IADC Drilling HSE&T Asia Pacific 2015 Conference & Exhibition

Start: 11 March 2015
End: 12 March 2015

Venue: Shangri-La Hotel
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Conference Program

People, The Key to HSE Excellence


Wednesday 11 March 2015

7:00 Registration, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition
Foyer Sabah and Sarawak Room

8:15 Welcome & Introduction: Taf Powell, Executive Vice President – Policy, Government & Regulatory Affairs, IADC
Sabah Room

8:30 Keynote Presentation:  
Mohd Tarmizi Munir, Head Health, Safety & Environment, Upstream Business  PETRONAS

9:00 Panel session: Embedding the Safety Culture
Moderator: Rosli Hamzah, Head Wells International, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd

The oil and gas industry is facing an interesting challenge. Rising energy demand necessitates the recruitment of thousands of new people over the next few years. A constricted talent pool, especially for mid-experienced workers, means the industry has to cast its net wider than ever before to meet its recruitment needs. With an increase in the number of new or inexperienced workers entering the field plus an increased demand on existing workers, it is more important than ever before that we look to embed safety in our work culture. Making this shift may not be without its challenges but creating the environment where workers go home safely at the end of every shift is a prize that is worth fighting for.

  • Rob Adlam, Client Manager, Check-6
  • Scott Dennon, Assist & Assure Team Lead, Shell
  • Greg O’Neill, Vice President – QHSE, Dynamic Drilling
  • Justin Hughes, Managing Director, Mission Excellence

10:30 Coffee Break & Open Exhibition
Foyer Sabah and Sarawak Room

11:00 Workforce Development
Session chair: Ahmad Nahrawi Mohd, Head Competency Assurance Drilling Division, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd

Intensifying Skill and Competency Development Through Life Training Facilities: Azmee Osman, Technical Director, INSTEP,  Afizza Anis AbdulRahman, Technical Coach, Wells Department, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
With an increased number in new or inexperienced workers entering the field plus an increased demand on existing workers, it is more important than ever for training institutions to develop and provide competent human resources to the Oil & Gas Industry. INSTEP ‘s Life Training Facility and quality training programs embrace hands on experimental learning, enabling its’ candidates to quickly absorb the critical knowledge, skills and abilities needed to assume key roles in future drilling operations.

Attracting and Developing New Hire Candidates: Taf Powell, Executive Vice President – Policy, Government & Regulatory Affairs, IADC
The drilling industry will need significant numbers of people in the coming years to offset ongoing turnover, the great change, and to staff new build onshore and offshore rigs.   What can industry, local colleges, and training institutions do to select and prepare new hire personnel who can adapt quickly and absorb the critical knowledge, skills and abilities needed to assume key roles in future drilling operations? This presentation will showcase some of the ways industry is responding to these challenges.

12:00 Management System Compliance and the Legislative Process: Mock Court Session
Session chair: Ahmad Nahrawi Mohd, Head Competency Assurance Drilling Division, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd

Management System Compliance and the Legislative Process: Mock Court Session: Erin Wilson, Manager / Asset Transactions, Transocean
The original Mock Court was developed to provide a realistic view on the ramifications of not making the right decisions in the workplace.  The session ended with the attending work group discussing the event and providing feedback. After Transocean personnel had attended one of these sessions it was decided that there would be more to be gained from this course by tailoring it to our specific requirements. To achieve this we developed a scenario where our employees are summoned to take the witness stand and be cross examined of a fictional fatality occurring during a task where they were the responsible supervisor. An agreement was gained with IFAP and Garry Claxton and the joint development of the Mock Court started.

12:30 Luncheon – Sponsored by: Rowan Companies
Selangor Room

13:30 Dessert, Coffee Service & Networking Opportunities
Exhibition Area, Foyer Sabah and Sarawak Room

14:00 Panel session: Industry Collaboration towards The Elimination of Dropped Objects 
Moderator: Joachim van der Meulen, DROPS Secretary Asia & Marketing and Sales Manager, Lloyd’s Register Energy – Drilling

Dropped Objects are widely recognized as one of the top caused of potential and actual harm to personnel in our Industry. Most companies have implemented prevention programs which with varying success have brought down the frequency of these type of incidents. In our efforts towards Goal Zero, the next stage of improvements will need to be achieved by close collaboration with industry partners. In this panel discussion, we will be exploring how operators, drilling contractors, services companies and manufacturers are working closely together throughout the supply chain. 

  • Vanessa Rowden, Deepwater HSE Advisor / IG DROPS Focal Point Shell, Sarawak Shell Bhd & Ahmad Hafeez Ramli, HSE Manager – Asia Pacific, Baker Hughes
  • Rahimi Abdul Wahab, Head Wells Technology, Engineering & Support, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
  • Abdullah Embong, HSE Manager – Southeast Asia, Rowandrill Malaysia
  • Łukasz Szadkowski, HSE DROPS Engineer, National Oilwell Varco

15:30 Coffee Break & Open Exhibition
Foyer Sabah and Sarawak Room

16:00 Health
Session chair: Mike Dubose, Vice President – International Development, IADC

Integrated Medical Services – What’s New? From an Offshore Medical Emergency Care Solution to Health Management Solution: Olivier Barles, Regional Medical Director, Medical Services, South and South East Asia, International SOS
Competitions, pressure to drive efficient productivity and without operation disruptions and financial losses, and the need to comply with international health and safety standards grow every day. Emergency care remains one of the greatest productivity challenges. From emergency planning and response to resource management, from medical supplies to assistance support and case management, operators need to ensure the right measures, plans and support are in place. This session gives an overview of how integrated medical services aim at addressing these challenges and the importance of getting them right.

Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS): What Are We Missing?: Michael Szafron, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Glenn Hammack, CEO,  NuPhysicia
A well-rested crewmember is a safer and more productive team member. The energy industry has worked diligently to understand the relationship between adequate quality sleep and work performance. The current focus of FRMS is to optimize the quality of rest and sleep by limited work hours, quiet and temperature controlled sleep areas, and informational campaigns. Despite our best efforts to improve sleep quality, an under diagnosed medical condition continues to rob workers of quality sleep.

17:00-18:30 Welcoming Reception – Sponsored by: IADC SouthEast Asia Chapter
Foyer Sabah and Sarawak Room

Thursday 12 March 2015

7:30 Registration, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition
Foyer Sabah and Sarawak Room

8:30 Opening Remarks: Taf Powell, Executive Vice President – Policy, Government & Regulatory Affairs, IADC
Sabah Room

8:35 Keynote Presentation: Rohaizad Darus, President, UMW Oil & Gas

9:00 Panel session:
Safety Case – Effective Implementation
Moderator: David Johnson, HSE/QA Manager – Australasia, Diamond Offshore

In order to reduce the number and severity of major accident events drilling contractors, operators, regulators and various other agencies have insisted for Safety Cases to be developed, compiled and implemented or operationalise the Safety Case. This session will provide examples of some current challenges that could have an overall impact of the effective implementation or operationalising safety cases on facilities in different regions around the world.

  • Mark Greenhow, QHSE Manager, Frigstad Offshore
  • Clive Rawson, General Manager, Add Energy Technical Risk and Safety
  • Hisham Basar, Head Wells Malaysia, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd

10:30 Coffee Break & Open Exhibition
Foyer Sabah and Sarawak Room

11:00 Environment
Session chair: Graham Buchan, Business Development Manager, Songa Opus Offshore Drilling

Managing and Mitigating Environmental Impact in Malaysian Drilling Activities: PETRONAS Approach: Rozita Musib, Staff, Envrionment, HSE Governance, Nor Hashim Yusoff, Rosnan Hamzah, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA),is a study of a specific project which identifies, predicts, evaluates and communicates to the stakeholders and general public about the project impacts to the environment including details of the mitigation measures. In Malaysia, PETRONAS Malaysia Petroleum Management (MPM) imposed mandatory environmental impact assessment study for prescribed activities and governs environmental risk assessment for non-prescribed activities under the PETRONAS Minimum Environment Specifications (MES), 2011 to all Petroleum Arrangement (PA) contractors prior to project approval. Used as an essential planning mechanism, it ensures potential environmental issues are addressed earlier, avoiding costly mistakes and schedule delays.

Energy Efficiency through Collaboration: Maurice Meehan, Head of Environment and Climate Change, Maersk Drilling, Finn Brodersen, Executive QHSE & Regulatory Affairs Advisor, DONG Energy
Maersk Drilling and DONG Energy recognize that collaboration across the supply chain will lead to greater efficiency gains and promote innovative methods of working together. We are both pleased to partner with companies that have the same approach and understand that transparency in data, techniques and responsible business practices are the key to reducing the industry environmental footprint . Aligning with our business partners means we can reduce complexity and focus on the areas that will bring us both the major improvements we need.

12:00 Regulatory and Legislative Update
Session chair: Alain Moonen, Manager Wells Safety, Shell

Regulatory and Legislative Update: Taf Powell, Executive Vice President – Policy, Government & Regulatory Affairs, IADC
An overview is given of the most important revised regulatory and legislative requirements in the oil & gas industry. The impact and influence of these new requirements on many of the current IADC programs (e.g., RigPASS, Ballast Control & Stability, and the Knowledge/Skills/Ability competencies program) will be shown.

12:30 Luncheon – Sponsored by: UMW Oil & Gas Corporation Berhad
Selangor Room

13:30 Dessert, Coffee Service & Networking Opportunities
Exhibition Area, Foyer Sabah and Sarawak Room

14:00 HSE Management
Session chair: Wayne Bauer, QHSE Manager – Shallow Water, Vantage Drilling

HSE Engagement and Alignment Through the Joint Safety Improvement Plan (JSIP): Alain Moonen, Manager Wells Safety, Shell, Duane Sherritt, Vice President – Business Development Asia Pacific, Halliburton
To facilitate the embedding of the safety agenda at the worksite, a Joint Safety Improvement Plan (JSIP) has been created between the Operator and Contractors aligning and formalising the key HSE focus areas in both the Personal and Process Safety areas. This session will focus on the JSIP between Shell and Halliburton and how the flexibility for each company to translate the alignment themes into existing company specific initiatives and themes has led to a fully aligned HSE agenda. These themes are based on a risk management processes to ensure that high potential risk is sufficiently addressed.

Turning Safety Upside Up: Bo Johansen, HSEQ Manager, Maersk Drilling, Singapore
If you do what you have always done, you’ll get what you always got. In Maersk Drilling we want all the great ideas to improve HSE becoming reality. This is not possible if every initiative is pushed from HQ to all units. We have decided to turn the tide. By letting our people and teams try out their suggestions for improvements, we create ownership and accountability. By turning the tide on pushing initiatives to pulling, we believe that will bring out HSE improvements beyond anything we have seen so far. Maersk Drilling has a clear ambition of getting to ZERO by 2018. We will get there, by going outside the box. We are doing it by turning safety upside up.

The Safety Observation Card (SOC) – An Introduction: Gagan Singhal, Area Manager, David Thornton, Nabors Drilling International
The presentation’s overall theme revolves around “getting back to basics.”  An overview of key concepts relative to fulfilling commitments to clients and key elements of operational excellence will be given. The purpose of an observation system, the basic Nabors safety tools and how they work together will be described and the values of an observation program, measuring risk and what to do when risk is identified. The presentation brings forward the Nabors Safety Observation Card (SOC) and a detail review of its’ architecture. How important are our basic tools (most often, the most powerful) to lead to our winning approach in safeguarding our most precious assets…our people?

15:30 Adjourn

Alternate presentations:

Serious Injuries and Fatalities: 4 Key Actions for Leaders in the Oil & Gas Industry: Teg Matthews, Director, Asia-Pacific, BST
Successful safety leadership is about a constant drive to uncover unrealized or unassessed risk and to seek to create visibility of this risk at all levels in the organization.This presentation is designed for leaders who would like to understand risk, overcome the barriers to managing risk, and reduce risk across their organization.


Conference Program Committee

Wayne Bauer, Vantage Drilling
Ahmad Fadzil Bin Mokti, UMW Oil & Gas
Graham Buchan, Songa Opus Offshore Drilling
Segar Chindamani, Jasper Offshore
Jason Crowe, Paragon Offshore
David Johnson, Diamond Offshore
John Karish, Ensco plc
Keith Kotval, Japan Drilling
Manav Kumar, Dynamic Drilling
Jennifer May Guidry, Hercules Offshore
Mike Merritt, Transocean
Joachim van der Meulen, Lloyd’s Register Energy – Drilling
Alain Moonen, Shell
Ahmad Nahrawi bin Mohd, PETRONAS
Michael Pandolfi, Ensign International Energy Services
Sindhu Tjahyadi, Total
Chit Hlaing, IADC
Derek Morrow, IADC


Aberdeen Drilling Consultants
Aberdeen Drilling International
Atlas Knowledge
CGE Risk Management
Derrick Services (UK) Ltd
Drilling Systems UK (Ltd)
Dynamic Rigs Sdn Bhd
EHS Insight
Emerson Process Management
Equilibria Services Limited
ERM Global Risk
IADC Southeast Asia Chapter
K2 Specialist Services Pte Ltd
Leeden Safety
Lloyd’s Register Energy – Drilling
Marex Marine and Risk Consultancy
MOL Reliant Sdn Bhd
MSTS Asia Sdn Bhd
Northwest Technical Solutions
OES Oilfield Services Group
Optimus Seventh Generation
Ringers Gloves
Stopdrop Tooling
Straits Oilfield Services
The Reach Group
UMW-INSTEP Drilling Academy
V12 Footwear

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Exhibitions at IADC events will be limited to showcasing products and services that advance technology, competency or HSE. Exhibitions centered on recruitment or employment should not take space at IADC events.

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