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IADC’s Drilling Onshore Conference is the only event specifically targeting onshore drilling operations. Drilling Onshore, with its top speakers and panels, explores issues affecting the onshore drilling industry, including technology, management, perspectives on future onshore activity and regulation. This virtual event will be held 19 August 2020.

StartAugust 19, 2020EndAugust 19, 2020

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  • Independent Oil Producer
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  • Registration fee: $100
  • Speakers and sponsors are not eligible for online registration.
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Press Policy

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Conference Program

Wednesday, 19 August

8:20 am Introduction & Welcoming Remarks 

  • Scott McKee, IADC Division Vice President North America Onshore; Vice President Marketing, Cactus Drilling Company

8:25 am Keynote Presentation: Resilience in the Storm: Unifying People & Technology for the Future: John Lindsay, President & CEO, Helmerich & Payne IDC

8:45 am Market Outlook
Discussion points: Opposing views on the market – point-counterpoint, A forward look and a look back.

  • Marshall Adkins, Managing Director, Raymond James & Associates
  • John Spears, President, Spears & Associates

9:45 am Safety Culture: Kenny Baker, Superintendent, Cactus Drilling Company

10:05 am Break

10:15 am Session II

  • Rhett Winter, Director, Government & Industry Affairs – Onshore, IADC

10:20 am Combining Disparate Data Sources to Power Fleet-wide Performance Initiatives: Alex Groh, Drilling Optimization Manager, Anil Godumagadda, Director, Katy Holst, Samson Hidad, Brian Seiler, Evan Corne, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company
Although drilling operations generate a tremendous volume of data, most consumers fail to adequately ensure its quality, efficiently store, or effectively employ it to monitor and improve operational efficiency. This presentation will explore how an onshore drilling contractor has overcome these challenges to perform productive data mining and develop effective business intelligence tools to drive fleetwide performance initiatives and provide all company personnel a comprehensive understanding of holistic rig performance. Ongoing initiatives to further enhance and extend current aggregation efforts will also be discussed.

10:40 am  Using Drillers to Champion New Technologies at the Rig: Overcoming the Challenge of Gaining Acceptance of Process Automation Advancements: Tony DeSalvo, Wellsite Technology Operations Manager, Chad Lousberg, Ensign Energy Services
An in-depth presentation discussing how Ensign is using experienced drilling personnel as coaches at the rig level to help increase the acceptance and utilization of process automation advancements and new technologies.

11:00 am Washington, DC Update: Liz Craddock, Vice President – Government & Industry Affairs, IADC

11:20 am ESG Overview: Trends Over Time: Kosmas Papadopoulos, CFA, Senior Director, Corporate Governance and Activism, FTI Consulting
The presentation discusses the definition of ESG and how investor attitudes and company behaviors have changed in the past two decades. Key trends to follow for the new decade will also be covered.

11:40 am Closing Remarks & Adjournment

Conference Program Committee

  • Allen Williams, Helmerich & Payne IDC
  • Bill Cobb, Latshaw Drilling
  • Brian Tucker, Pioneer Drilling
  • Chris Menefee
  • Fawzi Irani, Precision Drilling
  • Jim Nicklos, Nicklos Drilling
  • Joey Husband, Nabors Drilling USA LP
  • Luke Crownover, Robinson Drilling
  • Mike Garvin, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company
  • Paul Mosvold, Scandrill
  • Scott Gordon
  • Scott McKee, Cactus Drilling Company
  • Trampas Poldrack
  • Rhett Winter, IADC


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