IADC Drilling HSE&T Europe 2018 Conference & Exhibition

Start: 25 September 2018
End: 26 September 2018

Venue: Beurs van Berlage
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Get ready for a brand-new IADC Drilling HSE&T Europe 2018 Conference & Exhibition! To be held in the Beurs van Berlage, a historic stock exchange building in the heart of Amsterdam, the 2018 conference will feature dynamic and interactive sessions, as well as professionally moderated panel discussions, that will provide attendees with insights into industry-leading HSE&T trends.

As the drilling industry continues to grapple with challenging economic conditions, it must search for innovative ways to advance health, safety, environmental protection and training while adhering to strict cost constraints. In addition to offering high-quality informational presentations by subject matter experts, parts of the conference will be dedicated to highly interactive break-out sessions to stimulate discussions and new ideas and to engage all participants to create a true learning environment. Every participant will be able to leave with key takeaways that can be used to directly impact day-to-day operations.

Conference Program

“Continued Focus on the Human Element, Now and In the Future”

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

07.00 Conference Registration, Coffee Service, Poster Session & Open Exhibition –  Sponsored by KCA DEUTAG

08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing: Jason McFarland, President, IADC & Tim Marsh, Conference Moderator

08.45 Keynote Presentation: Leif Nelson, COO and Senior Vice President, Seadrill Management Ltd.

09.15 Human Factors I
Session chair:
Neil Forrest, Vice President Operational Integrity, Seadrill Management Ltd

Emerging Technology & Red Zone Management: Luis Mariano, Director HSSEQ, Seadrill & Andy Pratt, President, Marsden Group
Managing red zones around the drill floor continues to be a challenge. Red zones are generally controlled by signage and procedural barriers, which are low on the hierarchy of control. Anti-collision systems (ACS) are limited by equipment proximity, and personnel movement is not monitored and incorporated into the ACS. Today, the introduction of LIDAR arrays is offering a solution to identify objects and proximity with increasing accuracy. This technology offers a method of identifying personnel entering a specified area red zone. Seadrill is piloting a LIDAR solution to improve the management of red zones around the drilling package that is compatible with the existing generation of drilling units.

Cross-Company Collaboration is Key to Human Performance Success in Drilling and Wells: Sandra Adkins, Global Wells Organization Safety Advisor – Human Performance, BP, Neil Forrest, Seadrill, Lars Bagger Hviid, Maersk Drilling
Safe and reliable operations in drilling and wells involves an incredible number of interdependencies among companies – operators, drilling contractors, and service companies. To succeed together, it is essential to share a base level agreement on methods for risk management and approaches to improving human performance. BP partnered with 18 members of the contractor community to form a Collaborative Human Performance Working Group. The group’s goal is to band together to move the oil and gas industry forward by integrating human performance principals and guidance of human factors into our risk management processes and the way we conduct work across companies.

10.15 Networking Break, Coffee Service, Poster Session & Open Exhibition –  Sponsored by KCA DEUTAG

10.45 A Holistic and Practical Approach to Engagement, Alertness and Mental Health: Tim Marsh, Managing Director, Anker & Marsh
Traditional human factors approaches have involved a ‘don’t be tired and do be switched on else these bad things could happen’. More recently, there has been a focus on holistic, co-ordinated efforts to facilitate and ‘nudge’ engagement and alertness.  Alongside this this has been a massive increase in awareness as to how mental health  interacts with, and exacerbate, these issues. This is particularly resonant for young people, and young women in particular. This talk asks how many organizations are ready to deal with these increasing challenges.

11.15 The Challenge of Rig Re-Activation and Retention
Jeremy Townshend, Group Operational Integrity Manager, KCA Deutag

Stacking of rigs have become a strategy commonly employed by drilling contractors to save money and help the slow recovery of the oil & gas business. With the high level of technical complexity associated with offshore drilling rigs, asset owners also needed to think beyond today’s layup to the time in the future, to properly ensure their stacked unit is adequately protected and remains viable as it is needed once the market strengthens. In this panel session, from different perspectives we will examine and discuss the increasingly tough choices surrounding preservation, and how to manage the reactivation process, given the time and financial constraints of both the operators and also rig contractors. Ultimately, the objective is to be able to deliver a high performing rig, given all these restrictions and also limitations.

– Mark Gardiner, Senior Manager, The REACH Group
– Tim Glasspool, Head of Flight Operations, Bristow Helicopters

12.15 Luncheon, Poster Session & Open Exhibition

13.45 Featured Presentation: Incident on Maersk Interceptor: Thomas Falk, VP & Asset Manager for Harsh Environment Units, Maersk Drilling
On 7 December 2017 12:10 local time, an accident occurred on Maersk Interceptor at the Tambar field in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, involving two Maersk Drilling employees, and with great sadness Maersk Drilling had to inform family, colleagues, clients and partners that one of the injured people had passed away. During this session, the events that led to the tragic fatality will be shared and highlight the learnings Maersk Drilling have identified and shared with the industry in order to prevent similar accidents from happening. 

14.15 Breakout Sessions – Theme: Bridging the Gap between the Oil & Gas Industry and the Younger Generation
Effectenbeurszaal,  ground floor

Multiple polls and surveys have reinforced what the oil and gas industry already knows: We are not connecting well with the next-generation workforce, and millennials don’t generally view our industry as an attractive place to build their careers. At the same time, however, our industry needs a fresh pipeline of new talent in order to drive further innovations and performance improvements. This breakout session aims to address this gap by highlighting what the industry can do and offer in order to attract new-generation employees. Panelists will examine the underlying causes of the gap between millennials and the oil and gas industry, and hear from students and young professionals themselves in order to gain a better understanding of their perspectives, needs and ambitions.

14.30-15.15 Breakout Sessions Part I
Administratiezaal, 1st floor and Effectenbeurszaal, ground floor 

Breakout Session I: Norwegian Oil & Gas Institute and Students/Interns Point of View

– Tommy Hansen, Director Communications and Industry Policy, the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association
– Emil Yde Aasen, Process Engineer, Shell
– Jane Njeri Nyokabi, Engineer Trainee I, Ensco plc

Breakout Session II: The Oil and Gas Industry’s Point of View

Cunera Vlaar, Global Account Director, Offshore and Marine Worldwide, Sodexo Energy & Resources
– Satu Heschung, Vice President Diversity & Inclusion, Sodexo
– Simon Parrott, SHEQ Advisor, Ensco plc
– Norbert van Beelen, GM Wells Safety & Environment, Shell International
– Neil Forrest, Vice President Operational Integrity, Seadrill Management Ltd
– Barry Quinn, Regional HSEQ Manager, Europe and Africa, Noble Drilling (Land Support) Limited
– Edisa Shahini, Global Surface Logging Services Product Manager, Baker Hughes, a GE Company

15.15-15.25 Groups to change rooms

15.25-16.10 Continuation of Breakout Sessions Part II
Administratiezaal, 1st floor and Effectenbeurszaal, ground floor 

16.10-16.45 Networking Break, Coffee Service, Poster Session & Open Exhibition –  Sponsored by KCA DEUTAG

16.45 Wrap Up & Closing – Effectenbeurszaal, ground floor
The outcome of the breakout sessions and take aways and the pros and cons of the results will be discussed.

17.15-18.15 Welcoming Reception, Poster Session & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by the IADC North Sea Chapter

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

 07.30 Conference Registration, Coffee Service, Poster Session & Open Exhibition –  Sponsored by Northern Offshore

 08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing: Tim Marsh, Conference Moderator

 08.35 Keynote Presentation: Paul de Leeuw, Director, Robert Gordon University

 09.00 Cybersecurity: How to Protect from Cyber Attacks?
Moderator: Kaveh Pourteymour, Vice President & CIO, Seadrill

As the drilling industry continues to adopt automated and interconnected systems on its rigs and within the drilling process, cybersecurity has become an inevitable and critically important vulnerability that requires protection. In this panel, drilling contractors will share their experiences in preventing cyber-attacks and strategies to mitigate any potential consequences of such attacks. The panel will also include the governmental perspective on cybersecurity policy, global challenges and threats and lessons for the drilling industry.

– Eamonn Keane, Head of Cyber Security & Innovation, Police of Scotland
– Scott Lennox, Digital and Cyber Security Discipline Lead, BP
– Dominic Keller, Director of IT Security, Transocean
– Karsten Rosgaard, Head of Information Security, Maersk Drilling

10.30 Networking Break, Coffee Service, Poster Session & Open Exhibition –  Sponsored by Northern Offshore                                   

11.00 Human Factors II
Session chair: Barry Quinn, Regional HSEQ Manager, Europe and Africa, Noble Drilling (Land Support) Limited

Implementing Human Factors Training in Leading Advanced Well Control: Mark van de Velden, Wells Learning Advisor, Olav Skar, Bart Elias, Shell Global Solutions International BV
Human factors (or Crew Resource Management, CRM) has been a prominent tool in several industries. Shell implemented deepened focus on human factors in its advanced well control re-certification for all Front-Line Barrier Managers in 2015. People are now assessed on their technical competence as well as their human factor skills. Steps are underway to expand beyond the course setting and into our recently introduced assist and assure program. This presentation will explain the rationale behind human factors in advanced well control, being a key enabler as we continue the drive to our goal zero ambition. It will also cover the challenges of consistent and repeatable human factor observations. An in house developed tool to enable consistency in both assessment and feedback, including descriptors, will be outlined.

Building the Evidence Base for Well Operations Crew Resource Management: Rhona Flin, Professor of Industrial Psychology, Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University
The European airlines are currently revising their CRM training to meet the latest European aviation regulations on CRM for pilots. This has involved building a cross industry evidence base to identify current risks and emergent threats, determining core technical and non-technical competencies designed to build resilience, incorporating new topics into the CRM training including coping with surprise, monitoring, and cross cultural aspects. These are all relevant for well control and would merit consideration for customisation. This presentation will consider what can be learnt from the new developments in aviation CRM and what kind of evidence base could be built to underpin wells operations CRM training.

Human Performance in Barrier Management: Tove Spjeld, QHSE Manager & Rune Mesel, Manager Operational Compliance, Odfjell Drilling
The presentation includes a description of human performance in barrier management, how it involves managing, controlling and handling the human aspects of quality, health, safety and environment. The presentation includes some examples from the industry where these barriers failed and how we can improve as a drilling contractor to strengthen barrier performance by including the operational and organizational barriers robustness. The process of developing the Safety Critical tasks (SCT) by use of the bow-tie diagram is explained and exemplified as are learnings from the implementation process in the organisation.

12.30 Luncheon, Poster Session & Open Exhibition

 14.00 Learning from Others
Session chair: Lamberto Nonno, Global HSE Leader – Drilling Services, Baker Hughes, a GE company

Learning in the Nuclear Industry: Andreas van Wijk, Quality Assurance Manager, EPZ
The nuclear industry has seen catastrophic events.The presentation will provide insights into the key mechanisms that this industry has established to learn from, and prevent such events from recurring. The presentation will also give a nuclear power station’s perspective on what it is like to be part of the nuclear community that drives improvements through these mechanisms.

14.45 IADC Updates

  • Strategy & Initiatives: Jason McFarland, President, IADC
  • Offshore Safety Directive Requirements: Derek Hart, Regional Director – North Sea, IADC
  • IADC WellSharp Accreditation Programs / IADC HSE Committee Update: Mark Denkowski, Vice President – Accreditation Operations, IADC

15.45 Adjournment

Poster Sessions & Unassigned Papers of Note:
The following paper proposals will be included in the conference program if a scheduled paper becomes unavailable. In addition, these presentations will be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire.

Transforming Policy Compliance Management & Regulatory Assurance, Using Advanced Digital & Data Science Innovative Solutions: Adrian Brown, Managing Director, Fennex Ltd, Barry Quinn, Noble Drilling
Presentation will show how the Noble Drilling Europe, Africa and Mediterranean (EAM) Team, in partnership with Fennex Solutions applied new cloud based technologies and data science technics to an old problem, such as policy and regulatory compliance. In late 2016 the Noble EAM Team, initiated a pilot project, to digitize their internal policy and regulatory assurance activities by deploying innovative cloud-based digital solutions. In early 2018, and following on the successful pilot project, the Noble HSEQ leadership team decided to fully adopt the Innovative solution globally.  

What’s beyond CRM: The Need for a Holistic Human Factors Approach: Sandra Adkins, Global Wells Organization Safety Advisor: Human Performance, BP
CRM and adoption of training in non-technical skills has taken off within the oil and gas industry. While CRM is a valuable aspect of Human Factors, there is often a misunderstanding that CRM is synonymous with Human Factors. BP will share how it has adopted CRM as one element of a holistic Human Performance strategy to improve the safety and reliability of our organization. This strategy covers the integration of Human Factors into six key areas to further improve our risk management: leadership and culture, critical tasks, conduct of operations, managing work safely, investigation and learning, and facilities and design.

Including Human Factors in Wellsite Risk Management: Norman Ritchie, Director, vPSI Group, LLC
When something goes wrong in companies which operate under mature management systems, the performance determining factor is frequently not the procedures or processes that are in place, but how people behaved within the work context provided for them. In other words, people from time to time are acting in ways other than how the company’s work management processes and the task environment would theoretically dictate. This presentation will describe a training and mentoring program conducted with front-line drilling supervisory personnel to provide them with tools and techniques for improving the assessment and management of risk at the wellsite, including those arising from Human Factors and Human Error. The ultimate goal was to decrease the likelihood of at-risk behaviors in the performance of both routine and non-routine tasks.

Indicators to Avoid Disaster: David Ramsay, Group Managing Director/President, Kelvin TOP-SET Ltd
In this time of resurgence in many oil sectors, lies particular risk; some of the expertise has been lost, corporate memory may also have been lost, and as a result, weak signals and indicators may be missed. Here lies the danger of a false sense of security. To maintain the highest levels of safety and performance, it is vital to find ‘disguised change’ by looking specifically for weak signals and indicators. This paper develops and addresses the above themes and gives practical straightforward solutions.

From Risk Assessment to Optimisation of Worker’s Health – How Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health Work Together to Protect the Health of your Workforce: Louise Slaney, Medical Director, Iqarus, Henrietta Jukes, Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Risk
The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate the latest technologies and innovations which underpin the cycle of Health Risk Assessment through to Health Surveillance, and explore how this enhances efficiencies and improves health outcomes. We will also look at the synergistic relationship between Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health in reducing risk to workers exposed to hazards in the Offshore Environment.

Program Committee Members

Norbert van Beelen, Shell International
Alberto Cipolla, Saipem
Neil Easton, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Neil Forrest, Seadrill Management
Adam Hess, Transocean
Jon Hoy, Ocean Rig
Bruce Kain, Northern Offshore
Gary Kelso, BP Exploration
Erik Roesen Larsen, Maersk Drilling
Bram Leerdam, Paragon Offshore
Craig Martin, Ensco plc
Janike Myre, Odfjell Drilling
Lamberto Nonno, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Barry Quinn, Noble Drilling
Jeremy Townshend, KCA Deutag
Øyvind Tuntland, Petroleum Safety Authority Norway
Michael de Vos, State Supervision of Mines
Derek Hart, IADC
Jens Hoffmark, IADC

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