IADC Drilling HSE&T Asia Pacific 2018 Conference & Exhibition

Start: 24 January 2018
End: 25 January 2018

Venue: Le Méridien Saigon
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Even in the midst of our industry’s current market correction, IADC remains committed to improving safety performance, both in terms of personal safety and process safety. As an industry, we owe it to our members, your staff and stakeholders to strive for an incident-free workplace. The 10th edition of the IADC Drilling HSE&T Asia Pacific Conference & Exhibition seeks to focus attention on health, safety, environment and training in drilling and completion operations. Papers and topics will be presented on ensuring and sustaining incident free operations during drilling and completion, as well as competency, worker health and environmental stewardship. Sessions will emphasize areas of special interest in Asia Pacific, a drilling and producing arena of increasing importance.

Conference Program

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

07.00 Conference Registration, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition

08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing: Mike DuBose, Vice President – International Development, IADC

08.35 Keynote Presentation: Dr. Do Van Khanh, President & CEO, PetroVietnam Drilling

09.00 Market Outlook: Morten Haugan, Managing Director – Rigs, Clarksons Platou Asia
Session Chair: ‎Tri Le Tran Minh, Drilling & Completion GM, Phu Quoc POC

09.30 Training
Session Chairs: Eoin Christie, Group Head of Transformation, Sapura Energy Bhd & Jan van Bohemen, Vice President Marketing, Ensco plc

Level 5 Training: Well Integrity and Well Control Assurance throughout the Well Lifecycle: Ivo Nijhuis, Development Director, The Well Academy
A more detailed insight in the new Level 5 course will be given and first course delivery results will be presented. It will be further explained how well integrity and barriers are a central theme in this program. As the course will be launched by the end of 2017, the first results are expected to be presented at the conference. Examples will be given to explain how the course provides clarity and guidance for topics including barrier verification, management of change, cement integrity and isolating flow zones. International standards that provide the foundation for the program will be referenced to and discussed as well.

Reducing Stuck Pipe Costs through Collaborative Stuck Pipe Prevention ApproachDevi Putra, Advisor Drilling & Well Construction Research, Widya Tri Setyanto, Pranefo Maaruf, Pertamina
The presentation will contain the background, the objectives and the programs of the Pertamina stuck pipe prevention campaign started in May 2016. One of the main programs of the campaign was to develop and run the collaborative stuck pipe prevention training for the drilling team of all Pertamina upstream subsidiaries. The training program will be elaborated in more detail, including the syllabus, class arrangement and the methods of delivery. The reduction of the stuck pipe NPT and the associated costs after running the program will be reported. The participant’s feedback and the subsidiary’s management take ups will also be discussed.  

10.30 Networking Break, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition

11.00 Pay Now or Later: The Art of Rig Stacking and Re-Activation
Moderator: Izwan Megat, Head Drilling Services Division, UMW Offshore Drilling

Stacking of rigs have become a strategy commonly employed by drilling contractors to save money and help the slow recovery of the oil & gas business. With the high level of technical complexity associated with offshore drilling rigs, asset owners also needed to think beyond today’s layup to the time in the future, to properly ensure their stacked unit is adequately protected and remains viable as it is needed once the market strengthens. In this panel session, industry leaders will examine and discuss the increasingly tough choices surrounding preservation, and how to manage the reactivation process, given the time and financial constraints of both the operators and also rig contractors. Ultimately, the objective is to be able to deliver a high performing rig, given all these restrictions and also limitations.

  • Andy Frankland, Regional Technical Manager, Lloyd’s Register Drilling
  • Adrin Shafil Ahmad Nasir, Drilling & Completion Manager, Petrofac Malaysia
  • Hans de Vries, Drilling Superintendent, Premier Oil

12.30 Luncheon & Open Exhibition

13.30 Panel “How is the Industry Re-Shaping for a Safe and Sustainable Future?”
Moderators: Kirk Atkinson, Manager Marketing & Contracts, Noble Drilling & Erwindo Tanjung, Acting VP Drilling & Well Services, Pertamina PHE WMO

As O&G business continues its slow recovery, the service industry is finding itself with a very different business structure as a result of the austerity measures made in the last several years. It is certain this will affect how future service lines and product supplies are delivered and they will evolve as momentum increases. The resulting business implications will be paramount as our leaders’ strive to maintain and integrate the efficiencies and opportunities now realized during the recovery. These business drivers will be discussed as a part of this session and will include shipyards and their integral role in future newbuilding and reactivation, new drilling contractor fleet profiles and scorched earth budgeting, technology across the supply spectrum as a lever to access and influence future project FID, and the challenges of an increased requirement of critical well equipment and competent personnel.

15.00 Networking Break, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition

15.30 Safety
Session Chairs: Norazan Abdul Kadir, Head (Wells – International), Center of Excellence, Development & Production, Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd & Peter Malpas, Lead Drilling Superintendent, CLJOC

Featured Presentation:
Safety Performance Monitoring through Leading Indicators: Sarah Molyneux, IG Wells S&E Manager, Shell
In 2016 from a perceived excellent safety performance based on Total Recordable Case Frequency (TRCF), Shell Wells suffered fatalities in both Australia and Canada. The incidents showed how fragile the safety performance was, with the lagging TRCF measurement not providing an accurate reflection on performance. This year Shell is also focusing on leading indicators for incidents that had the potential to be fatal and proactive assurance measures. By monitoring these proactive measures and near misses as leading indicators we aim to continue our journey to Goal Zero.

Well Integrity in Slimhole Well Design: Nguyen Kien Cuong, Senior Drilling Engineer, Phu Quoc Petroleum Operating Company (PQPOC)
Phu Quoc Petroleum Operating Company (PQPOC), the operator of Block B gas development project located offshore of the South West region of Vietnam selected slimhole technologies to develop its field with the intention of meeting geological conditions and lowering the drilling cost. However, there have often been concerns whether slimhole well design meets industry standards on well integrity, especially when a lot of offline and under rig floor activities will be carried out during drilling time. The presentation will make clear how this slimhole concept can both reduce the drilling expenses and still satisfy the well integrity standards.

16.30 Dropped Object Prevention
Session Chair: Joachim van der Meulen, Consultant & Secretary, DROPS Forum

Dropped Object Detection System: Sebastian van Diemen, Drilling Superintendent, Noble Corporation
Noble Drilling started in 2014 with a program to address one of the gaps in preventing drops: “a reliable and automatic way of detecting dropped objects”. By automatically detecting dropped objects dropped object prevention efforts can be targeted to relevant areas. In addition the frequency and size of the objects can be analyzed to detect trends and relations to ongoing activities. The prototype detection equipment was able to reliable detect objects, travelling at high speeds from a large distance. The presentation will cover the design of the detection equipment, test results and a look into future possibilities.

Raising the Bar on Safety: Dropped Object Prevention: Ahmad Sarthy, Director, Offshore Technology and Business Development, Chris Corcoran, ABS
The traditional approach to managing dropped objects in the offshore work environment has been to apply best practices for existing equipment. An estimated 10 percent of fatalities, thousands of incidents that require medical treatment and many avoidable lost-time injuries are caused by dropped objects. ABS introduces an industry-first guide that has the potential to improve offshore safety by reducing dropped object incidents. 

 17.30-18.30 Welcoming Reception & Open Exhibition

Thursday, 25 January 2018

07.30 Conference Registration, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition

08.30 Welcome, Introduction & Safety Briefing

08.35 Keynote Presentation: Phil Maclaurin, Country Manager, Premier Oil

09.00 Digitization and Big Data Analytics
Moderator: Adrin Shafil Ahmad Nasir, Drilling & Completion Manager, Petrofac Malaysia

This panel will discuss their vision of how digitization and data analytics will transform the drilling industry. The industry has always recognized the importance of data, but progress of value extraction has been impeded by manual analysis. At best, only a fraction of the terabytes of data a drilling rig produces in a day is used for decision-making and improvement. This panel will focus on how digitized engineering well planning workflows, rig data analytics for performance and maintenance, as well as invisible lost time benchmarking are quickly becoming game changers on how we drill, perceive performance and make future decisions.

  • Marc Vaillancourt, Senior Vice President – Asia Pacific, REACH
  • Kirk Atkinson, Manager Marketing & Contracts, Noble Drilling
  • Waldemar Szemat, Drilling Business Development Manager – Eastern Hemisphere, Schlumberger – Software Integrated Solutions (SIS)

10.15 Networking Break, Coffee Service & Open Exhibition                                  

10.45 Human Factors
Session Chairs: Truong Hoai Nam, Deputy Drilling Manager, Drilling Management Department, PetroVietnam Drilling & Keith Kotval, HSQE Manager, Japan Drilling Company

Safety Culture an Unfinished Business after Almost 30 Years: Gonzalo Carrillo, Vietnam HSE Manager, Repsol
Our industry is an engineer driven industry and the implementation of technical solutions have made it a lot safer but we still have incidents. Repsol has launched a safety culture initiative to work with leaders and helping them understand how behaviors are created and how to influence them at an individual level. Most relevant improvements were made in the changes in the engineering applications targeting behaviors. This presentation will address a few examples of how key behaviors can be monitored and improved to achieve safer operations.

Advanced Error Reduction in Organizations
: Ian Collins, Senior Coach & Account Manager, Equilibria
Organizations that recognize that people are fallible, and even the best will make mistakes, have shifted focus towards understanding how their systems drive people to make errors, rather than being only focused on the individual. Through understanding how different personality types see and manage risk, organizations are better able to design systems that reduce the likelihood for error and, if an error does occur, are more error-tolerant. The integration of the knowledge and use of personality tendencies significantly improves the probability that traditional Human Performance elements will be used the right way to reduce errors and events, especially on tasks containing fatality or serious injury potential.

Behavior Based Best Practices: Shaping Culture through Intervention – STAR & SWA Drills: Taher Patwa, Director – QHSE, Nabors
Nabors has not been isolated from the effects of our industry downturn and has faced similar challenges to all of you present today. For sure many of you have asked yourselves: shall we try something completely new and radical or shall we reinforce what we already have? Nabors chose the latter course and today two important elements or tools from our arsenal: Our STAR Program – Stop and Talk About Risk and our Stop Work Authority Drill Program will be discussed. This presentation provides an overview of these Behavior Based Best-Practices tools and how their effective implementation has resulted in a reduction in incidents and an improvement in Nabors culture of safety.

Well Operations Crew Resource Management Training: Madeline Wu, Human Factors Specialist, Enterprise Risk Management Solutions
After Macondo, the IOGP commissioned research into Crew Resources Management (CRM) training frameworks and their effectiveness in other high risk industries. Consequently, Well Operations Crew Resources Management (WOCRM) training course has been developed to improve drilling safety and reduce the likelihood of a well incident. The presentation aims to cover the definition of WOCRM and defining features of CRM, returns on investment for CRM training, training methodology as well as an introduction to the six non-technical skills, namely, situational awareness, decision making, communication, leadership, teamwork, and human performance shaping factors.

12.45 Adjournment

12.45-14.00 Luncheon & Open Exhibition

14.00-16.00 IADC Southeast Asia Chapter meeting
The IADC Southeast Asia Chapter meeting will be held in conjunction with the IADC Drilling HSE&T Asia Pacific 2018 Conference & Exhibition at the same venue. Attendance to the IADC Southeast Asia Chapter meeting is open to conference participants only.

Unassigned Papers of Note:
The following paper proposals will be included in the conference program if a scheduled paper becomes unavailable. In addition, these presentations will be made available in the IADC conference proceedings, should the author so desire.

Assessing WOCRM Skills Utilising Team Behavioural Markers in Simulation-Based Exercises: Madeline Wu, Human Factors Specialist, Enterprise Risk Management Solutions
The presentation aims to cover similarities between the aviation/healthcare and drilling environments. The makeup of a behavioural marker and the evaluation of research on simulation-based exercises in healthcare and drilling environments will be shown as well as the principles for using simulator-based exercises based on research.

International Topside Support Medical Case Trends, 2016: Dr. Olivier Lo, Group Medical Director, Occupational Health Services, International SOS
In 2016, International SOS’ global response centres supported nearly 300 offshore installations and 5000 medical cases. A review and analysis of the data will be given and what it means for the drilling industry. The potential strategies that could be employed to reduce risks of incidents and manage cases within the IADC framework will be presented including recordable / lost time incidents and injuries.

Program Committee Members

Kirk Atkinson, Noble Drilling
Malik Faisal Abdullah, MPM (Malaysian Petroleum Management)
Jan van Bohemen, Ensco plc
Norazan A Kadir, Petronas
David Kennedy, Premier Oil
Keith Kotval, Japan Drilling
Manav Kumar, Dynamic Drilling
Louay Laham, Sapura Energy Bhd
Tri Le Tran Minh, Phu Quoc POC
Peter Malpas, Cuu Long Joint Operating Company (CLJOC)
Benny Margawijaya, Apexindo Pratama Duta Tbk.
Izwan Megat, UMW Oil & Gas Corp Bhd
Aziz Merchant, Keppel Offshore & Marine Technology Center
Joachim van der Meulen, IADC South East Asia Chapter
Ian Miller, PetroVietnam Drilling
Truong Hoai Nam, PetroVietnam
Sarah Molyneux, Shell
Adrin Shafil Ahmad Nasir, Petrofac
Varun Ramdas, Maersk Drilling
Arthur Russi, Transocean
Erwindo Tanjung, Pertamina PHE WMO
Pham Thanh Minh, ENI
Sindhu Tjahyadi, Total
Gergely Varadi, Lloyd’s Register
Chit Hlaing, IADC
Derek Morrow, IADC

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