Jens Hoffmark, IADC
Mike Killalea, IADC

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