IADC World Drilling 2016 Conference & Exhibition

Start: 15 June 2016
End: 16 June 2016

Venue: Estoril Congress Center
Location: Estoril, Portugal

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The wells industry yearns for sustainability, but repeatedly falls victim to global forces beyond its control. Do we have the resilience to maintain a steady hand on the tiller when outside factors conspire to cripple commodity prices and activity? Today’s challenge is to build the resilience to maintain the momentum developed during several years of productive activity, while adapting to the realities of low utilization and revenues.

IADC World Drilling 2016, the leadership event for wells professionals, will center on strategic presentations and panels to explore from a big-picture, leadership perspective our industry’s challenges in technology, sustainability, self-regulation and more.

Conference Program

“Building Resilience for Difficult Times”

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

07.00 Conference Registration, Coffee Service, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by KCA Deutag

08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing

  • Jason McFarland, President, IADC
  • Tom Burke, 2016 IADC Chairman; President & CEO, Rowan Companies plc

08.50 Keynote Presentation: Carlos Gomes da Silva, CEO, GALP Energia

09.10 Market Outlook
Session Chairs: Willem Brandt, VP Account Management, Marketing, Transocean, & Daniel Elias, Head of Development and Production, GALP Energia

Beyond 2016: How will Upstream Companies Position for Growth?: Susan Farrell, Vice President, IHS
All segments of the global upstream sector are in the midst of re-structuring portfolios and strategies to be competitive (and stay alive) in a low price environment.  When will IOCs start spending again and where?  What about NOCs?  IHS Energy will discuss how the intersection of market fundamentals, company decisions, and financial investors will play out as we move to 2017.

World Drilling & Production Market Forecast: Matt Cook, Analyst, Douglas Westwood
The key indicators of upstream activity on a global scale, including the macro-economic story of the last two years and its impact on the upstream sector will be outlined first. Secondly, the talk will focus on the regional and country-level drilling and production trends – including the impact of the market downturn on the biggest producers.

10.00 Networking Break, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by KCA Deutag

10.30 Drilling Automation for Efficiency and Safety
Session Chairs: Angelo Calderoni, Vice President R&D, Drillmec S.p.A., & Adebayo Aremu, Project Manager, KCA Deutag Drilling

Engineering Drill Floor Robotics: A Step Change in Safety, Efficiency and Adaptive BHP Manager: Dieter Wijning, Product Manager Drilling, Ed Adams, Huisman
The engineering behind a robotics drill-floor pipe handing system and how similar technologies used in other industries were adapted will be outlined. Driving the robotic push is the need to optimize safety and efficiency. Moreover, in narrow drilling window applications, the robotic system can use BHP measurements to optimize open hole tripping speeds to stay within tight pore pressure-fracture gradients.

Drilling Simulator Celle Research Center Combines Virtual and Experimental Reality for the Benefit of the Industry: Joachim Oppelt, Director Drilling Simulator Celle, Roger Aragall, Michael Koppe, Clausthal University of Technology, Fred Florence, Rig Operations LLC
Drilling Simulator Celle (DSC) is a new and unique research lab that uses virtual (software) and real (hardware) devices to help oilfield clients to understand and mitigate critical drilling and well construction scenarios. Examples of actual tasks performed and potential future work are provided in the presentation.

Data in Drilling Automation: John Macpherson, Senior Technical Adviser, Baker Hughes, John de Wardt, De Wardt and Company
The drilling industry has made progress with automation primarily focused on specific rig hardware. Successful systems automation requires that data flow in an established manner between disparate parties (systems and organizations).  Communicating data in a secure manner permits the industry to identify and manage data required for control systems, address reliability and quality, and identify rules for data ownership and confidentiality.

12.00 Presentation of IADC Exemplary Service Award
IADC Exemplary Service Awards recognize individuals notable for outstanding contributions to the drilling industry and to IADC. Recipients have, in the course of their career, repeatedly demonstrated their commitment to improving the drilling industry and advancing its safety, training, or technology. 

12.10 Luncheon, Poster Session & Open Exhibition

13.30 Low Oil Price Response Panel
Moderators: Sjoerd Brouwer, President & CEO, AVCA Wells BV, & Francis Nwadudike, Managing Director, Vallourec
After a decade of high oil prices, industry now faces the daunting challenge of surviving in a new era of low oil, and drillers are responding energetically, if not enthusiastic. The OGUK Wells Forum set itself an ambitious target of 50% cost reduction across wells activities, as registrants will learn in this session. Stepping back and looking at the big picture, however, this panel will differentiate between high and lower performers, using drilling efficiency as the yardstick. Another speaker will explore how organizational silos, “Rival Tribes”, hamper efforts to improve efficiency. And finally, the audience will hear how operating consistently at near-zero incident rate produces operational excellence at all levels.

  • Olav Skar, GM Wells, Shell UK & Chairman of Oil and Gas UK Wells Forum
  • John de Wardt, President, De Wardt and Company
  • Joe Stough, Vice President Innovation Technologies, IHS Energy Inc.
  • Igor Brucher, Senior Manager Marketing, Transocean

15.00 Networking Break, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by KCA Deutag

15.30 Rig Markets & Technology
Session Chairs: Sigve Hovda, Chief Engineer Drilling and Well Facilities, Statoil ASA, & Gregers Kudsk, Vice President, Maersk Drilling

 BOP Uptime Models: Increased Redundancy, Business Models, and Technology Answers: Frank Springett, Vice President & General Manager PCG Operations, National Oilwell Varco
The industry is confronted with a complex crossroad, where the goal is an increase in reliability and uptime, however, many paths have been proposed as a way forward – increased redundancy, business models, and technology answers. This presentation proposes to explore the merits of these options while also looking at how we as an industry stay ahead of the ever evolving demands on technology.

Field Development Project Cost Reduction by Using Tender Assisted Drilling: Jean-Christophe Le Guen, Business Development, Sapurakencana Drilling
The challenges that SapuraKencana Drilling faced in deep-water operations over the past decade will be discussed, especially the tender assisted concept and the economic sustainability associated with it. These operational lessons learnt can help clients improve safety offshore as well as uptime for the operators. In addition the option to integrate the tender assisted concept to a floating production unit to reduce cost will be outlined.

Fatigue Analysis for High Torque Connection: Marta LaFuente, Product Champion, Vallourec Drilling Products
In order to develop Zakum field, located offshore Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, the operating company has launched an extensive drilling program which involves complex Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) wells. One of the key factors to successfully drill such wells lies in the drillstring design and the use of an ultra-high torque connection from Vallourec.

Resilience Perspectives in a Downturn Environment: A Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Global Market Survey: Guy Feasey, Global Sales and Marketing Director, Weatherford, & David Pavel, President, Welling & Company, Iain Cook, Alice Gomez, Constance Shook, Julmar Shaun Toralde, Weatherford
Through a series of calculated questions, a global managed pressure drilling (MPD) market survey of NOCs, drilling contractors and independent operators uncovers an industry-wide belief that MPD activity and associated spend will continue to build over the next 3-6 years, despite the continual decline in oil commodity prices.

17.30-18.30 Welcoming Reception & Open Exhibition

Thursday, 16 June 2016

07.30 Conference Registration, Coffee Service, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by IFS

08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing

  • Jason McFarland, President, IADC

08.35 Keynote Presentation: Dr. Jörg Köhli, Head Upstream Oil & Gas Team Sustainability, European Commission, Directorate General Energy

09.00 Women in the Drilling Industry
Moderators: Hege Kverneland, Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, National Oilwell Varco, & Celine Martin, Rig & Services Coordinator, Total Upstream 

Women are still significantly underrepresented in the global workforce, but especially so in the oil and gas industry and in its leadership positions. Yet recruiting and advancing women is essential to building a culture that hears and considers different points of view, incorporating a diversity of thought that can ultimately lead to better business decisions. This panel session will examine ways for the industry to attract more women into the industry and tap their still-underexplored talents to advance performance, technologies and innovation. Panelists will also discuss how women can grow their careers into leadership positions and other key concerns. 

  • Beate Myking, Senior Vice President Drilling & Well Facilities and Development Projects, Statoil
  • Angela Durkin, Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, Maersk Drilling A/S
  • Marta LaFuente, Product Champion, Vallourec Drilling Products
  • Lydia Brantley, Manager Investor Relations, National Oilwell Varco

10.30 Networking Break, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by IFS

11.00 Assessing and Managing Cybersecurity Risks in the Drilling Industry
Moderators: Rustom Mody, Vice President/Chief Engineer, Baker Hughes, & Josselin Gere, Vice President Marketing and Contracts, Ocean Rig 

Today’s digital oilfields rely increasingly on real-time business processes connected over computer networks. The advantages to linking wellsite information and applications over these digital infrastructures are numerous, but by so doing, our networks have become more vulnerable to cyber threats. This panel will discuss best practices against cybersecurity for the consumption and use of the data, as well as responses to cyber infiltration. These include segregation of corporate and other digital environments, cybersecurity training, security monitoring and response, removable media and more. The panel will also review key points of the recently released “IADC Guidelines for Risk Management and Assessment Standards and Methods for Assessing Cybersecurity Risks of Drilling Assets”, prepared by, the IADC Cybersecurity Subcommittee, part of the IADC Advanced Rig Technology Committee.

  • Scott Lennox, Senior Technical Specialist Digital Security, BP
  • Siv Hilde Houmb, Chief Technology Officer, Secure-NOK, and Chairwoman, IADC Cybersecurity Subcommittee

12.00 Luncheon, Poster Session & Open Exhibition 

13.30 Subsea Challenges
Session Chairs: Brett Chandler, President, NOV Grant Prideco, & Colin Ayton, Global Business Development Manager, Halliburton 

Catastrophic Well Abandonment – Moving from Contingency Planning to Operational Readiness: Will Pecue, President, Taylor Energy Company LLC
A brief background of the MC20 event will be outlined. The presentation will specifically address various areas for an Operator’s consideration when moving beyond the conventional relief well contingency planning that is typically associated with well permitting applications. Areas to be addressed will include risk profiling, organizational structure, service provider and technical-resource selection and other keys to success.

The Next Generation Riser System: When Efficiency and HSE Meet: John Magne Johnsen,  Senior Specialist Engineer, Borge Bjorneklett, MHWirth
With an ever changing market and a quest to drill into deeper waters, the riser system has become an increasingly central topic in regards to the efficiency and HSE aspects of this critical operation. With the MHWirth next generation riser system, load sharing between the main pipe and the peripheral lines is utilized to circumvent otherwise prohibitively heavy and expensive riser structures. 

14.30 Networking Break, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by IFS

15.00 Plug & Abandonment
Session Chair: Ian Falconer, VP Marketing, Schlumberger Land Rigs

Safe Permanent P&A – Authority Thoughts and Perspectives: Johnny Gundersen, Principal Engineer, Petroleum Safety Authority Norway
P&A challenges from the regulator’s perspective in Norway include not only dealing with existing wells, but also planning new wells that can easily and cost-effectively be plugged and abandoned in the future. Robust and lasting barriers must be designed into wells to reduce the possibility of leaks and environmental damage. Further, authorities and industry should collaborate to reduce cost and risks. Thoughts on regulation and standards will also be discussed. 

Rigless Conductor Recovery on a North Sea Platform: Ben Meredith, Well Engineer, Shell
Conductor recovery is the often forgotten part of P&A operations. On a large gravity based structure in the North Sea 23 of 48 conductors, including intermediate and surface casing strings, were successfully recovered using the platform crane. This presentation describes the rig less methodology used to recover the conductors, complete with the inner strings, from above sea level. 

Design of a Flexible Modular Drilling Rig for P&A: Harald Langenes, Project Manager Layout, Cameron Sense AS
The market is asking for efficient P&A solutions to optimize the planned operation. Constraints in the infrastructure such as space or crane capacity often limit the possibilities. How can a Modular Drilling Rig be designed to obtain flexibility and reduced rig up time?

16.30 Adjournment

Poster Session & Unassigned Papers of Note:

The following papers will be included in the Poster Session.  Should a scheduled paper become unavailable, one of the unassigned papers will be accepted for presentation. In addition, these presentations will be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire.

Moving People & Moving Material Require Different Approaches to Uphold Worker Safety: Ross Atherton, Global Sales Leader, Ingersoll Rand Material Handling
It can be tempting to re-purpose equipment and cut corners by using off-the-shelf equipment to move workers – that could make the difference between life and death in the environment of onshore and offshore rig operations. Ross Atherton of Ingersoll Rand will present non-commercial approaches on how to evaluate the safest and most effective methods of personnel lifting in the drilling industry. 

Best in Class Control System Software Management Practices for Efficient Rigs: Christopher Goutz, Director, James Keeble, Kingston Systems
With the loosened rig supply, the leaders who emerge are going to be those with tighter organizations. The management of Automation Control Systems Software has become a recognized area of focus as contractors have experience costly lost time related to poor software management practices of the boom period. This is complicated by the advent of cyber security threats and vague regulate bodies that manage cyber protection. Based on practical field experience the basic required components to build and/or improve the SMOC programs that will lead to a Best in Class solution will be outlined. 

Incorporating Mechanized Tubular Running Services Early on in Rig Design Reduces Costs, Elevates HSE Profile: Anthony Wilson, Regional TRS Mechanized Rig System Applications Engineer, Weatherford
Cost and time savings and the ultimate reduction in flat time achievable with the seamless integration of advanced automated tubular running services (TRS) during the design phase of new build drilling rigs will be addressed. Compared to a retrofit, the up-front design of a fit-for-purpose TRS configuration, comprising an iron roughneck with compatible casing/tubing tongs and automatic positioning technology, can conservatively reduce operational costs by $1 million.

IADC and Industry Initiatives
-IADC Advanced Rig Technology (ART) Committee Overview, Cybersecurity, and Alarm Management;
-DSA Roadmap Initiative & Decision Making and Control Framework (The DSA Roadmap JIP is sponsored by the IADC Drilling Engineers Committee);
-DSATS Overview, Communications, Data Quality Assurance, and Modeling and Simulation;
-Operators Group for Data Quality.


Conference Program Committee

Khalid Al-Abdulgader, Saudi Aramco
Adebayo Aremu, KCA Deutag Drilling
Colin Ayton, Halliburton
Willem Brandt, Transocean
Sjoerd Brouwer, AVCA Wells BV
Angelo Calderoni, Drillmec SpA
Kevin Carey, Chevron
Brett Chandler, NOV Grant Prideco
Steen Damgaard, Seadrill
Markus Doschek, OMV E&P
Daniel Elias, GALP Energia
Ian Falconer, Schlumberger
Josselin Gere, Ocean Rig
Sigve Hovda, Statoil
Gregers Kudsk, Maersk Drilling
Hege Kverneland, National Oilwell Varco
Shane Marchand, Helmerich & Payne IDC
Celine Martin, Total
Rustom Mody, Baker Hughes Incorporated
John Monks, Northern Offshore Ltd.
Francis Nwabudike, Vallourec
Joachim Oppelt, Baker Hughes Incorporated
Egidio Palliotto, Saipem
Hermann Spörker, Saudi Aramco
Brian Woodward, Noble Corporation
Jens Hoffmark, IADC
Mike Killalea, IADC


Ablecare Oilfield Services Group
Atlas Copco
Breuer Motoren
CS Inc.
Derrick Equipment Company
DURUM Verschleiss-Schutz GmbH
Drilling Systems (UK) Ltd
Drillmec SpA
EFC Group
Fluid Systems
GALP Energia
Herrenknecht Vertical
Juniper Systems Limited
Logan International, Inc.
Marex Marine & Risk Consultancy
Oiltec Solutions AS
Ringers Gloves

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