IADC Drilling HSE&T Europe 2014 Conference & Exhibition

Start: 24 September 2014
End: 25 September 2014

Venue: Movenpick Hotel
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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“Manage Growth While Meeting Demands”

The upstream oil and gas industry increasingly empowers – and frequently requires – workers to intervene to prevent unsafe acts and eliminate workplace dangers, all under increased regulatory scrutiny. At the same time, industry faces a huge challenge in manning rigs, as an anticipated 30% growth coincides with the “great crew change.” IADC Drilling HSE&T Europe 2014 will explore these critical issues, as well as provide solid take-home value from topnotch presentations across a range of HSE and training topics.

Conference Program

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

07.00 Conference Registration, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by KCA DEUTAG Drilling Ltd.
Atrium Foyer & Zurich I & II

08.15 Welcome & Opening Remarks: Stephen A. Colville, President & CEO, IADC
Matterhorn I-III

08.30 Keynote Presentation: Steven Newman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Transocean

09.00 Panel Discussion: Collaboration – The Key to Effective Process Safety in the Workplace”
Moderator: Tony Johnson, Senior Global HSE Manager, Transocean

As our industry sharpens its focus on Process Safety we must recognize that collaboration between Operator, Contractor and Service Providers is pivotal to identify, assess and effectively manage all our major hazards. The panel will share a systematic approach which clearly illustrates our collective responsibilities to effectively operate and maintain our industry’s human, physical and procedural Major Hazard Barriers.

  • Jitze Lukkes, Technical Safety Manager, Shell Global Solutions International B. V.
  • Jack Hinton, Vice President HSE&S, Baker Hughes
  • Mike Scott, Global Operational Integrity Manager, Transocean
  • James Darnell, Vice President-Health, Safety & Environment, Noble Drilling Services

10.30 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by KCA DEUTAG Drilling Ltd.
Atrium Foyer & Zurich I & II

11.00 Process Safety
Session Chair: Jennifer May Guidry, Senior Director Corporate QHSE & Management System, Hercules Offshore

Managing Process Safety in Well Operations through Addressing Ten Critical Elements: Paul Boutkan, SE Manager Joint Ventures, Shell Projects & Technology
Managing Process Safety is a key requirement to keep our well operations safe. Shell has developed an engagement program called “Think Process Safety” to address ten critical elements for managing Process Safety during wells operations and in particular when maintaining the barriers on site. Continuous engagement to fully embed the program involves both the Shell organization and the contractors who contribute to maintaining control over our wells. The program has already been adopted by some of the main industry contractors and is unrestricted.

Developing a Process Safety Framework: Mark Campbell-Howes, Head of Process Safety, Maersk Drilling
Maersk Drilling’s approach to develop a process safety management framework tailored to the needs of a drilling contractor will be presented and some of the key initiatives that have taken place in support of the objective to reduce the risk of a major accident occurring in offshore operations will be explained.

Leading Process Safety KPI’s in MODU Operations on the NCS: Karl Erik Dahl, Director – Offshore Energy Products, Presight Solutions AS
This safety case presents MODU contractors Ocean Rig, Songa Offshore, Stena Drilling and NCS rights owner VNG Norway’s implementation of leading process safety (MTO) and barrier performance indicators for crew and management in decision making situations. The case demonstrates a heuristic tool approach, transforming risk analysis, safety cases and complex socio-tech drilling systems and data into performance monitoring KPI’s. The safety case represents a practical systems approach and shares the experience to improve major accident risk awareness and apply key industry SEMS recommendations after the 2010 Macondo accident.

12.30 Luncheon & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Ensco plc
Silk Road Restaurant, 2nd floor

14.00 Panel Discussion: “Competency & Capacity Challenge”
Moderator: Gordon Graham, Business Opportunity Manager, HSSE Competence Assurance, Shell Global Solutions International B.V.

More rigs and more work means more competent people are required and high turnover of staff is common. How can our industry rise to the challenge of ensuring that the training and experiences we provide to our people will result in a safe and efficient working environment?

  • Mark Denkowski, Executive Vice President – Operational Integrity, IADC
  • Søren Risgaard Jeppesen, Senior Director QMHSE, Maersk Drilling
  • Geoff Monsen, Group Head of Operations – Operations Division, KCA Deutag Drilling Ltd
  • Franco Pandolfi, Senior Vice President, Business Unit Drilling –  Operative Coordination, Saipem

15.30 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by KCA DEUTAG Drilling Ltd.
Atrium Foyer & Zurich I & II

16.00 Training
Session Chair: Marco Borzi, HSE Manager, Saipem Norway

Transforming Knowledge Transfer: Tom Bakker, Director, Well Engineering Partners
In the drilling industry we create wells with groups of skilled workers. To prevent incidents, we have developed an increasingly complex layer of barriers, checks and controls, leading to inefficiency and an increasing burden on everyone involved. Still we have imperfect results: near misses, incidents, loss of time. Modern technology provides an opportunity for a new approach for effective knowledge deployment for safe, efficient and fault free well engineering and drilling operations. 

The Virtual Academy – Bridging the Competency Gap Utilising E-learning to Develop New Talent, Capture and Communicate Valuable Experience: Jason McGill, Principal Specialist Virtual Academy, Aberdeen Drilling Consultants Ltd.
Challenges and ultimate successes we have encountered in capturing, assessing and certifying the wealth of knowledge from senior industry personnel to become the course material that is now being effectively delivered and accepted across varying factions within our industry will be explored and described. The presentation will give many benefits and challenges of utilising e-learning as an effective training delivery method within a truly global and multi-cultural industry such as ours. The presentation will identify that whilst e-learning does not and should not replace all other learning mediums it does have its place and does support the successful management of the competency gap which remains our industries greatest challenge.

17.00-18.30 Welcoming Reception


Thursday, 25 September 2014

07.00 Conference Registration, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition
Atrium Foyer & Zurich I & II

08.30 Welcome & Opening Remarks: Stephen A. Colville, President & CEO, IADC
Matterhorn I-III

08.35 Keynote Presentation: Richard Osmond, Director S&OR, HSSE, Global Wells Organization, BP

09.00 Panel Discussion: “Personal Safety and Human Factors”
Moderator: Søren Risgaard Jeppesen, Senior Director QMHSE, Maersk Drilling

This session will address the spectrum of human to machine and interpersonal interfaces that are common in well operations. Automation of routine activities will be explored through a risk elimination lens, while people working together effectively in an environment of interdependence will be addressed via work done on “Crew Resource Management”.  

  • Lee Hogan, QHSE Director, Seadrill
  • Sybe Visser, Managing Director, Swift Drilling
  • Steve Kropla, Vice President – Offshore Division, IADC
  • Richard Scaife, Director Occupational Psychologist, The Keil Centre Limited

10.30 Networking Break & Open Exhibition
Atrium Foyer & Zurich I & II

11.00 Personal Safety and Human Factors
Session Chair: Bram Leerdam, HSE&Q Manager, Paragon Offshore

How to Investigate What Goes Right?: David van Valkenburg, Consultant, AdviSafe Risk Management B.V.
One of the latest developments in the academic world of safety is the new paradigm called Safety II. This paper seeks to combine theory and practice to come up with ideas to investigate what goes right in normal operations. The result will hopefully add to the discussion of making the Safety II paradigm operational and giving some clues as to how we can use what goes right to our benefit.

Electrical Safety at Rig Site: Bogdan Cazacu, Rig Surveyor, Stefan Bischof, Rig Surveyor, OMV E&P
An overview of the challenges drilling contractors are facing arising with regards to electrical safety and explosion-proof equipment as discovered during OMV E&P audits will be given. The reasons for these challenges are discussed and possible solutions are presented. Furthermore past approaches OMV took as an operator are described.

12.00 Featured Presentation: Outcome of NSOAF’s Rig Audit in The North Sea
Session Chair: Bram Leerdam, HSE&Q Manager, Paragon Offshore

Sigve Knudsen, Director for Supervisory Activities, Petroleum Safety Authority Norway
Following Deepwater Horizon, the North Sea Offshore Authorities Forum during 2012-13 conducted a multi-national audit in the North Sea, examining human and organisational factors related to well control. Eleven separate audits were undertaken, covering a range of operators and contractors and including platform drilling, jackups and harsh-environment semisubmersibles. The audit found a range of approaches – some impressive, others less so – to the human and organisational factors in well control, with the most worrying aspects being those relating to company systems and the way the various operators and their contractors interface. NSOAF will commend the report to the North Sea offshore industry, asking that operators, drilling contractors and trade organisations seek ways to implement good practises more widely. This work has a wider application than only the North Sea. The good practises recorded in this report should prove to be easily adoptable by others.

12.30 Luncheon & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by BP
Silk Road Restaurant, 2nd floor

14.00 Body & Mind
Session Chair: Gary Kelso, Wells Operating Authority, BP

Weighing in on Obesity in Oil and Gas: Michael Wahl, President, PhD Researcher Memorial University, Definitions – Human Engineering
A major issue facing offshore employers is that factors such as the availability of high caloric foods, limited opportunity for physical activity, increasing age profile of employees and rise in sedentary jobs may all predispose workers to becoming overweight/obese as well as susceptible to long term disability. Novel medical research regarding the assessment of medically designed offshore specific lifestyle intervention effectiveness, and assessment of worker physical capacity will help evolve the industry, refine employment standards and provide an effective means of reducing risk of illness, obesity and injury associated with poor lifestyle, long working hours, stress, aging and costs to organizations.

Human Factors and Verification – Developing a Verification Mindset: Maxine Fawcett, Principal Consultant, Intertek Consulting & Training
The single biggest issue the oil and gas industry is facing at this time is assurance. This paper addresses the issue of ‘what it will take to embed a verification mindset into an organisation. Are we asking the right questions?

15.00 HSE Management
Session Chair: Gary Kelso, Wells Operating Authority, BP

Mutual Aid in Large-Scale Offshore Incidents – A Framework for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry: Tore Ulleberg, Managing Counsel, ConocoPhillips Norge, representing the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers
Large-scale incidents can require access to resources beyond those immediately accessible to a single operator. This presentation will introduce the OGP framework for initiating and developing mutual aid arrangements. A common process will be outlined that can be employed at the regional or basin level, key issues that can be encountered will be highlighted and will offer practical measures to enhance and sustain arrangements.

15.30 Closing Remarks


Unassigned Papers of Note:
The following paper proposals will be included in the conference if a scheduled paper becomes unavailable. In addition, these presentations will be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire.

The Energy Institute High Level Framework for Process Safety Management and Its Application in Non-Production Organizations: Martin Ball, Founder & Director, EIPSS Ltd.
What do we need to do to assure an incident free operation? How do we know we are doing it? Two simple questions, but many organisations struggle to answer them with confidence. This presentation discusses how the Energy Institute Process Safety Management Framework assists production and non-production organisations to address these two issues and assure the integrity of their operation. The presentation includes a case study to illustrate how the framework is being applied in a drilling company.

Venting Capability for Subsurface Fluid Handling System: Consideration for Process Safety Design: Benjamin Cormier, Process Safety Engineer, Frederic Gil, GWO SOR, BP International LimitedConsiderations for process safety design for the venting capability of the system will be presented, including overboard lines, mud gas separator main vent line, and anti-siphon vent line. As kicks from high pressure reservoirs may result in increased surface volume of gas, venting safely is a point of emphasis. This paper is focusing on the gas venting by examining the safe operating limits of the system by analysing venting scenarios and proposes an updated calculation methodology and considerations for design parameters.

Program Committee Members

Joep Beijer, Shell International
Marco Borzi, Saipem Norway
Mohamed El Halimi, Danish Energy Agency
Ashok Garlapati, Kuwait Oil Company
Gordon Graham, Shell International
Søren R. Jeppesen, Maersk Drilling
Tony Johnson, Transocean
John Karish, Ensco plc
Gary Kelso, BP Exploration
Bob Kilford, KCA Deutag
Bram Leerdam, Paragon Offshore
Jennifer May Guidry, Hercules Offshore
Øyvind Tuntland, Petroleum Safety Authority Norway
Michael de Vos, State Supervision of Mines
Paul Breaux, IADC
Jens Hoffmark, IADC
Joe Hurt, IADC


AdviSafe Risk Management
Alere Toxicology
CGE Risk Management Solutions
Derrick Services (UK) Ltd.
DNV-GL Software
Drilling Systems (UK) Ltd
EHS Insight
In Place Medical
Intertek Consulting & Training
K2 Specialist Services Pte Ltd
Kelvin TOP-SET
Latchways Plc
Maersk Training
Marex Marine and Risk Consultancy
Mission Excellence Ltd
Petrofac Training Services BV
Presight Solutions AS
QTEC Energy Services LTD
REEL Group
Rider, My Work Navigator
Ringers Gloves
Stopdrop Tooling
The REACH Group
The Well Academy
V12 Footwear
Westex by Milliken

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