IADC Health, Safety, Environment & Training Conference & Exhibition

Start: 5 February 2019
End: 6 February 2019

Venue: Omni Hotel Houston Westside
Location: Houston, TX, USA

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This conference examines a range of topics impacting accident prevention, environmental protection, competency, and training in the drilling industry.

Conference Program

Monday, 4 February

1:00-4:00 pm  IADC HSE & Workforce Development Committee Meeting (Separate registration for this meeting is required) Texas Ballroom 5-7

3:00-6:00 pm  IADC North America Onshore Advisory Panel Meeting (Advisory Panel Members Only)  Woodbine

Tuesday, 5 February

7:15 am  Registration, Coffee Service & Exhibition  Texas Ballroom & Foyer  Sponsored by Precision Drilling Corporation

7:30 am  Speaker Briefing (Speakers, Moderators & Session Chairs only)  Texas Ballroom 5-7

8:15 am  Welcome & Introduction  Texas Ballroom 5-7

  • Jason McFarland, President, IADC
  • Christine Lederer, Co-Chair, IADC HSE Committee; HSE Specialist, Precision Drilling Corporation

8:30 am  Keynote Presentation: Kevin Neveu, 2019 IADC Chairman; President & CEO, Precision Drilling Corporation
Mr. Neveu is President and Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Precision Drilling Corporation and has held these positions since joining the company in 2007. Mr. Neveu has 35 years of experience in the oilfield services sector holding technical, marketing, management and senior leadership positions over his career.

9:00 am  Tackling Challenges in the Field
Moderator: Warren Hubler, VP HSE & Training, Helmerich & Payne IDC
Rig managers and superintendents from the onshore sector share their insights on current challenges, leadership, culture, and interaction with third parties. Have your questions ready for this interactive session. 

  • Ricky McNamar, Drilling Superintendent, Latshaw Drilling Company
  • Liban Hussein-Ismael, Operations Director, Saudi Arabia Nabors Arabia Drilling (SANAD)
  • Stephen Fugate, Drilling Superintendent, Independence Contract Drilling
  • Brad Beason, Rig Manager, Cactus Drilling
  • Gareth Barker, Operations Manager, Precision Drilling Corporation
  • Darren Days, Operations Manager, South Texas, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company

10:00 am  Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing   Sponsored by Precision Drilling Corporation

Session Chair: Cody Ashley, HSE Director, Latshaw Drilling Company
10:30 am  Featured Speaker: Dave Payne, Corporate Vice President HSE, Chevron

11:00 am  Effect of Workplace Accidents on the Family: Laurel & Russ Youngstrom, Youngstrom Safety
Russ is a work-related paraplegic. He and his wife, Laurel, travel across the country, sharing their story with audiences from all industries. Their message is that a split-second decision can change not only a workers’ life, but also the lives of their families, forever. Their mission is to make just one worker out of each audience think twice, instead of doing something unsafe.

12:00 pm  Luncheon & Exhibit Viewing  Lakeview Room  Co-sponsored by Latshaw Drilling Company & Ensign

1:30 pm  HSE Management

Investigations The H&P Way (The SIF Model): Wade Deer, Offshore HSE Manager, Helmerich & Payne IDC
The traditional investigation strategy that focuses on injury outcome rather than potential does not control and remove the hidden Serious Injury or Fatality (SIF) exposures. We will explore H&P’s journey to develop and implement an investigation strategy that shifts the focus to potential SIF exposures. We will discuss the case for action, proportionate response, procedure/work flow, decision tree, precursors to SIF events, role of senior leadership, challenges, learning’s and way forward.

It’s Not the Flavor of the Month: How to Integrate Human Factors into the Work You Are Already Doing to Optimize Human Performance and Reduce Risk: Sandra Adkins, Safety Advisor-Human Performance, Chris Parker, BP
We have all heard it regarding HSE initiatives, “Oh, -insert buzz word here- is just the next flavor of the month. It will pass.” Yet, when the approach and tools of the Human Factors discipline is integrated into the HSE and risk management processes our businesses are already doing, it can become a sustainable force to optimize human performance and reduce risk in our operations—rather than a “bolt-on” activity or fad that doesn’t last. We will share examples of how BP is integrating Human Factors through our six focus areas of Leadership and Culture, Critical Tasks, Facilities and Equipment, Conduct of Operations, Managing Work Safety, and Investigation and Learning to illustrate that done well, Human Factors does not have to succumb to the fate of just another flavor of the month.

Managing Dropped Object Risk to an Industry Standard: Tyler Brown, SE Systems Analyst, Shell, Duston McConnell, Wells Team Lead-HSE, BP
An overview of Oil & Gas industry collaboration and methodology utilized to drive standard process and barrier improvement to dropped object management systems as promoted by DROPS. A deep dive into the Continuous Improvement cycle utilized by the North American Chapter of DROPS, including the results of the goal setting process and evolution of the DROPS Recommended Practice to address a changing industry.

3:00 pm  Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing  Sponsored by Precision Drilling Corporation

Session Chair: Rhett Winter, Director, Government & Industry Affairs – Onshore, IADC
3:30 pm  Investment Trends – The Growing Role of Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) Criteria: Kaitlyn Allen, President & CEO, Global Affairs Associates LLC
An overview of the trends and drivers of ESG investing, and how these relate HSE and reporting in your industry.

4:00 pm  Road Safety
Industry experts will share current statistics and best practices for road safety.

  • Kyla Retzer, Epidemiologist, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
  • Dave Scott, Global Land Transportation Advisor, Hess Corporation
  • Rick Gantman, Road Safety Advisor, Pioneer Natural Resources

5:00 pm  Welcoming Reception & Exhibit Viewing  Texas Ballroom & Foyer

Wednesday, 6 February

7:15 am  Registration, Coffee Service & Exhibition  Texas Ballroom & Foyer

8:20 am  Welcome & Introduction  Texas Ballroom 5-7

  • Rhett Winter, Director, Government & Industry Affairs – Onshore, IADC
  • Eliot Doyle, Co-Chair, IADC Workforce Development Committee; Manager, Global Training & Competence, Rowan Companies

8:30 am  Tackling Challenges Offshore
Moderator: Richard Grayson, Sr. QHSE Manager, Global Well Control Focal Point, Nabors Drilling USA
Rig managers from the offshore sector share their insights on current challenges, leadership, culture, and interaction with third parties. Have your questions ready for this interactive session. 

  • Kent Mayfield, Pacific Sharav Rig Manager, Pacific Drilling
  • Tom Freeny, Drilling Superintendent, Helmerich & Payne IDC
  • William Strachan, Rig Manger, Transocean
  • Clint Bailey, Captain/OIM-O. BlackLion, Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.

Session Chair: Brooke Polk, Director – Program Development & Technology, IADC
9:30 am  The Impact of Culture on Performance: Dave Massey, President, Mark Sprague, The REACH Group, Jon Richards, VP Global Operations, Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.
Comparing the performance of two identical rigs where one had a culture by design, the other by default.

10:00 am  The Current State and Future of Competency Assurance Programs: Dave Demski, PE, Competent and Engaged LLC
The IADC has been accrediting Competency Assurance Programs since 2009.  This was done to provide a means and a model for oil and gas related companies to establish an industry standard to maximize the impact of Competency Assurance Programs (CAPs).  In 2018 the IADC completed a detailed benchmarking of 12 CAPs.  This benchmarking involved an IADC two-day audit of each company, with extensive reviews of CAP policies and procedures, as well as interviews with management and employees involved in or affected by the program.  This presentation outlines the findings of this benchmarking effort and highlights the current state of these programs and how they are evolving to enhance the operational and safety performance of the industry.

10:30 am  Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

Session Chair: Eliot Doyle, Co-Chair, IADC Workforce Development Committee; Manager, Global Training & Competence, Rowan Companies
11:00 am  Situational Awareness & Active Shooter Response: Greg Shaffer, President, Shaffer Security Group
Mr. Shaffer served in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for twenty years.  He is currently founder and President of Shaffer Security Group, a global security, risk management and tactical training specialty firm based in Dallas, Texas.  Greg is a recognized as one of the nations’ leading and respected policy experts in the prevention of domestic terrorism and active shooter events.

12:00 pm  Luncheon & Exhibit Viewing

1:15 pm  Gaining Wisdom from your Human Resources Directors
Moderator: Dave Massey, President, The REACH Group
Brush up on your recruiting strategies! Hiring the right employee is a challenging process. Hiring the wrong employee is expensive, time-consuming and costly to your work environment. These HR Directors will examine tips for hiring well, strategic staffing plans, and pre-hire analysis.

  • Brandon Cannady, HR Director, Scandrill
  • Le Pan, VP of Human Resources, Nabors Industries
  • Jade Marcantel, Director-Talent Management, Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.
  • Heather Dulin, Director, Talent Acquisition & Organizational Development, National Oilwell Varco

2:15 pm  Workforce Development

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders to Solve Tomorrow’s Problems: Matthew Roberts, Human Factors Instructor, Maersk Training
This presentation aims to highlight the generational differences in Crew Resource Management (CRM), specifically how different generations make decisions, influence the decision-making process and equipping tomorrow leaders for success. Specific attention will be paid to the human-machine interaction with new technology that is unfamiliar to experienced generations, such as the cyber chair or Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) system.

3:00 pm  Coffee Service & Exhibit Viewing

3:15 pm  SPE Drilling HSE Workshop Summary: Jill E. Cooper, Senior Principal, Geosyntec Consultants, Jennifer Guidry, Vice President, Global HSE , Precision Drilling Corporation
The Drilling HSE Workshop (formerly known as the SPE Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility Conference-North America­) included presentations from experts with extended Q&A and breakout sessions on timely topics such as contractor safety programs, the role of process safety, how human factors drive safety, and managing hazards related to drilling operations. The presenters will give an overview of the highlights of the workshop.

3:45 pm  Examining the Metrics for Success & Performance
Moderator: Clyde Loll, Co-Chair, IADC HSE Committee; Corporate VP of QHSE, Nabors Corporate Services
How do we measure success and performance? How is performance interpreted? How can corporate culture be successfully implemented at the front line? These and other questions will be answered as industry leaders share insights on their company’s metrics for success and performance.

  • Gaynor Shirreffs, VP HSE, Chevron
  • Chris Martin, Safety Manager, COG Operating, LLC
  • Mike Garvin, SVP Operations Support, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company
  • Offshore Contractor, to be named

4:45 pm  Adjournment

Conference Program Committee

Aaron Mueller, AI Safety Management
Clyde Loll, Nabors Corporate Services
Cody Ashley, Latshaw Drilling Company
Dave Massey, The REACH Group
Eliot Doyle, Rowan Companies
Jennifer Guidry, Precision Drilling Corporation
Jesse Picard, Cameron, a Schlumberger company
John Karish, GTZ Consulting LLC
Kyle Cordis, Cactus Drilling
Melvin LeBlanc, Shell E&P
Nicolas Le Gouhinec, Ensco plc
Nolan Habegger, BHGE
Richard Grayson, Nabors Drilling USA
Ryan D’Aunoy, Precision Drilling Corporation
Tim Callais, Sidewinder Drilling
Warren Hubler, Helmerich & Payne IDC
Brooke Polk, IADC
Rhett Winter, IADC


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