IADC World Drilling 2015 Conference & Exhibition

Start: 17 June 2015
End: 18 June 2015

Venue: Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotel
Location: Rome, Italy

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“Leadership in Turbulent Times”

The intensity of the current downturn caught much of the industry by surprise. In a matter of weeks, industry shifted from building the next generation of rigs and people to stemming the bleeding of financial and human resources. What qualities of leadership are most effective to surmount the bad times and lay the groundwork for the inevitable turnaround? IADC World Drilling 2015, the leadership event for the well-construction industry, looks at the strategies, attitudes and technology needed to successfully lead us through these turbulent times.

Conference Program

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

15.00-18.00 Early Registration IADC World Drilling 2015 Conference & Exhibition
Cavalieri Foyer, Level -1

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

07.00 Conference Registration, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by IFS
Cavalieri  Foyer, Level -1

08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing
Salone del Cavalieri, Level -1

Eithne Treanor, Master of Ceremonies
Noted industry broadcast journalist and professional moderator Eithne Treanor will serve as master of ceremonies for IADC World Drilling 2015. Ms Treanor has moderated high-level conferences around the world. An experienced broadcast reporter with CNBC and other outlets, Ms Treanor has introduced leaders of state, senior government figures and business officials. She is an expert presenter on energy matters, having moderated international conferences for OPEC, the World Future Energy Summit, NOG and various industry events. She has also presented at high-level banking and finance forums and corporate governance conferences. Prior to World Drilling, Ms Treanor is moderating OPEC’s June meeting in Vienna.

  • Stephen A. Colville, President & CEO, IADC
  • Ed Jacob, 2015 IADC Chairman; President & COO, Independence Contract Drilling, Inc.

09.10 Keynote Presentation

  • Alessandro Puliti, Senior Vice President Drilling and Completion, ENI

09.30 Market Outlook
Session Chairs: Egidio Palliotto, Executive Vice President Drilling BU, Saipem S.p.A., & Christophe Raimbault, Director Field Marketing, Transocean Services

The Outlook for Offshore Drilling: Marcel Brinkman, Partner, McKinsey & Company
The offshore drilling industry is at the bottom of a down cycle. This situation has been caused as much by the oversupply of rigs, as by the oil-price led decline in demand growth. The presentation will explore the outlook for offshore in the future oil & gas production mix, the implications for rig demand and the requirement for industry restructuring. 

Changing Strategies and Operator Portfolios: Susan Farrell, Vice President Upstream, IHS
2015 and 2016 will witness a major re-structuring of the oil and gas industry in a period that IHS has termed “The Great Deflation”. The presentation will discuss how Majors and Independents are making very different portfolio choices as they adjust to lower price expectations. 

10.30 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by IFS
Cavalieri  Foyer, Level -1

11.00 Toward Safer Drilling through Better Regulation
Moderator: Taf Powell, Executive Vice President-Policy, Government & Regulatory Affairs, IADC

Events during the first decade of this millennium made clear that to survive our industry must either reform itself or be reformed. Industry’s efforts to self-regulate are ongoing, with IADC playing a key role. Meanwhile, regulators have rolled up their sleeves to effect improvement in safety through reliable and effective risk control. Taken together, industry and regulators are on the cusp of a stronger and more effective relationship. The challenge today is to continue to build this collaboration, despite the current downturn. It benefits all for industry to collaborate with regulators and the public to improve drilling and production safety. In this session, senior stakeholders with a shared goal of ensuring safe drilling operations discuss strategies to transform that shared goal into a reality.

  • Susan Mackenzie, Director Hazardous Installations Division, Health and Safety Executive; Board Member,  Step Change in Safety
  • Jake Molloy, RMT Regional Organiser, National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers; Board Member, Step Change in Safety
  • Jack Winton, President Operations, KCA Deutag Drilling Ltd
  • David Payne, Vice President Drilling & Completions, Chevron

12.00 Luncheon & Open Exhibition
Salone del Michelangelo, Ground Floor

13.30 Leadership in Turbulent Times
Moderators: Brett Chandler, President, NOV Grant Prideco, & Shane Marchand, Vice President Marketing, Helmerich & Payne

Our cyclical industry has again taken a dive into low oil prices and over supply of commodities and equipment. Yet the work must continue. How can leaders provide inspiration for the bright young people who embraced new careers during heady times and to back fill against the inevitable Great Crew Change, which is now upon us? This cycle will end in the near or medium term. What qualities of leadership become more important in down times, compared to prosperity? This presentation will touch on these points and more, comparing the drilling industry with experience outside oil and gas.

  • Hege Kverneland, Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, National Oilwell Varco

14.00 Impact and Outlook for Young Professionals in the Drilling Industry
Moderators: Brett Chandler, President, NOV Grant Prideco, & Shane Marchand, Vice President Marketing, Helmerich & Payne

The Next Generation has arrived, and just as they were building up steam, our industry was hit with a severe downturn. These young professionals were already impacting and changing our industry. What expectations did they bring? What can we do to retain the best YPs and not discourage future young people from joining us when better times return? This panel of YPs from across the wells industry will shed some unfiltered light on these issues, helping to guide us on the Next Generation voyage.

  • Rium Tapjan, Project Manager R&D Technology Center, National Oilwell Varco
  • Jeff Wood, Senior Advisor Drilling Engineering, Chevron
  • Vincent Flores, Global Product Line Manager, Vallourec
  • Brian Woodward, Global Operations Manager, Noble Drilling Corporation

15.00 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by IFS
Cavalieri  Foyer, Level -1

15.30 Managed Pressure Drilling
Session Chairs: Scott Sigurdson, Vice President Area Wells – Deepwater, BP, & Brian Woodward, Global Operations Manager, Noble Drilling Corporation 

Enhancing Well Control with Managed Pressure Drilling: Martin Culen, Director, Blade Energy Partners
The use of dynamic influx management techniques in MPD mode introduces an early warning system for drillers. When used properly, MPD offers the ability to detect, respond to and control kicks more efficiently, however many questions still remain; Can the Rotating Control Device (RCD) be considered a barrier? Can I circulate out influxes with MPD equipment? If so, how large an influx? Understanding the answers to questions like these can increase not only the efficiency of a drilling operation, but also enhance well control safety.

MPD-Ready: The Integration of Managed Pressure Drilling Systems into Deepwater Drilling Rigs: Earl G. Dietrich, Global Director Deepwater Systems, Julmar Shaun S. Toralde, Weatherford
The growing demand and increasing trend for integrating managed pressure systems (MPD) into floating mobile offshore drilling units has now produced more than a dozen MPD-ready deepwater drilling rigs capable of delivering the drillability, efficiency and safety benefits that MPD provides. The intensely competitive nature of the current deepwater drilling market and the lead times associated with outfitting deepwater rigs with MPD equipment and capabilities has forced service companies, rig contractors and operating companies into pursuing varying MPD-ready initiatives intended to integrate the technology set into their upcoming and existing deepwater drilling rigs. This paper provides case studies of projects where deepwater MPD rig integration has been successfully performed or is currently underway, and discusses the early phases of the technology adoption process that is making deepwater MPD the new drilling convention.

 16.30 Emerging Markets: Special Focus East Africa
Session Chair: Jack Winton, President Operations, KCA Deutag Drilling Ltd. 

Significance of Evolution of Well Construction, Drilling Fluids Design & Operational Efficiency in Remote Areas – Tullow Kenya’s Remarkable Cost Reduction Journey: Peter Peytchev, East Africa Well Engineering Manager, Alexandra Reddaway, Susan Namuganyi, Feroze Shahid, Mihir Jha, Graham Sawyer, Elike Mawuli, Balu Meempat, Tullow Oil Plc
The vast onshore acreages that form Kenya’s hydrocarbon system are underlain by a series of extensional basins in a region that boosts of a virtually pristine semi-arid bio diverse ecosystem of global importance. Limited knowledge and high uncertainties in subsurface geology provided an immense challenge to operations in the country’s remote rift basins initially characterized by high operational costs in excess of a typical benchmarked well worldwide. This presentation covers the technical aspects that have enabled Tullow to effectively and efficiently explore the region and meet the complex challenges presented by the remote basins through re-engineering of the well architecture coupled with a constantly evolving and progressive approach to operational excellence.

17.00-18.00 Welcoming Reception & Open Exhibition – Co-Sponsored by: MHWirth, Pason Systems, Inc
Cavalieri  Foyer, Level -1

Thursday, 18 June 2015

07.30 Conference Registration, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Drillmec S.p.A.
Cavalieri  Foyer, Level -1

08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing: Eithne Treanor, Master of Ceremonies
Salone del Cavalieri, Level -1

  • Stephen A. Colville, President & CEO, IADC

08.35 Keynote Presentation: Anne Myhrvold, Director General, Petroleum Safety Authority Norway

09.00 Connect, Collaborate and Create
Moderators: Rustom K. Mody, Vice President/Chief Engineer, Baker Hughes, & Kevin Carey, General Manager – Planning, Drilling & Completions, Chevron 

The industry is once again confronted with the challenges of a weakening market. Whilst this is nothing new, it plays out in a turbulent world where the public is ever more critical about our industry and its ability to provide oil and gas responsibly. Solutions from the past will most likely not provide sufficient means to survive the market downturn and provide an incentive to create innovative solutions, technologies and ways of working. It is likely that we need step changes in performance to survive. This will be enabled by Collaborating and Connecting across the interfaces within and outside our industry. The innovations will not escape the scrutiny of the public and regulators alike and collaboration with all key stakeholders will have to create a path to acceptance of measures which will enable the industry to become more resilient to market volatility and sustain its valuable role for society.

  • Dave Scallan, Principal, Spoken Word Communications
  • Taf Powell, Executive Vice President-Policy, Government & Regulatory Affairs, IADC
  • Moe Plaisance, Chairman, Well Control Institute

10.00 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Drillmec S.p.A.
Cavalieri  Foyer, Level -1

10.30 Drilling Rigs
Session Chairs: Christophe Raimbault, Director Field Marketing, Transocean Services, & Céline Martin, Rig & Services Coordinator, Total Upstream 

Keeping Them Working: An Insight on Ageing Rigs: Andrea Petrone, Executive Vice President, Richard Walker, Epeus
The considerations for keeping the ageing offshore rig fleet working will be outlined and the challenges facing rig owners to maintain them and keep them compliant as well as the risks inherent with those projects. It looks at the unique nature of these projects and how they can be defined, planned and executed to minimise the risks to cost and schedule what often causes them to fail. It will also focus on the risks for all parts of the industry of those projects if they do fail.

Beyond Day Rates: Enhancing Value Proposition: Akin Olufowoshe, Global Rigs Category Manager – DW, Chevron
The significance of both day rates and quality wells to all stakeholders (investors, employees, management of both oil companies and drilling contractors, and the general public) is examined. Challenges involved in maintaining appropriate balance between day rates and quality well delivery are highlighted; variables likely to create conflict were identified and mitigation strategy for sustainable relationship discussed.

Innovative Rig Design Solutions for Ultra-Deepwater Drilling and Completion Challenges: Dieter Wijning, Product Manager Drilling, Huisman Equipment BV, Mike Humphries, Shell International, Ed Adams, Huisman US Inc.
This presentation shows how drill times can be reduced at a completely redesigned multi-purpose drill tower that has no V-door limitations and features two well centres, enabling concurrent operations to minimize flat time. The tower can run 180-ft stands, can run 150-ft riser joints, has automating tripping and pipe handling, use of dual rotary hang-off tables, and doing as much as possible off critical paths. The capabilities of the tower are augmented by dual drawworks which eliminate slip-cut procedures, dual heave compensation systems, and a unique “splittable” block which allows one to change the number of reeved lines on the fly. The vessel itself can hold 30,000mt VDL, can operate in waters up to 12,000 ft, can store and run two 20k BOPs, and is inherently prepared for MPD and DGD operations. Its large, unobstructed flat work deck, which is flush with the drill floor, provides over 4500 m2 of deck space. In addition, it is shown how all this leads to a well cost savings of 20-25%.

The Application of Systematic Technology Qualification Methods to New HPHT 20,000-psi Subsea BOP System Designs: Harish Patel, Director, Bret Montaruli, Jay W. Bruton, American Bureau of Shipping
An outline on technology qualification methodology used for HPHT subsea BOP stack equipment, including applicable and proposed API and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) accepted design codes; validating and verifying proposed technology innovation; identifying technology gaps, developmental needs, risks and mitigations; equipment design, materials selection, systems manufacturing, product inspection and life cycle management. Also the status of current technology developments, codes and standards will be discussed.

12.30 Luncheon & Open Exhibition
Salone del Michelangelo, Ground Floor

14.00 Automation
Session Chairs: Sigve Hovda, Chief Engineer Drilling and Well Facilities, Statoil ASA, & Hege Kverneland, Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, National Oilwell Varco 

The Positive Impact of Drilling Automation on Human Behaviour Patterns and the Improved Performance Results from that Change in Behaviour: Anthony Pink, VP Dynamic Drilling Solutions, Andrew Coit, National Oilwell Varco, Greg Jamieson, University of Toronto
The positive impact of an automated drilling system on human performance will be discussed. When automation was first discussed in the drilling industry, one of the main drivers was the belief that drilling automation would reduce drilling costs by reducing the number of expensive experts in the field and reduce the rig crew. What we have observed and measured over the last two automation projects is that the major benefits in fact come from significantly improving the performance of the humans executing the project rather than getting rid of them. The benefits were seen at all levels, field, office and management. The automation and high speed data also enable training to be conducted in real-time where the cause and effect loop is visualized and responses can be verified immediately. On both projects the operators saw large performance gains 27-43% respectively. 

Next Generation of Rig Automation: Unmanned Drilling Package: David Schwarzwaelder, Sales Director, Herrenknecht Vertical GmbH, Gerardo Stapel, SWIFT Drilling BV
Economical, environmentally friendly and safe exploration of offshore hydrocarbons is one of today’s challenges and can only be achieved with modern automated equipment. Our unmanned drilling package eliminates labour from drill floor, racking and mud system, improves drilling procedures and decreases workers’ exposure to the environment. The system includes a fully automated piperacking and handling system with automated tripping and is equipped with SCADA supervisory drilling system. Experts supervise the automation from a hazard-free zone on the MODU. If necessary, the system can also be manually operated. Overall, the number of experts can be reduced. Over the long term, multiple operations will be controlled from onshore, further reducing offshore operating costs. This package will be the next generation of the automation process on the SWIFT 10, which has operated in the North Sea since 2011. 

15.00 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Drillmec S.p.A.
Cavalieri  Foyer, Level -1

15.30 Automation (Continued)
Session Chairs: Kees van de Vrede, Area Manager Europe, Africa, Pakistan, India & Bangladesh, Weatherford Drilling International, & Joachim Oppelt, Head of Drilling & Production Department, Clausthal Technical University  

Well Construction Automation: The Link between Technology and Business: John Macpherson, Senior Technical Advisor, Baker Hughes, Thomas Geehan
The SPE Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section (DSATS) is affiliated with the IADC. Its membership is active in developing recommendations on open standards that allow interested parties to develop compatible products and services for well-construction automation. Automation in the well construction industry is, however, currently limited to isolated technical pockets and the industry has been unable to realize the potential benefits of systems automation. DSATS future efforts will include a mix of technical initiatives focused on breaking down the silos that have developed in the industry, and a conversation on business models that encourage and reward participants. 

Small Drilling Changes, Big Operational Difference: Automating Surface Drilling Machines with Downhole Modelling: Frode Efteland, Product Line Manager, National Oilwell Varco
Drilling examples from NOV’s Auto Driller Controller (ADC) and SoftSpeed™ II (SS2) are highlighted. ADC is a software tool, typically installed on drillships with Passive/Active Heave Cylinder Compensators. Passive heave compensation has shown poor WOB performance and causes NPT in rough sea. This new solution enables vastly better performance of WOB and ROP compared to a passive compensation system and manual drilling. SS2 is a software tool that optimizes the Top Drive to detect, mitigate and prevent stick-slip by modulating the rotational speed. Downhole tool speed and vibrations are estimated in real-time and enable the driller to instantly take action if needed. Combining the two solutions has shown a remarkable increase in the drilling performance. The presentation introduces the next generation auto driller; ‘Drill-A-Stand’, with pre-programmable well sequences.

16.30 Adjournment

Unassigned Papers of Note:
The following paper proposals will be included in the conference if a scheduled paper becomes unavailable. In addition, these presentations will be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire.

Operational Verification of a Blow Out Preventer (BOP) Utilizing Fiber Bragg Grating Based Strain Gauges: Alan Turner, Senior Concept Developer, Dan Thibodeau, Philippe Loustau, Lloyd’s Register Energy – Drilling

Ultra-deep water BOP operation poses numerous challenges in obtaining accurate knowledge of current system integrity. Advances in sensor technology now permit more accurate methods of BOP condition monitoring.  Fiber optic sensing technology and particularly fiber optic strain gauges have evolved to a point where we can derive a good representation of what is happening inside a BOP by installing sensors on the outside shell. Correlation will be presented between flow, pressure, acceleration signatures and the fiber optic strain gauge’s response as it relates to functional verification.

Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap – Industry Update: John de Wardt, President. De Wardt and Company
Drilling systems automation is an emerging technology that is grabbing headlines in the industry. The Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap (DSA-R) initiative – affiliated with IADC – is a cross-industry effort launched in June 2013 to accelerate the adoption of advancements in drilling systems automation for both onshore and offshore wells. The roadmap was segmented into eight key challenges which will each be updated in this presentation; Systems Architecture, Communications, Instrumentation and Measurement Systems, Drilling Machines and Equipment, Control Systems, Simulation Systems and Modelling, Human Systems Integration, and Certification and Standards.

How to Save 28 Hours on Your Rig Move: Charles Smith, General Manager, Fred Fortson, Edward Dow, Steve Suarez, TSC Offshore
TSC Offshore’s latest evolution of the successful PDQ™ rig series, the PDQ™-T750 1500hp Telescoping Triple Land Rig, is skilfully engineered to mobilize faster and more efficiently than conventional 1500hp designs by utilizing innovative design features which will save 28 hours overall on rig-up/rig-down operations equivalent to 100 man-hours, all with the added benefit of a smaller environmental footprint. Though the concept of a telescoping triple mast is not new to the industry, TSC’s version is engineered to perform unrivalled in speed, efficiency, and cost-saving aspects.

Innovative Forging Process Allows Safer and Cost Effective Heavy Duty Landing String for Deepwater Applications: Vincent Flores, Global Product Line Manager, Mathieu Massines, Baptiste Wattiez, Alexandre Catry, Vallourec, David Glascock, Patterson Tubulars
The offshore industry’s current trend is driving towards ultra-deep-water wells. In order to be able to set and run heavier casing strings, heavy duty landing string systems must be capable of landing heavy loads while ensuring slip crush resistance. One of the current operational challenges with existing landing strings is linked to eliminate the risk of setting the slips on any weld or heat affected zone. An innovative forging process has been used to produce seamless forged landing strings. The technology involves a hot forming process and allows for the drastic reduction of material yield compared to conventional processes.

Conference Program Committee

Khalid Al-Abdulgader, Saudi Aramco
Colin Ayton, Halliburton
Willem Brandt, Transocean
Sjoerd Brouwer, Shell E&P
Kevin Carey, Chevron
Brett Chandler, NOV Grant Prideco
Markus Doschek, OMV E&P
Vincent Flores, Vallourec
Sigve Hovda, Statoil
Gregers Kudsk, Maersk Drilling
Hege Kverneland, National Oilwell Varco
Shane Marchand, Helmerich & Payne IDC
Toni Marszalek, Schlumberger
Celine Martin, Total
Rustom Mody, Baker Hughes Incorporated
John Monks, Northern Offshore Ltd.
Joachim Oppelt, Clausthal Technical University
Egidio Palliotto, Saipem
Scott Sigurdson, BP
Hermann Spörker, Saudi Aramco
Kees van de Vrede, Weatherford
Jack Winton, KCA Deutag Drilling
Brian Woodward, Noble Corporation
Jens Hoffmark, IADC
Mike Killalea, IADC


Aberdeen Drilling School
Arnco Hardbanding
Atlas Copco
Balance Point Control
BAUER Deep Drilling
Bluhull Group
Bondura Technology
CAD Control Systems
CS Manufacturing Inc
Derrick Equipment Company
Deep Drill Supply Group
Drilling Systems (UK) Ltd
EFC Group
Elite Energy Products Ltd
Eztek Ltd.
Fluid Systems
Hardbanding Solutions
Herrenknecht Vertical
HP Well Screen
Juniper Systems Limited
Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies
Lloyd’s Register Energy
Logan International, Inc.
Maersk Training
MAOK, Russian Federation
Marex Marine and Risk Consultancy
Marine Cybernetics
National Oilwell Varco
Oiltec Solutions
Osborn International GmbH
Pegasus Vertex, Inc.
Pruitt Rotating Control Devices
RigQuip International
Servizi Integrati Di Sicurezza SRL
South Coast Products
Southwest Oilfield Products
Star Information Systems
STREICHER Drilling Technology
The REACH Group
The Well Academy
Well Control Institute
Wenzel Downhole Tools
Wild Well Control

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