IADC Drilling HSE&T Asia Pacific 2014 Conference & Exhibition

Start: 2 April 2014
End: 3 April 2014

Venue: Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center
Location: Singapore

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The Asia Pacific region’s drilling & production arena grows at a breakneck pace with increased activity and focus on the looming challenges around protecting the environment, ensuring worker safety & well-being, preserving equipment and developing a competent workforce. A commitment to enhancing today’s drilling HSE&T practices will be fundamental in sustaining incident free operations and achieving improved performance, while also keeping up with the industry’s changes and growth.

“Engaging People In A Challenging Environment”

Conference Program

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

7:00 Conference Registration, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Ensign International Energy Services
Melati Ballroom 4001-4104

8:30 Opening & Welcoming Remarks: Mike DuBose, Vice President – International Development – Europe & Asia, IADC
Orchid Ballroom 4201-4303

8:35 Keynote Presentation: Datuk George Ling, Global Drilling Head, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd.

9:00 Safety
Session Chair: Jennifer May Guidry, Sr. Director Corporate QHSE & Management System, Hercules Offshore

Stop Work Authority – The Last Barrier: John Karish, Director – Safety, Health & Environment, Ensco plc
Ensco’s Stop Work Authority (SWA) process and the training program developed and implemented to aid its people in exercising SWA in their daily activities is described.

Pre-Emptive Well Control Risk Management: Andy Cuthbert, Manager, John Walters, Boots&Coots a Halliburton Service
An explanation is given why a pre-emptive approach to well control is essential and, by the use of workflows, illustrate the elements of the emergency response plan that include risk analysis, well control contingency plans, relief well planning and an example of the sequence of events to expect. There will be recommendations as to the type of information and the detail required by the well control specialists prior to an event.

10:00 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Ensign International Energy Services

10:30 Panel Process Safety
Moderator: Alain Moonen, Manager Wells Safety, Shell Integrated Gas

As the drilling industry continues to work toward its goal of zero incidents, process safety has become an increasingly important consideration within companies’ overall HSE strategies. Alongside the more traditional programs and policies already in place to safeguard personal safety, organizations are taking steps to formalize frameworks to prevent major incidents that could threaten our license to operate. This session will provide different perspectives on the programs under way to ensure well integrity, to create a strong culture that supports process safety, and ultimately to keep our people and our equipment safe.

– Mike Scott, Global Operational Integrity Manager, Transocean
– Derek Mackenzie, GM Wells (CWI) Discipline IG, Shell
– Teg Matthews, Director, Asia Pacific, BST

12:00 Luncheon & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Noble Drilling
Orchid Ballroom 4204-4306

13:30 HSE Management
Session Chair: Bill Ceppi, Director – Marketing and Contracts, Asia-Pacific, Noble Corporation

Achieving Operational Excellence – Introducing Progressive Leading Indicators: Mei-Li Lin, Senior Director – Operational Excellence Solutions, Joe Stough, IHS
Recently, there have been more and more discussions about predictive analytics. In many ways, predictive analytics offer a promising approach to help organizations focus their efforts and investments. This paper sheds lights on the facts and fictions of predictive analytics. It examines over 700 million work hours and more than 18,000 incidents, including loss incidents and near-misses from the oil and gas industry, and offers breakthrough insights on the concept of progressive leading indicators.

HSE Benefits from Properly Designed Drilling Fluid Processing System: Erling Ekrene, Product Technical Manager, National Oilwell Varco
Several areas and benefits of a properly designed drilling fluid management system are addressed. The benefits include reduction of generated mud waste, reduced pit cleaning, reduced fluid cost, and a cleaner and safer work environment.

Developing a Culture of Safety Champions: The Road To HSE Excellence: Derek Hibbard, Global Safety & Risk Manager, Weatherford International
In 2013, Weatherford launched an internally developed behavior-based safety program, HSE Excellence. This program is designed to drive cultural awareness and improvements in employee’s safety attitudes and behaviors. HSE Excellence provides the framework to develop a network of HSE Champions throughout our organization and to educate them with the strategies and skills necessary to lead cultural change. This presentation will provide an overview of the strategies used to launch this program, the key players in driving and sustaining a Safety Always culture and some creative tactics used to promote program engagement.

15.00 Environment
Session Chair: Bill Ceppi, Director – Marketing and Contracts, Asia-Pacific, Noble Corporation

Utilising Key Performance Indicators For Environmental Performance: Maurice Meehan, Head of Environment and Climate Change, Maersk Drilling
Identifying KPI’s that add bottom and top line value can be difficult. Following from lessons learned in the shipping industry we identify KPI’s that can provide a focus internally and in collaboration with clients support them in achieving their environmental targets.

15:30 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Ensign International Energy Services

16:00 High Potential Incident Focus
Session Chair: Joachim van der Meulen, Marketing & Sales Manager AP & ME, Lloyd’s Register Energy – Drilling and Secretary, DROPS Asia

Implementing a Red Zone Management Policy at Worksites: Josephine Song, Performance Improvement Well Engineer, Shell Integrated Gas Wells
In our industry, DROPS have always been a key focus area for personal safety. A large number of dropped object incidents in the industry have occurred on the drill floor in Red and No Go Zones. The statistics have not improved so far. An action was needed to stress the importance on Red and No-Go zones in Shell to maintain our vision of a Goal Zero workplace. A Red Zone policy was rolled out across Integrated Gas in October 2013 to bring consistency by having a minimum standard. As a result, many contractors needed to make improvements to current procedures and best practices were introduced such as “zone warden.”

Maintenance Integrity for Dropped Object Prevention: Imran Amir, Senior HSE Adviser (Well Engineering), Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn. Bhd.
Dropped objects in drilling, completions & well intervention operations expose the workforce to significant risks. Equipment failure because of lack of preventative maintenance can contribute up to 50% of the dropped object incidents on the drilling rigs. The industry is evolving from break down to preventative maintenance to avoid heavy piece of metal falling from our derricks on our rig floors. This presentation talks about a couple of dropped object incidents happened because of equipment failure on the rigs and the mindset change which is required to implement the mitigations for such risks.

Dropped Objects – Raising and Applying the Standards: Alistair Tong, Principle Specialist, Aberdeen Drilling Consultants
The industry has worked hard to eradicate static dropped objects. Statistics reiterate that dropped objects are still an industry problem. Dynamic dropped objects account for up to 80% of dropped objects and incident circumstances are often repeated. Simple surveys alone are not eliminating a most serious risk to life. This presentation will derive the benefits & methodology of ensuring that various elements are in place and effective throughout any management system.

17:30-19:00 Welcoming Reception & Open Exhibition


Thursday, 3 April 2014

7:30 Conference Registration, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Ensign International Energy Services
Melati Ballroom 4001-4104

8:30 Opening & Welcoming Remarks: Chit Hlaing, Assistant Regional Director – Asia Pacific, IADC
Orchid Ballroom 4201-4303

8:35 Keynote Presentation: Chow Yew Yuen, Chief Executive Officer, Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd

9:00 Training & Workforce Development
Session Chair: Trevor Roesler, HSE & Training Superintendent, Ensign International Energy Services

Training For Competency: Abdul Samad Yusof, Head, UMW Drilling Academy, UMW Drilling Academy Sdn Bhd
UMW Drilling Academy (UDA) will discuss the issues pertaining to the training and development of a competent workforce and will share how UDA’s programs, courses and the facility have been carefully developed to address and resolve these issues.

Training Requirements Revised and Updated for Personnel on Mobile Offshore Units: John Pertgen, Director Offshore Technical and Regulatory Affairs, International Association of Drilling Contractors
An overview is given of the revised IMO Resolution A.891(21), covering the additional requirements for training and certification of personnel on MOUs; and the guidance for the equivalency recognition of STCW certificated mariners in obtaining MOU licenses. Additionally, the impact and influence of these new requirements on many of the current IADC programs (e.g., RigPASS, Ballast Control & Stability, and the Knowledge/Skills/Ability competencies program) will be shown.

10:00 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Ensign International Energy Services

10:30 Panel Workforce Attraction in a Complicated World
Moderator: Eduarda Pina, Regional HR Manager Asia, Transocean

Workforce attraction has long been identified as a critical issue by the drilling community. How can we attract talented individuals to the industry to support the ever-growing demand? This panel will examine the issue and provide some insight and creative ways to tackle this age-old problem.

– Karlene Roberts, Professor of Business Administration, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley
– Afizza Anis Abdul Rahman, Drilling Technical Coach, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
– Fritz Golding, Simulator and Technical Training Manager, Noble Corporation

12:00 Luncheon & Open Exhibition
Orchid Ballroom 4204-4306

13:30 Health & Human Factors
Session Chair: Graham G. Buchan, Business Development Manager Cementing Services, Halliburton Far East Pte Ltd

If Your Team is Fighting a War on Error, Take the Marines With You!: Dan “Geezer” Gilkey, Director, Technical Sales and Marketing, Check-6
The lessons learned in military combat and aviation have a tremendous amount to offer to oil and gas, both in Human Factors training, and regulatory overcompensation. We have entered an era that will change the industry forever. Some safety practitioners feel that by piling on more policies and procedures into the organization, the organization will fix the people. Unfortunately, human error is inevitable and it is personal. The only way to manage change a culture is through a systematic method of crosschecks, mutual support, and leadership.

Health Process Solution – The Missing Link to Reducing Human Error: Oscar Boultinghouse, Senior Vice President, NuPhysicia
NuPhysicia has developed a program which helps to aid in good mental and physical health by creating a human process. The program shows how maintaining health and wellness is not only good for the employee but also reduces lost time and incidents. Implementing a corporate program to encourage employees to “know your numbers” results in healthier employees who have better decision making skills; especially when working in extreme environments.

14:30 Team-Based Well Control Training
Session Chair: Graham G. Buchan, Business Development Manager Cementing Services, Halliburton Far East Pte Ltd

Team-Based Well Control Training Utilizing Innovative Simulator: Captain Tonny M. Moeller, Operations Manager, Maersk Training, Søren Risgaard Jeppesen, Senior Director, QMHSE, Maersk Drilling
Why did Maersk Drilling decide to invest in a state of the art simulator complex at the Maersk Training facility in Svendborg, Denmark and what are the advantages of team based well control training as opposed to conventional well control training.

15:00 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by Ensign International Energy Services

15:30 Panel Health
Moderator: John Karish, Director – Safety, Health & Environment, Ensco plc

The challenge for leaders today is to create an organizational culture that promotes a high-performing workforce in a high-performance workplace. The personnel deployed in such a demanding working environment must be medically and functionally fit for duty to reduce – if not prevent – sudden illness-type condition and occupational incidents. Enlightened employers are developing Health programs for a strong guaranty for the improvement and preservation of peoples’ wellbeing, welfare, and quality of life, on work sites and in their respective homes and families. These panelists will examine some of the health issues relevant to the Asia Pacific region.

 Dr. Francois Pelat, Director of Medical Services, Transocean
– Dr. Frano Mika, Overseas Health Manager, Saipem S.p.A.
– Dr. Olivier Lo, Group Medical Director, International SOS
– Dr. Norsayani Bt M Yaakobi, Principal Occupational Health Advisor, PETRONAS Group HSE Division

17:00 Adjournment


Unassigned Papers of Note:
The following paper proposals will be included in the conference if a scheduled paper becomes unavailable. In addition, these presentations will be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire.

A New Paradigm for Serious-Event Prevention: Rethinking Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry: Teg Matthews, Director, Asia Pacific, BST
A new framework for eliminating serious events and fatalities in the oil and gas industry will be introduced. We will examine the concept of precursor events and present a comprehensive approach for leading oil and gas producers to zero serious injuries and fatalities.


Conference Program Committee

Kurt Bailey, Pat Energy
Wayne Bauer, RPS Australia Asia Pacific
Geoff Blackwell, NOV
Graham Buchan, Halliburton Far East Pte. Ltd.
Robert Camfferman, Ensign International Energy Services
Bill Ceppi, Noble Corporation
Adrian Gray, Aban Offshore Limited
John Karish, Ensco plc
Keith Kotval, Japan Drilling
Ben Lawrance, Diamond Offshore
Jennifer May Guidry, Hercules Offshore
Tony McCormack, Jasper Offshore
Mike Merritt, Transocean
Joachim van der Meulen, Lloyd’s Register Energy – Drilling
Alain Moonen, Shell
Andrew Scarry, Triumph Drilling
Sindhu Tjahyadi, Total
Paul Breaux, IADC
Chit Hlaing, IADC
Joe Hurt, IADC
Derek Morrow, IADC


Aberdeen Drilling Consultants
Aberdeen Drilling School International
ABS Group
CGE Risk Management Solutions
Derrick Services (UK) PTE Ltd
Distribution NOW
Drilling Systems (UK) Ltd
Durasafe Pte Ltd
EHS Insight
Equilibria Services Limited
Europ Assistance – Global Corporate Solutions
In Place Medicine
International SOS
K2 Specialist Services Pte Ltd
Katch Kan
Lloyd’s Register Energy – Drilling
Maersk Training
Marex Marine and Risk Consultancy
Petrofac Training Services
Reliant Oilfield Products Pte Ltd
Ringers Gloves
RPS Energy
Stopdrop Tooling Ltd
Stuart Wright Pte Ltd
The REACH Group

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Exhibitions at IADC events will be limited to showcasing products and services that advance technology, competency or HSE. Exhibitions centered on recruitment or employment should not take space at IADC events.

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