IADC Drilling Middle East 2018 Conference & Exhibition

Start: 11 December 2018
End: 12 December 2018

Venue: Sheraton Grand Hotel
Location: Dubai


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Although the Middle East market has remained resilient through the downturn, this region continues to face challenges around workforce development, drilling efficiency, safety and security, and equipment maintenance. The IADC Drilling Middle East 2018 Conference & Exhibition will bring together industry leaders and drilling professionals to discuss such challenges and share best practices. Cutting-edge technology advances, including drilling automation, will be featured, as will case studies of relevant technical achievements. The premier event also will highlight evolving approaches to safety and training, providing practical information on new tools and processes that can be used to improve HSE performance.

Conference Program

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

07.00 Conference Registration, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by ARO Drilling

08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing: Mike DuBose, Vice President International Development, IADC

08.35 Keynote Presentation: Omar S. Al-Husaini, General Manager Drilling & Workover Operations, Saudi Aramco

09.00 Outlook for the Global Drilling Markets: Terry Childs, Head RigLogix, Arindam Das, Director EMEA, Westwood Global Energy Group
A market outlook for the global offshore and land drilling business, using their unique in-house data to outline the primary drivers of activity, current state of play and forecast expenditure both on a global basis and with focus on key global hotspots. The last 24 months has seen uplift in land markets but continued stagnation offshore, with over-supply weighing hard on the industry. Using the latest data the presentation will show the expectations for wells drilled, how this aligns to rig fleets and implications for rig utilization across different rig types. Westwood has been tracking the energy business for nearly three decades and the presentation will draw upon the firm’s drilling and field development insights, onshore land rig data and the Riglogix online service.

09.30 Featured Presentation: The Journey of ARO Drilling: Nick McBride, Director HSE & Training, Kelly McHenry, ARO Drilling
ARO Drilling is a world-class offshore drilling contractor that owns, operates, and manages a fleet of high-specification and premium jack-up rigs in Saudi Arabia. ARO Drilling is a joint venture between Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil company, and Rowan Companies, an industry-leading, global drilling contractor. This featured presentation will discuss the journey form ARO Drilling, the company’s strategic mission and the wider impact on Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision.

10.00 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by ARO Drilling

10.30 Session: Near & Longer-Term Challenges
Session Chairs: Joey Husband, Vice President Operations, Nabors Drilling, & Barbara Lasley, Well Operations Manager Oman, BP

A Walking MPD-READY Rig, a Unique Platform for Well Construction Process Improvement in Unconventional Plays: Andre Perales, Global Senior Operations Manager, Juan Pinzon, Nabors Drilling
Managed pressure drilling (MPD) technology enables economical access to impossible or extremely challenging reservoirs that will be needed to supply energy to the world. For years, land drillers in unconventional plays have seen the benefits of MPD, however there is potential for operational inefficiencies when MPD components are not integrated as part of the drilling rig. To overcome these challenges, MPD-READY rigs feature integrated hardware, software and required flow paths, to ascertain the downhole pressure environment during critical operations. All equipment skids with rig, eliminating non-productive time when moving between wells for multi-well pad drilling. MPD-READY rigs are a cost-effective solution for losses control and ensuring successful MPD cementing operations for optimum zonal isolation, completion and production tasks for addition of reserves in their portfolio.

Atoll EPS (Early Production Scheme) Case History from 3 Subsea HPHT Wells in Egypt: Ibrahim Elshafaie, Completions Engineer, & Mohamed Nashaat, Senior Completions Engineer, Fady El-Dabi, Geoffrey Crawley, Benni Toldo, Wael El-Wakeel, Sara Khafaga, BP
An introduction of the Atoll EPS project, the key well design decisions, including the sandface selection and the upper completion design will be discussed. In detail an overview will be shown about the perforating strategy selected to minimize formation damage and to reduce the risk of well control. In addition, the risk analysis used to justify the decision to flow back the wells to the facilities, the detailed engineering involved and the key lessons learned during completion operations will be presented. Finally, analysis of early production data shown, including details on well startup, offtake, and skin factors will be shown.

Maximizing RT Data Utilization in Occidental of Oman to be a Major Contributor is 10% Reduction of the Cost/Foot: Mayez Al-Isber, Middle East BDM, Petrolink, James Jones, Occidental Petroleum
With the ongoing cost optimization challenges faced within the Oil & Gas industry its mandatory for Operators to follow the best industry practices to ensure business continuity with maximum utilization of available resources. It’s essential for us to have predictive and prompt decision-making skills to achieve the goals which require reliable and fully automated systems. This presentation will give insight on the Real Time Operations Centre, built in Occidental of Oman to drill and complete many challenging and critical wells following best engineering practices by using one of the most advanced Real-Time Data Management systems.

The Deployment of Cemented Completion in Deep Gas Horizontal Wells, PDO’s Journey: Badar Al Zeidi, Well Engineer Operation, Yan Terras, Petroleum Development Oman
This presentation will address the cemented completion journey in gas vertical/horizontal wells. The fields and well schematic will be reviewed and the analysis and implementation of trials including well plan software simulation results for (liner top vs. cemented completion) will be outlined including the challenges that arise. 

12.30 Luncheon & Open Exhibition Sponsored by Derrick Equipment Company

14.00 Panel Session: Artificial Intelligence – Invited or Uninvited to Your Change Party?
Moderator: David Reid, Chief Marketing Officer, National Oilwell Varco

Advanced computational and autonomous logic is in our homes and in our hands but are we ready for it on our work desktops, drilling screens and joysticks? Drilling costs have come down significantly but as the market and business health returns to the drilling business how do we secure a more sustainable and consistent improvement, it may be timely that Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be ready for its spotlight in drilling applications. Could wells be drilled better or even with less use of expensive 3rd party experts or hit and miss tools, taking advantage of the massive improvement potential that AI promises?  However, we use it AI should eliminate risk and variability up ahead and adopting of modern improved sensors and self-aware systems that know what works and doesn’t work is a Nirvana we find hard to ignore, but are we really there yet? Does the use of the words by companies mean it is here or that we love the technological idea? We hope to learn more on this panel. This will be a “can’t miss” panel as decisions about who does what with this coming powerful capability will also provide some important context for what we should do next, in supporting and investing in this technology.

  • Philippe Herve, Vice President Solutions, SparkCognition
  • Tim Airey, Technology Principal – Digital Innovation Organization, BP
  • Niels Espeland, International Business Development Advisor, Precision Drilling
  • Adebayo Aremu, Operations Superintendent, Land BU, KCA Deutag

15.30 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by ARO Drilling

16.00 Technical Innovations for Better Health, Safety & Environment
Session Chair: Kees van de Vrede, Drilling Advisor, Dubai Petroleum

Active Safety on Your Drill Floor: Joost Lasschuit, Managing Director Rolloos
The drill floor is a dangerous place. Even with training, instructions and a strong team we will face incidents or near misses. It can happen to anyone and everywhere. Therefore, we have to take all effort possible to safeguard our crews. Not by restricting them to go anywhere, but by assisting them to continuously know where they are good to go. Pacific Drilling and Rolloos partnered in developing the Red Zone Monitoring solution, a stand-alone system that monitors the drill floor to see where people are. 

Artificial Intelligence for Vision-based Inspection for Marine and Offshore Assets: Yongda Zhen, Research Scientist, Lili Liu, Estee Tan, Kevin Chee Quan Lim, Yiheng Ma, Xi Jiang Yin, Zhi Qiang Cai, Singapore Polytecnic, Hai Gu, American Bureau of Shipping
This presentation provides the data analytics component of a comprehensive inspection system for marine and offshore structures that consists of data collection tools (UAVs, ROVs, etc.), digital model of the asset where the collected data is mapped and stored and analytic tools to analyze the data and make decisions. The background and the methodology adopted in this study will be discussed as well as the results.   

17.00-18.00 Welcoming Reception & Open Exhibition

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

 07.30 Conference Registration, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Baker Hughes, a GE Company

08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing: Hisham Zebian, Regional Representative, Middle East, Caspian & Africa, IADC

08.35 Keynote Presentation: Joey Husband, Vice President Operations, Nabors Drilling

09.00 Session: Re-Starting Operations
Session Chair: Pete Mathieson, Manager Operations, Ensco plc

Non-OEM versus OEM – The Case for the Defense: Craig Fraser, CEO, RigQuip
Non-OEM repair of drilling equipment is an often controversial subject with the drilling community seemingly split down the middle. Some do, some don’t and for varying reasons. This presentation will discuss and explore the differences and present one company’s view along with two case studies where an operator and drilling contractor both chose to go non-OEM. The latest API repair standards API Q2 and API 16AR will be discussed and presented. API Q2 is specifically designed for companies servicing oilfield equipment and was introduced as a result of Macondo. API 16AR is an “aftermarket repair” update of the long established API 16 standard for drill thru equipment such as BOPs. Like API Q2 the API 16AR standard was established and driven by the major operator’s, major service companies and OEM’s current needs. 

Lessons from Warm/Cold Automated Rig Restarts: Christopher Goetz, Senior Partner, Kingston Systems
5th-, 6th- and 7th-generation rigs had never been cold-stacked before this downturn. It was not fully understood how the software and PLC control systems would respond to the stacking and cold storage. As the industry starts to bring these rigs out, the challenges are significant and often underestimated. This presentation of case-based lessons learned will share experiences on recent rig restarts. The lessons center on advanced automated and PLC-controlled rigs, both onshore and offshore, the contractor processes and systems that govern them, and operator expectations during this period of rig intake.

10.00 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Baker Hughes, a GE Company

 10.30 Technology & Innovation
Session Chairs: Peter Zehetleitner, Head of Well Engineering, OMV, & Mohammad Eljaber, Rigs Program and Proposals Manager, NOV

Quantitative Measurement of Hole Cleaning in Realtime Reduces NPT Exporsure: Matt Regan, Director Drilling Solutions, GEOLOG International
This Presentation will show equipment, software, methodology and case histories of a globally-proven service that accurately monitors the volume of formation solids removed from the hole in realtime, thus providing a quantitative measurement of hole-cleaning. Examples will include use of the service for early identification of poor solids removal due to hydraulics, hole condition or hole-cleaning issues that allowed immediate remedial action to be taken, avoiding NPT and unplanned cost. Similarly, further examples will show how unnecessary precautionary actions were identified and eliminated, again saving both induced NPT and therefore cost.

MPD and UBD Hybrid System Achieves Target Depth in Previously Undrillable Condition in Adhi Field Pakistan, A Case History: Qasim Ashraf, MPD/UBD Engineering Team Leader, Ali Khalid, Farhad ali, Khurram Luqman, Ayoub Moussa, Weatherford, Zaheer Udding Barbar, Hassam Uddinn Khan, Safli Ulla, PPL
The real well situation that was encountered while drilling the 8-1/2″ hole section will be discussed. A sudden abnormal high pressure gas pocket resulted in such a situation that it was not possible for the operator to precede the drilling operation in conventional way of drilling without compromising a complete casing. A MPD/UBD Hybrid system was designed as per the hole requirements. The well was drilled with this hybrid system and resulted in achieving the set objectives and reached the TD of the hole section. 

Smart Automated Pipe Handling: Anders Henrik Holm, Segment Product Champion Drill Floor Tools & Top Drive, Drilling Systems, Cameron, a Schlumberger Company
In the land drilling market there is a lack of smart automated pipe handling systems for high setback. Either the systems are too slow or too advanced. To take the step towards a simple and fast system we have applied smart design. Safety, performance and mobility are not compromised as we have optimized the complete process, all the way from picking up single tubulars on ground level to delivery of complete stands to the top drive ensuring a fast, safe and consistent working pipe handling system. 

Drill Pipe Design Optimization Allows Obtaining Quintessence of New Generation of Ultra High Torque Connectors: Fabien Carrois, Technical Support Manager, Marta Lafuente, Vallourec
This presentation presents how a drill pipe design can be optimized to achieve maximum performances and a longer product life by considering design indicators such as the torsional ratio, elevator capacity and the critical cross section behavior. Its aims is to share with the rest of the world (mainly operators) how to optimize their configuration of drill pipe fitted with new generation of ultra-high torque connectors to obtain quintessence of performances in order to optimized tubular assets management. 

12.30 Luncheon & Open Exhibition 

14.00 Panel Session: Operations Readiness for the Future
Moderator: Peter Cunnion, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager- Middle East & Asia Pacific, Northern Offshore Drilling

The recent encouraging upturn in the O&G industry and the concomitant return to work of rigs (onshore and offshore) will present opportunities and challenges, especially around the process of reactivating rigs that have been down-manned and sitting idle for extended periods. This panel session discusses the importance of thorough planning and the necessary preparation to be applied toward: rig-readiness, crew-readiness and the effective use of robust management systems, including an operational safety case where indicated. 

  • Kees van de Vrede, Drilling Advisor, Dubai Petroleum
  • Yann-Eric Gille, Vice President Technical Services, WDI
  • Derek Kent, Vice President – Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, Ensco plc
  • Guido van den Bos, Director Business Development Europe, Africa and Middle East, National Oilwell Varco
  • Mark Gardiner, Senior Manager, The REACH Group 

15.30 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Baker Hughes, a GE Company

 16.00 Health Safety & Environment
Session Chair: Wayne Bauer, Director QHSE, Vantage Drilling

Towards a Sustainable Future, Reduce Environmental Foot print in Oil & Gas Industry, Pit less Drilling System: Hafidh Al-Naamani, Well Engineer, Ali Malik Al-Harthi, Adil Al-Kindi, Rashid Al-Wardi, Said Al Saqri, Petroleum Development Oman
This initiative has reduced the overall water consumption by 60% through re-use of the treated water and it enabled the recovery of oil from cuttings, the reuse of chemicals and the utilization of excess cement for constructing cement blocks for use in various applications (in one well, more than 250 blocks were produced). The concept was applied in Oman for the first time in the Qarn Alam cluster where technical and commercial viability were proven on 3 wells. Once replicated across PDO’s portfolio the pit-less drilling concept will yield to potential savings in the order of US$ 34 mln. per year assuming that 600 wells are drilled per year. This will be a value added locally and globally. 

Using the Three T’s Testing, Timing and Technology to Increase Equipment Reliability through Maintenance Strategies: Gus Caldera, Vice President Sales Product Management & Aftermarket, Ingersoll Rand
Rather than suffering the consequences of unplanned downtime, or guessing at maintenance schedules, a pre-planned maintenance regimen can extend the life cycle of safety-critical equipment, while minimizing repair costs. Gus Caldera of Ingersoll Rand, will discuss the three T’s – Testing, Timing and Technology – to maximize maintenance approaches while minimizing the downtime needed to do it.

17.00 Adjournment: Hisham Zebian, Regional Representative, Middle East, Caspian & Africa, IADC

Unassigned Papers of Note:
The following paper proposals will be included in the conference if a scheduled paper becomes unavailable. In addition, these presentations will be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire.

Drilling Waste Management Solutions – Operational and Economical Benefits: Simon Tyldsley, Director UAE, TWMA
The value associated with the thermal processing of drill cuttings at source on an operational and economic basis are highlighted. Topics for discussion will include operational efficiency, reduced total cost of ownership for well program and reduction in environmental liabilities. Drawing upon a detailed case study based on the ADNOC Offshore UZ750 Island project data, this presentation will demonstrate that at source handling, treatment, disposal and reuse of drill cuttings is technically and commercially beneficial.

Measurements While Drilling System Improves Wellbore Placement: Steve Krase, Vice President Downhole Technology, Nabors Drilling
The system has been successfully used in several areas including the Eagle Ford, Austin Chalk, Permian Basin, Cotton Valley, and Bakken and results are presented that verify improved wellbore placement and reduced operating costs.

Optimizing the Drilling Process in Oman by the Use of Percussion Drilling Saved more than 2 Weeks of Rig Time: Cesar Orta, Technical Sales and Support Engineer, Abdul Saboor, Ramon Ambrano, Elie Takla, Weatherford, Jakob Pontus Roos, OXY
Planning and operational results for successful application of Percussion Drilling in Oman to drill through hard and abrasive formations where performance has enhanced not only the drillability of the wells but also the cost savings associated with reaching total depth earlier than expectation will be discussed.


Program Committee Members

Said Abdullah Al Mahrooqi, Petroleum Development Oman
Abdullah S. Al Marri, Saudi Aramco
Ghassan Al Muhanna, Bahrain Petroleum Company
Salman Ansari, Sakson Drilling & Oil Services DMCC
Wayne Bauer, Vantage Drilling
Jason Crowe, Borr Drilling
Peter Cunnion, Northern Offshore Drilling
Raymond Dunn, Noble Corporation
Mike Edmonson, National Drilling and Services Company
Mohammad Eljaber, National Oilwell Varco
Joey Husband, Nabors Drilling
Barbara Lasley, BP
Pete Mathieson, Ensco plc
Nick McBride, ARO Drilling
Manoj Raghavan, KCA Deutag
Miguel Sanchez, WDI Drilling
Mike Simpson, Cansco
Mike Strauss, Ensign Energy Services
Salaheddin Turki, National Drilling Company
Kees van de Vrede, Dubai Petroleum
Peter Zehetleitner, OMV
Mike DuBose, IADC
Hisham Zebian, IADC

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