IADC Drilling Africa 2018 Conference & Exhibition

Start: 20 February 2018
End: 21 February 2018

Location: Altis Grand Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal

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The African oil and gas industry is dealing with increasing complexity amid volatile oil prices and the resulting and fast-paced market changes. In addition to multiple opportunities and challenges unique to Africa, many parts of the continent will struggle to grow or even maintain their economies in the face of declining oil and gas revenues. At the same time, pressure on drilling industry performance will surely intensify. How can the industry rise to meet these challenges and still embrace fresh opportunities from onshore to ultra-deepwater? IADC Drilling Africa 2018 will explore all aspects of drilling operations in this vital region, including ultra-deepwater, sub-salt, emerging markets, HPHT, re-entry drilling for gas redevelopment, underbalanced and managed pressure operations, community development, training and competency, workforce development, logistics and security.

 Conference Program

Tuesday 20 February 2018

07.00 Conference Registration, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by NOV

08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing 

08.40 Keynote Presentation: Jim O’Leary, Vice President Wells Africa, BP

09.00 Delivering Early Education to Ghanaian Communities: Chris Roos, Ghana Well Engineering Manager, Tullow Oil
An overview will be provided of the vision and foresight of individuals who conceived the Ghana Drillers Charity and Monster Triathlon. Discussion will include how these projects were executed and funds were raised, as well as how partnerships were delivered with three school complexes in the Sabre Trust: the Ahobre Early Years School, the Saltpond Model Kindergarten School and the Asebu Model Kindergarten School.

09.30 IADC Nigerian Chapter Update: Ote Enaibe, Chairman IADC Nigeria Chapter; Group Sales and Marketing Manager, Depthwize Nigeria Limited

10.00 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by NOV

10.30 Well Construction Design, Planning and Execution
Session Chairs: Jan van Bohemen, Vice President Marketing, Ensco plc, & Daniel Elias, Head of Development and Production, GALP Energia

Planning for Factory Drilling in Remote Northwest Kenya: Pulkit Goel, Senior Well Engineer, Peter Peytchev, Mihir Jha, Ian Garrett, Balu Meempat, Susan Namuganyi, Tullow Oil
The background of the wells drilled so far and challenges faced will be discussed, as well as the proposed development scope. The collaborative well planning, well engineering studies, well designs and project benchmarking will be outlined. This includes details on the workflows adopted among the well engineering, subsurface team and surface facilities teams. The learning curves used for developing the cost estimates will be shown, as well as the well designs and the philosophy behind them.

Atoll Development, Fast-tracking Egypt’s Potential: Aly Metwally, Drilling Engineer, Mohamed Abu Ahmed, Richard Gall, Thomas Bond, BP
A need for domestic gas in Egypt meant that vital new discoveries, such as the Atoll-1 exploration well, needed to be fast-tracked from exploration to production. In January 2016, a newly formed Atoll team was tasked with delivering three wells from concept to execution within 12 months. In eight months, BP and the Ensco DS-6 team delivered three wells 35% below budget and 137 days ahead of plan. Part of the drivers for success was the early collaboration between BP and Ensco, which resulted in a streamlined rig intake and start-up process. To simplify well delivery and execution, previous casing designs were reworked and optimized.

Three Phases of Drilling in Deepwater Senegal Drive Innovation, Efficiency and Performance Improvement: Craig McGregor, Drilling and Operations Manager, Cairn Energy PLC
An overview will be given of challenges to commencing operations in Senegal, where no drilling activity has occurred for many years and where there has never been any deepwater activity. The timeline, regulatory compliance and infrastructure access will be discussed, as well as results from the first campaign and performance improvements through subsequent campaigns. Lessons in managing safety and environmental performance will be shared. Further, the key planning areas, vendor selection and specification adjustments to drive efficiency will be discussed.

12.00 Luncheon & Open Exhibition 

13.30 Optimizing Land Drilling in Africa through Innovative Solutions
Moderators: Niels Espeland, International Business Development Advisor, Grey Wolf Oilfield Services Limited, & Celine Martin, Rig & Services Coordinator, Total

In the current climate, onshore fields can be particularly attractive to operators given their relatively low-cost nature compared with offshore. However, developments in such areas can typically require hundreds of wells, where deliver-ability and repeat-ability in a cost-effective manner is key. The so-called “factory drilling” approach can be enhanced further by the use of correctly specified rigs and supporting services, all of which can benefit from varying degrees of automation. However, the challenge of bringing this automated approach to Africa should not be underestimated. This panel will discuss the potential benefits, as well as the key challenges, of utilizing this technology across the continent.

  • Peter Peytchev, East Africa Well Engineering Manager, Tullow Oil
  • Hege Kverneland, Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, National Oilwell Varco
  • Holger Egbers, Manager Projects Land Drilling, KCA Deutag
  • Duane Cuku, Vice President Sales – Rig Technology, Precision Drilling Corporation
  • Alain Bourgeois, Tilengua Factory Drilling Technical Director, Total

15.00 Networking Break & Open Exhibition – Sponsored by NOV

15.30 Gaining Operational Efficiency from Local Content Requirements
Session Chair: Rodrigo Rendon, Head of Business Development, KCA Deutag Drilling; & Igor Brucher, Marketing Director, Transocean

West Jupiter – Nationalization and Efficiency in Nigeria: Ben Schumacher, Rig Manager, Seadrill
The Seadrill West Jupiter, a dual-activity drillship, is halfway through a five-year deepwater drilling and completion campaign to develop Total’s Egina oil field offshore Port Harcourt, Nigeria. When the rig was first mobilized in 2014, the crew was 49% Nigerian nationals and 51% expats. Today, the crew is 68% Nigerian nationals and 32% expats. The increase in nationalization has been possible due to the selection of high-quality, dedicated and career-oriented Nigerian personnel and has not interrupted the pace of this high-quality operation. This presentation will share Seadrill’s experience in collaborating with the African workforce to safety and responsibly deliver oil and gas from the waters of Africa.

Local Content as a Unique Driver for Rig Automation: Benjamin Pontier, Technical Business Development Manager – Africa, National Oilwell Varco
Strict local content requirements can be an unexpected driver for automated rigs. Historical data shows manual process performance from an inexperienced local workforce can be a bottleneck for efficiency. By using modern rigs with automated process control, this bottleneck can be mitigated. Locals can be trained for the future of drilling, and cost can be reduced for operators in Africa.

16.30-17.30 Welcoming Reception & Open Exhibition – Co-Sponsored by KCA DEUTAG

Wednesday 21 February 2018

07.30 Conference Registration, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition 

08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing

08.35 Keynote Presentation: Eric Daflon, Vice President Drilling and Wells, Total

09.00 Aligning Business Objectives within Local Content Requirements
Moderators: Olusola Falodun, General Manager, Drilling & Completion Systems, OES Energy Services Limited, & Mark Tooley, Vice President Business Development Africa, National Oilwell Varco

The ever increasing demand for shareholder value in today’s oilfield is often at odds with the increasing demand for local content in oil producing countries around the world, this is especially true in Africa. The push for increased local content participation and the attendant benefits for all stakeholders cannot be overstated. Experience has however shown that the ideal but inelastic rules tend to result in value erosion arising from the gap between the requirements and the current realities. Getting it right involves aligning key business objectives with the individual country’s local content requirements. This panel will explore the pathway to success from the differing perspectives of the Operators, the Service suppliers and the Government regulators.

  • Dick Verhaagen, Vice President Africa, PIDWAL

10.30 Networking Break & Open Exhibition 

11.00 Equipment Reliability & Efficiency
Session Chair: Ian Garrett, Chief Well Engineer, Tullow Oil

Reliability Based Maintenance: Sachin Mehra, Vice President – Asset Management, Ensco plc
The driver for moving toward reliability-based maintenance programs and the advantages that this program will provide for different stakeholders will be discussed. Implementation plans for the reliability-based maintenance program, as well as the risks associated with it, also will be shared. A pilot program on a rig operating in Africa will be highlighted.

Benefits of Using a High-Spec Dual-Derrick Gen 6 Rig to Complete BP Egypt West Nile Delta Deepwater Pliocene Cased-Hole Gravel-Pack Batch Completion Program: Fady El-Dabi, Senior Completion Engineer, Wael El-Wakeel, Jason Fraser, Sherif Tahoun, Rajesh Ramnarinesingh, Ibrahim El Shafaie, Sherif Taha, Goeff Crawley, Sara Khafaga, Sherine Khedr, BP
The key efficiencies implemented during the batch completion program and the time saving associated with each efficiency will be outlined. Some of the efficiencies implemented include installing the subsea Xmas tree from the rig, offline preparation of completion sub-assemblies using the auxiliary derrick, the use of a subsea test tree transfer system, installation of a permanent high-pressure gravel-pack line, and conducting PLT and well clean-up operations simultaneously. 

12.00 Luncheon & Open Exhibition

13.30 Re-Starting Operations
Session Chair: Richard Holmes, Senior Drilling Commercial Consultant, ExxonMobil, & Franco Pandolfi, Senior Vice President Drilling Operative Coordinator, Saipem SpA

Lessons from Warm/Cold Automated Rig Restarts: Christopher Goetz, Partner, Dragan Lovre, Kingston Systems
5th-, 6th– and 7th-generation rigs had never been cold-stacked before this downturn. It was not fully understood how the software and PLC control systems would respond to the stacking and cold storage. As the industry starts to bring these rigs out, the challenges are significant and often underestimated. This presentation of case-based lessons learned will share experiences on recent rig restarts. The lessons center on advanced automated and PLC-controlled rigs, both onshore and offshore, and the contractor processes and systems that govern them.

Delivering and Maintaining the Learning Curve In Deepwater Smart Completions: Kevin Burke, Completions & Testing Manager Offshore Group, Rod McLead, Tullow Oil
The presentation describes how operational performance was continuously improved over the duration of 12 smart completions, highlighting the interaction of the rig performance, onshore and offshore personnel and implementation of improvement initiatives. The focus will be on integration among Tullow, the rig contractor and service companies required to achieve this continuous improvement. It also outlines the key outcomes that will be implemented for future campaigns.

14.30 Security & Piracy
Session Chair: Richard Holmes, Senior Drilling Commercial Consultant, ExxonMobil, & Franco Pandolfi, Senior Vice President Drilling Operative Coordinator, Saipem SpA

Cybersecurity: The New Challenge for Oil and Gas: Philippe Herve, Vice President Solutions, SparkCognition
In the days before the “digital oilfield” and the Internet of Things (IoT), companies struggled to find ways to centralize their operational information. It was difficult to efficiently monitor all assets, provide support and solve problems in real time for better decision making. Companies that have been able to do this now are staying competitive and cutting their costs. More recently, organizations have started to implement IoT solutions. This means the oil and gas industry needs a stronger approach to cybersecurity. Artificial intelligence-based solutions for cybersecurity can monitor and protect not only the IT infrastructure but also the OT network.

15.00 Adjournment

Unassigned Papers of Note:
The following paper proposals will be included in the conference if a scheduled paper becomes unavailable. In addition, these presentations will be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire.

BP Best-in-Basin Delivery Starts Beyond the Rotary Table: Sherif Tahoun, Wells Superintendent, Rob Munger, Wael El-Wakeel, Jason Fraser, Lyndsey Morris, Dave Ramsey, BP, Allan McColl, Anders Lindegaard Nielsen, Maersk Drilling
The key achievements of the modifications, time saving associated with each efficiency for offline preparation of completion, technology tools used, 3D modeling, overall modification scope and how it set the stage for best-in-class delivery for the completion campaign will be discussed.

Optimizing Cementing Operations in Deepwater Wells in the Mediterranean Sea: Youssef Sallam, Drilling Engineering Team Leader, Sameh El Sayed, BP
Optimizing the cementing of deepwater wells in the Mediterranean Sea using a dual-derrick rig is one of the challenges of wells delivery in Egypt. Key challenges and mitigation methods will be addressed, as well as two derrick optimizations – optimizing cementing surface casing strings with a huge slurry volume and low temperature at seabed, cementing liner with a narrow pore pressure/fracture gradient margin and under HPHT environment, and optimization of drilling three top-hole well intervals using two derricks and an integrated engineering and operations approach.

Emerging Legislation and How to Safely Meet the Requirements During Drilling Operations: David Manson, Senior Operations Manager, TWMA
TWMA’s EfficientC® and TCC RotoMill® solutions enable operators to safely and efficiently meet emerging legislation requirements. It is a globally proven solution designed to reduce drill cuttings volumes generated from oil and gas drilling operations at source. The system is designed to recover oil, solids and water for reuse or recycling, which allows operators to be fully compliant with local regulations, increase operational efficiency and reduce overall well costs whilst reducing HSE risks and environmental impact.

Program Committee Members

Mathius Akhideno, Shell International
Josselin Gere, Ocean Rig
Jan van Bohemen, Ensco plc
Igor Brucher, Transocean
Kevin Carey, Chevron
Daniel Elias, GALP Energia
Ote Enaibe, Depthwize
Sola Falodun, Oando Energy Services Ltd.
Ian Garrett, Tullow Oil
Richard Holmes, Exxonmobil Development Company
Frédéric Jacquemin, Pacific Drilling
Matt Marek, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Celine Martin, Total
Rob Munger, BP Global Wells Organization
Sunil Pangarkar, Paragon Offshore
Rodrigo Rendon, KCA Deutag
Franco Pandolfi, Saipem
Michael Strauss, Ensign
Mark Tooley, National Oilwell Varco
Hisham Zebian, IADC
Linda Hsieh, IADC

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